Super Mario World 2 - Yoshis Island - Platform: Super Nintendo - Console Games.

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 Super Mario World 2 - Yoshis Island - Platform: Super Nintendo

Super Mario World 2 - Yoshis Island - Platform: Super Nintendo

Submitted by: Gintis SNESAS

Mini Battles:
At the map screen, hold the SELECT button and press X, X,
Y, B, A. 

Bonus Games: 
On the map screen point to a
stage with the cusor and press X, X, Y, B, and A .!

Submitted by: andresb-24

Bonus game
Hold Select and press X(2), Y, B, A on any stage select (map) screen. 
The bonus game will begin when Select is released. 

999 lives
Enter World 4-1 find the two long pipes that are hanging upside down. 
Kill the Piranha Plants, then swallow Shy Guys until accumulating six eggs. 
Grab a Koopa Troopa, and stand on the pipe that previously held the lower 
Piranha Plant. Spit out the shell between the two lower pipes. 
As the shell bounces back and forth, throw away an egg. Shy Guys will 
appear from the other pipe and will be hit by the shell until extra lives appear. 

Perfect score
Six stars will appear on the title screen if a perfect score is obtained. 

Two player battle code
Locate the level with a door that leads to a room with a chomping ball and 
chain, at one of the castles on the sixth part of the game. Enter the room, 
press Start, then select a power block. It should kill the enemy and create 
a new door. Enter the new door to get the cheat code for a two player battle game.

Bonus level and bonus game
To earn a bonus game and bonus level, earn 100% in all levels in any world. 
There is a different bonus level and bonus game in each world. Try them repeatedly 
to earn a lot of different items.

World 1: Card Match
World 2: Scratch N' Match
World 3: Flip The Slots
World 4: Memory Match
World 5: Roulette
World 6: Slot Machine 

Infinite Yoshi flight
Jump and hold Jump, so that Yoshi floats for a few seconds. As soon as 
Yoshi begins to drop, release and press Jump again. Yoshi will keep flying 
as long as you keep releasing and pressing Jump in this manner.

Alternate title screen
Get a 100% game completion to have a night time version of the title screen. 

- Game Genie

Unlimited lives

Star timer does not decrease when hit

Start with 5 lives

Start with 10 lives

Start with 25 lives

Start with 50 lives

Start with 99 lives

Continue with 5 lives

Continue with 10 lives

Continue with 25 lives

Continue with 50 lives

Continue with 99 lives

All levels are completed with 100 points

Always score 100 points

Power-ups do not get used up

After using the magnifying glass, red coins and hidden items are always revealed

Red !'s stay on for over 200% as long

Red !'s stay on for over 400% as long

Red !'s stay on for even longer time


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