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 Super Mario Galaxy - Platform: Wii

Super Mario Galaxy - Platform: Wii

Play as Luigi:
Collect all 120 Stars. Then, go to Rosalina on the Comet Observatory, and 
request to fight Bowser again. Defeat Bowser to view an alternate ending. Once 
the credits finish, you will get a message saying Luigi is now playable. Luigi 
is just like Mario, but he jumps higher, runs faster, and has lower traction.

Grand Finale Galaxy:
Collect all 120 Stars with Luigi, and defeat Bowser to unlock the Grand Finale 
Galaxy for both Mario and Luigi, which is the Star Festival seen in the 
beginning of the game.

Star 121:
Collect 100 Purple Coins in the Grand Finale Galaxy to get the final Star.
Watermelons instead of coconuts 
Collect 9,999 Star Bits in the Hub to change all coconuts in the game to 

View number of lives lost:
Collect the final star in the Grand Finale Galaxy with both Mario and Luigi. The 
information from your saved game file will now include the number of times you 
lost a life.

Flying Mario:
To get flying Mario, you need to get the sixth Grand Star that will open two new 
domes, "The Garden" and "The Gate". Enter "The Gate" dome, and talk to the red 
Luma that gives you a challenge to get all 100 purple coins. He will give you a 
red star that makes you fly after you spin in midair. After finishing that 
challenge, the same red stars will appear in the observatory to make Mario fly.

Submitted by: lars

if you are in 2 player mode, 2nd player can freeze enemies by pressing and holding 
A while aiming at comes in handy when fighting bullet bills.

Death Count:
The Grand Finale Galaxy, which is the secret galaxy that can be unlocked after 
120 Stars are gathered with both Mario and Luigi, holds another secret. Once the
final Star is acquired with both characters in this galaxy, you will be able to 
see your death count on your save file. This will allow you to see how many times
you died while playing the game with both Mario and Luigi. 

Enemy Sacrifice:
This may be an obvious hint, but it's one worth stating nonetheless. When you fight
most enemies, you can control what comes from their dead bodies when defeated (a 
sort of "sacrifice"). By jumping on an enemy, which is usually the more difficult 
way to kill most foes, a Coin will appear. Spin-killing or using other methods will
usually result in a few Star Bits.

Beating Jr. Bowser in the terrace:
To beat the first galaxy boss (Jr bowser robot), you must crawl up Megaleg's ramp 
(in between the two feet). Then, you will eventually reach the head, where the grand
star is under a glass dome. There should be two bullet bills firing somewhere, and 
if you let them see you, they follow you, and if you jump over the gate blocking the
dome the bullet bill will follow you and smash the glass dome, freeing the grand star.

Beating the bear in "the dirty tricks of Major burrows":
In order to beat the bear, you must let it come from the ground and you ground 
pound immediately. Then you spin and hit it. Repeat this until it gets really mad.
Once it comes out of the ground and you ground pound, it goes back into the ground 
and then it starts to wave its hands and get you. As it does that, you have to 
ground pound and spin to finish the level. Good luck!

Extra Lives:
Because you start each game with only four lives (after shutting the game off and 
turning it back on), you might be in need of some extra lives upon rebooting the 
game. You can usually get five right off the bat from Toad (he'll run around with
a letter above his head, symbolizing a letter from either Luigi, or more likely Peach).
There are four more strewn around the Observatory that you can acquire, however: 

1. On the moving green platform below the core. 
2. Under the stairs leading to the kitchen. 
3. Right at the top of the observatory. 
4. Underneath the entrance to the gateway to the stars.

Starting Boost When Racing Cosmic Mario:
When the countdown timer starts as you are racing Cosmic Mario, hold forward, then
as it hits 2, hold down on Z to crouch, and when the race starts hit A right away 
and you will turn yellow for a few seconds and get a really good boost that will 
put you way ahead of Cosmic Mario.

Hidden Character!!!!!!:
Submitted by: Ethan

Get All 120 Stars. Then go back to the Comet Observatory And Ask Rosalina 
To Fight Bowser Again. Finish The End Credits And You Will Be Able To Play As Luigi.

Easy Star Bits in Sling Pod Galaxy:
There is a comet where there are a lot of Star Bits. Grab onto the nearest grey 
tree, and collect all the Star Bits. You will get an extra life because of the 
number of Star Bits. Once you have collected all of the Star Bits, intentionally
fall into the black hole. You will not lose a life because of the previously awarded
extra life. After you have jumped into the black hole, you will respawn at the last 
grey tree you were on. Collect all the Star Bit again, and jump off. Continue doing 
this to get as many Star Bits as desired. Each time will result in about fifty Star 

Easy lives in Space Junk Galaxy:
Select the Tarantox's Tangled Web Star. Play through the level until you get to the
glass-covered planet. If you have not already done so, feed the Hungry Luma fifty 
Star Bits. Use the Launch Star it creates to go to the Yoshi head planet. Then, 
without killing them, collect as many Goombas as possible, and get them to follow
you. You will need at least eight of them. Jump and keep bouncing on them without
hitting the ground. A number should appear that counts up to "7". On the eighth 
Goomba, you will start getting extra lives for every Goomba you bounce on. It is
possible to get more than ten extra lives per attempt.


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