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 Super Monkey Ball - Platform: Gamecube

Super Monkey Ball - Platform: Gamecube

Find The Bananas
If you are having a hard time locating bananas, just follow 
your monkey's head. The monkey will turn its head to the 
banana that is closest to it. That doesn't always mean that 
it will be the next banana you will be able to pick up, but 
it will help some.

Skip credits
Hold L + R and repeatedly press A when you see the first words

Alternately, press A as soon as the credits scene appears.

Alternately, hold Analog-stick Down or move the Analog-stick
around and repeatedly press A.

Quick finish in Monkey Race
During any Monkey Race on any setting, press L + R + A + X + Y to
instantly finish the race.

Bonus level
Select any difficulty setting and complete all normal levels. A
bonus level will start during the credits. Get as many bananas as
you can while avoiding the falling letters from the credits.

The names of the programmers who made the game will appear above
the bananas. All the letters will fall down and you have to try
and dodge them.

EX levels
Successfully complete beginner mode without losing any lives to
unlock 3 EX levels.

Extra levels can be unlocked on all difficulties by not falling
once. However, once you get to the extra levels, you can die as
many times as you have continues.

Master mode
Successfully complete the game in expert mode without using any

Unlimited continues
After you buy all three mini-games, for every 2,500 play points
you get, you will gain an extra continue. After you reach 9
continues, the game will give you unlimited continues.

Extra points
There are a few warps in the game that can result in more points
in the normal levels. In the second level in beginners mode, there
is a ramp on the opposite side of the original goal. Climb that
ramp slowly and you will fall on a floor beneath it, with the goal
that transports you to the fifth floor.

In advance mode, there is a level similar to second level on
beginners mode, except that the second half moves up and down. The
ramp is still on the same place as the second level of beginners
mode. There is also a warp located here.

Play all mini-games with 2,500 PP
Gain 2,500 PP (play points) then save the game. Put a memory card
in slot B. Transfer the saved file to slot B. Open slot B and you
can play all mini-games.

Get all the points you need and save the game. After that, select
the mini-game you wish to play. Then, test play it. After you are
done, reset the Gamecube. Then, go to the other games and test

Advanced level 18: Warp
During the start of race against the goals on the giant musical
note, just roll off the head of the first arrow on the right. You
will fall to the bottom of the course. Wait for the red goal to
swing around and roll directly through it. You will warp to level
25, the obstacle-like course.

Advanced level 25: Green goal
Advanced mode level 25 has a green goal which can be reached by
stopping at the blue goal and taking the pathway. Do not take any
of the shortcuts unless you are very skilled, and are short on
time (under twenty seconds). This will take you to level 28

At the very beginning, go to the left slightly (enough to clear
the "boing" posts). Go as fast as possible directly into the hole.
You will fly over the hole and the ledge will function as a ramp,
which will propel you over the fences and the gap. You will fly
directly into the green goal. Go through and you will warp to
level 28.

Beginner level 2:Green goal
At the beginning of the level, face backwards. You will see a
ramp. Gain speed and go over the ramp. Note: Too much speed will
send you flying. You will land on a platform. Turn around and you
will be facing the goal.

Beginner level 6: Easy finish:
Just jump off to the right.

Beginner level 10: Save ten seconds:
Get to level 10 with any character. Go down the first ramp and
take a right. You will see the round-cornered platform that has
two paths with a banana on each across from you. Instead of going
up the ramp and around to get to this platform, gain some speed
and jump across. Try not to go too fast, or you will fall into the
hole between the two bananas. Carefully slow down and continue
with the track. This saves about ten seconds, depending on how
fast it takes you.

Expert level 2: Warp
There is a warp door in the second stage of expert mode. The stage
has two doors, the red one is the warp. It has bananas on the
front. To reach it, you must climb a narrow path.

Expert level 8: Easy finish
Just jump off to the right. You have little time and you must be
careful because of the gaps.

Punch the camera
Go to "Party Games". Select any player setting. Play the game and
you win, the camera will focus on you. Turn your fist to the
camera, then press A to punch it.

Monkey Bowling: Easy strikes
When the mini-game starts, do not move your ball anywhere. There
is a spot that you aim for with the "aimer", just to the right of
the pins on either side. From a distance, it resembles a skinny
vertical gray strip. Try to get the "aimer" in the very center of
the gray strip on either side. Then set the power meter all the
way up and your spin (L or R) all the way up. If you aim for the
right strip, your spin should go left and if you aim for the left
strip, your spin should go right. The difficult part is getting
the "aimer" directly on that spot. The rest should be easy.

Monkey Fight: Punch the camera or opponent
After winning a battle in monkey fight, while your monkey is
celebrating turn towards the camera and press A to punch it. In
this same manner, if you turn the camera towards another opponent
who is within reach, you can hit them and send them flying. This
trick works the best if you have a couple of arm extensions.

Monkey Target: Easy points
Immediately when you begin to roll down the ramp, open and close
your ball quickly. You should roll down the ramp, get stuck at the
bottom, and receive 1 point.

Use your Magnet Ball item, then hit an area that is not marked and
stick to it. You should receive 15 points.

Use your Magnet Ball item, then land on one of the small platforms
(almost the size of the ball your monkey is in). If you land and
stay on it, you will get 500 points.


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