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 Syphon Filter 3 - Platform: Playstation 1

Syphon Filter 3 - Platform: Playstation 1

From: "wanda mullis"

Unlock cheats
Finish the game once to unlock Cheat options in the options 
screen, such as End Level, Super Agent Mode (One hit kills), 

Jungle level in multiplayer
Save the 2 women in the Jungle level to unlock it in multiplayer. 

Get a MIL-15
In the first level, of the game, [THE HOTEL], when you are 
in the Room 413, try to save the guy in the purple suit. 
Gabe will say [got it] when you save him. Then when your 
running down the stairs go into the freezer you will run 
into him and he will give you an MIL-15 

Easy kill
At the very end of the game, when you go to beat Myra Amarov 
(sp?) on the subway train, make sure you have this gun called 
Audi 3000. The audi 3000 can shoot through any surface except 
for bulletproof glass. You'll find this gun in a box before 
you see Amarov. Anyways, after you get the gun, you'll keep 
running and bomb open this door. Amarov will be there w/ a 
hostage. She's hiding behind bulletproof glass so don't 
bother shooting. However, on the roof of the train, there's 
a opening. Climb up this opening and you'll be right above 
Aramov. Aim the audi 3000 and you should see through the roof 
of the train and be able to aim at Amarov's head. You'll get 
a nice clean shot. It's the easiest kill you'll get in the 
whole game.

Triple Whammy
by: Nguyen Trung Hieu (

If you didn't get AUG300 sniper rifle you can throw a 
grenade in the train engine. It will kill Mara and hostage 
but will unlock Super Agent, Select Level, End Level, which 
you can use to finish the game from there.

Tear Gas trick
by: Nguyen Trung Hieu (

In one of the levels there will be a tear gas launcher. 
When you get this go to the closest wall and fire it once. 
Ten go to your weapons screen and choose a weapon of your 
choice. When you exit out of the screen you will still have 
the gas launcher but firing the weapon you chose.


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