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 Syphon Filter 2 - Platform: Playstation 1

Syphon Filter 2 - Platform: Playstation 1

Submitted by:xt99

Cheat Codes
Blood Stains
On Biolabs when the fully armored guards attack you, once you kill one of
them equip a gun and shoot the dead guard it should show blood stains.

Hard mode
At the title screen, highlight the One Player option and press Square +
Circle + L1 + R2 + Select + Up + X.

Get Expert Mode
Go to the title screen, highlight the 1 player option and then HOLD Up + L1
+ R2 + Select + Circle + X + Square

Mission select
Pause the game, highlight the "Map" option, then hold Right + L2 + R2 +
Circle + Square + X .

Movie Theatre
First pause the game and highlight the Briefing Option. Now hold Right + L1
+ R2 + Circle + X. Now go to options and pick the cheats 2-Player Arenas and

Super Agent mode
Pause the game, highlight the "Weaponry" option, then hold L2 + Select +
Circle + Square + X (simultaneously). If you entered the code correctly, you
will hear a sound. Then, enter the options screen and choose the "Cheats"

die hard
On the first level aim your nine millimetrre at chances leg shoot him 3
times he wont die but will give the h11 sniper with 300 rounds

More Characters in Multi-Player
Nguyen Trung Hieu (

Get to the top of the stairs in the packing garade and you see a 
carate that has a M-79 inside. This will unlock the more Syphon 
Filter 2 characters to be played in 2 player mode

Goofies Characters for Multi-Player
Nguyen Trung Hieu (

To unlock the "Goofies" character, you must beat 2nd level in 
less than 3 minutes.One way to tell if your gonna get it or not 
is when you tase Carter (the guard that controlls the electronic 
door), push the switch 2 times. Then run out through the 2 doors 
that you just opened electronically. If you can see a guard walking 
away from you then you're pretty much guarenteed to get it. When you 
get through the second electronic door just finish the level like you 
normally would. Some of the characters you get are: Corpse, Viral, Monk, 
CBDC Agent, and four others.


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