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 Super Mario World - Platform: Super Nintendo

Super Mario World - Platform: Super Nintendo

By: Mega-Fred

one up game cheat
Enter to the one up game with a cape, then do a 
spin jump and hit the cube with the cape (if you 
hit the cube with other part of Mario's body this 
probably doesn't work) >from right to left in every 
line. this will give you all the possible lifes on 
the game.

The following codes are to be applied using game genie.
Submitted by:  Norberto Feliberty

Invinsibility= DD32-6DAD
No Music= D532-6DAD
Extra Life in Reserve Box= E7C3-DD6D
Starman in Reserve Box= 2DC3-DD6D
Feather in Reserve Box= 60C3-DD6D
Fireflower in Reserve Box= 6CC3-DD6D
Yoshi in Reserve Box= C5C3-DD6D
Infinite Time= C264-64D7
1Up with every dragon coin collected= D2E5-A7AD
Keep Powerup when hit= CBED-6DDF
Get hit once and die even with powerup= CBED-6FDF
Little yoshi grows after eating 1 enemy= DFCE-64A0
Start with 99 lives= 14B4-6F07 (Note: With this code, you can change the 
first and/or second character of the code to change the number of lives 
you start with.)
Start as cape mario= CBB7-6D67+D4B7-6DA7+3CB7-6FD7 69B7-6F07
Start as fire mario= CBB7-6D67+D7B7-6DA7+3CB7-6FD7 69B7-6F07
Start as Super Mario= 31B7-6F07
Infinite Jump= DD2C-AF6F
Infinite Lives= C222-D4DD
Keep Powerup when you fall and die= CB28-DF6D
Yoshi isn't in the game= DD3A-6DAD
Glide Jump=AD2C-AF6F
Take yoshit into castle= 7E0DC2C2 (for use with Pro Action Replay)

Submitted by: Prafulla pappy

In the donut ghost house,in the starting where there are lots of 
ghosts above you,manage to get a feather(supermario flying).
Run and try to fly up,the ghosts wont hurt you.ther is a secret 
platform up there.With practice u can go up it,where youwill 
reach a secret level

Submitted by: andresb-24

Hidden level
Note: The following only is available in the PAL, European version of the game. 
Complete (and save) all the 96 levels on each one of the three memory files. 
The number "96" will be blue if you have an European version, otherwise three 
stars should appear beside them. Power off the SNES and turn it on again. 
Do not press any buttons and wait for the demo to play. It should be different. 
Mario dies and you will be able to play the title screen level. 
This is a shorter version of "Groovy", with no exit gate.

In-game reset
Press Start + Select during game play. 

Strange Mario walk
Quickly hold L + R + X + Y + Up when the Princess is freed in the final level. 
Mario will walk strangely during the ending credits. 

Never lose a life
To be able to do this trick, you must have completed the current level previously. 
When you are falling, press Start + Select in mid-air. You will exit the level 
and not die. 

Enter a castle again
To enter a castle that has already been completed (except for the Valley 
Fortress and bonus rounds), go to the castle and press L + R. 

- Game Genie

Unlimited jumps
You will be able to jump anywhere, even when you are falling. 

Play during demo
This code will not let you jump. Watch the demo. After demo player dies, 
the "GAME OVER" message will appear and then start again, but you will now 
be the demo player. The demo is not supposed to diem so you will have unlimited 
lives during this time.

Gain a life when you die

Start with 1 life

Start with 9 lives

Start with 15 lives

Start with 25 lives

Start with 50 lives

Start with 99 lives

Unlimited lives

Extra life at 5 coins

Extra life at 10 coins


Extra life at 20 coins

Extra life at 50 coins

Start and stay invincible most of the time

Stay as Super Mario, Fire Mario, or Cape Mario when hit
Extra items may still fall out of box at top of screen. 

Stay as Super Mario, Fire Mario or Cape Mario when Mario falls

Low jump

Super jump


Unlimited time
Some puzzles rely on the timer, disable this code to continue. 

Extra life with every dragon coin instead of 5

Flying Mario
This code can also be used when on Yoshi.

Start as Super Mario

Start as Caped Mario

Start as Fire Mario

Little Yoshi grows into big Yoshi after eating 1 enemy

Little Yoshi grows into big Yoshi after eating 2 enemies

Little Yoshi grows into big Yoshi after eating 3 enemies

Little Yoshi grows into big Yoshi after eating 4 enemies


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