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 Super Monkey Ball 2 - Platform: Gamecube

Super Monkey Ball 2 - Platform: Gamecube

Bonus levels
Select the beginner difficulty setting and complete all ten levels
in World 1 without using any continues to unlock 10 bonus beginner
levels. Select the advanced difficulty setting and complete all
thirty levels in Worlds 2 through 4 without using any continues to
unlock 10 bonus advanced levels. Select the expert difficulty
setting and complete all fifty levels in Worlds 5 through 10
without using any continues to unlock 10 bonus expert levels.

Do not lose any lives in challenge mode to unlock extra levels.

Master difficulty setting
Select the expert difficulty setting and complete all fifty levels
in Worlds 5 through 10 and the ten bonus expert levels without
using any continues.

Master bonus levels
Complete all ten master mode levels without using any continues.

Party games
It takes 2,500 play points to unlock a party game. The best way to
rack up quick points is to play challenge mode. Play the Beginner
level a few times without continuing to earn extra stages that
will help your score skyrocket.

Gift option
Once you have unlocked all party games, the gift option will be
unlocked at the options screen, where by using play points, you
can buy more lives in challenge mode, in-game movies, and the
staff credits.

Play any party game
Gain 2,500 PP (play points) then save the game. Put a memory card
in slot B. Transfer the saved file to slot B. Open slot B and you
can play all mini-games.

When you get the necessary amount of points to unlock a party
game, select the one you want and unlock it. If you want to unlock
something else, reset the game and select a different one.

Aiai's head
Reach "Reversible Gear" and get to the goal. Turn around and look
to the right of the opening. You will see Aiai's head.

Monkey Bowling 2: Easier shots
Play as Baby to have the aim slow down.

Monkey Bowling 2: Baby spin
When you are the baby, make sure that you are close to the middle
when you aim. The baby does not spin at all when you put it on
spin mode.

Monkey Dogfight party game: Somersault
First, ascend while slowing down (L), and when you reach 30 mph
mark (look at the bottom left), speed up while still ascending.
The camera should go crazy momentarily, then you should end up
upside down (the ball, not the landscape). You can barrel roll for
a U-turn or keep going up/down to complete your somersault.

Monkey Race 2: Quick start
At the starting countdown for the race, press Analog-stick Down.
As soon as it says "GO!", press Analog-stick Up + A. If done
correctly, you will launch forward just like the CPU racers. Note:
This trick requires practice.

Extra level 7: Easy completion
Go fast and use the side to complete the level. Also, there is a
mini-game at the end where you have to collect all the bananas.
The big banana gives you 10 bananas and the star makes you
untouchable for 10 seconds.

World 3-4: Dribbles: Hidden switch
Once you start, you will land on a switch which makes the things
go faster. Behind you is a switch that will make the Stompers
slower. This is a better way to win.

Fly out of Monkey Dogfight level
Buy the Monkey Dogfight party game. Go to the level that is all
green and has batteries. Immediately fly to the bottom of the
level. Fly into one of the long cracks in the floor. Once you are
in the crack, hold R button. If you just keep flying, you will go
through the wall. The other side is completely black. Do not fly
too low or you will land in invisible water and drown. If you turn
around, you will see the level. If you fly far enough away from
the level, the level will no longer be there when you turn around.
This is a good place to have major dog fights with your friends.
If you want to get back to the level, you will have to look at
your mini map or just drown.


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