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 Tales Of Vesperia - Platform: Playstation 3

Tales Of Vesperia - Platform: Playstation 3

Completion bonuses:
Successfully complete the game, and save when prompted to create a file marked 
with a star icon. The "EX New Game" option will now appear. Start a new game 
session in "EX New Game" mode to have the Grade Shop immediately available. You 
can also purchase "Battle Rank" for 50 Grade points for an additional 
difficulty. Additionally, load your cleared saved game file to gain access to 
Nam Cobanda Isle at the northwest part of the World Map.

100-Man Melee Tournament prizes:
Win the 100-Man Melee Tournament with the indicated character to unlock the 
corresponding prizes:

  Estell: Comet Light, Imperial Guard, Sanctuary, Secret Magic MX, Star Light 
  Judith: Dragonic Coat, Gadochaos 
  Karol: Brave Helm, Drill Hammer 
  Raven: Celestial Star, Glorious Helm 
  Repede: Aer Fragment, Maximum Dog 
  Rita: Elemental Goggles, Sacred Chain 
  Yuri: Colossus, Star Mail 

Grade Shop items:
The following items can be purchased at the Grade Shop in EX New Game mode for 
the indicated price:

  1/2 Experience: 10 Grade; this reduces the experience earned in battle by 
  10x Experience: 3,000 Grade; this multiplies the experience earned in battle 
  by 10. 
  2x Gald: 600 Grade; this doubles Gald earned in battle. 
  2x Grade: 3,000 Grade; this doubles the Grade earned in battle. 
  Artes and Skills for individual characters: 350 Grade each; this keeps all 
  Artes and Weapon skills for each character individually. 
  Artes: 1,000 Grade; this keeps all learned Artes for all characters. 
  Battle Techniques: 50 Grade; this reduces the normal amount of experience 
  earned in battle to 1, but multiplies bonus experience earned from large 
  combos by 5. 
  Collector's Book: 10 Grade; this keeps all Collector's Book data. 
  Cooking Skill: 50 Grade; this keeps the Cooking skill levels for all 
  Craft Skill: 10 Grade; this keeps Synthesis skill level. 
  Decrease Max HP: 10 Grade; this has all characters start with 20% less max HP 
  than usual. 
  Double Experience: 1,000 Grade; this doubles the experience earned in battle. 
  Enemy Book: 10 Grade; this keeps all Enemy Book data. 
  Gald: 1,000 Grade; this keeps all of the Gald you earned. 
  Increase Item Drop Rate: 1,000 Grade; this doubles the chance of finding items 
  after battle. 
  Increase Max HP: 500 Grade; this has all characters start with 20% more max HP 
  than usual. 
  Increase Max TP: 10 Grade; this has all characters start with 20% less max TP 
  than usual. 
  Increase Max TP: 500 Grade; this has all characters start with 20% more max TP 
  than usual. 
  Increase Over Limit: 1,000 Grade; this has the Overlimit gauge fill faster and 
  enemies use Overlimit more often. 
  Items: 500 Grade; this keeps all non-story related items and equipment. 
  Max 99 Items: 400 Grade; this increases the item limit to 99. 
  Recipes: 10 Grade; this keeps all recipes you learned. 
  Records: 10 Grade; this keeps all data from the Record menu. 
  Skill SP 1: 3,000 Grade; this lowers the SP needed to equip a weapon skill to 
  1. This works for all characters and all weapon skills. 
  Skills: 1,000 Grade; this keeps all mastered weapon skills for all characters. 
  Titles: 500 Grade; this keeps all of the titles you got for every character. 
  Unlock All Skits: 1,000 Grade; this allows you to view all skits, even ones 
  you have not seen yet, at the Skit Viewer at Nam Cobanda Isle. 
  Unlock Battle Rank: 50 Grade; this unlocks the Unknown difficulty. 
  World Map: 300 Grade; this keeps the World Map data. 

Password to enter the vault in Caer Bocram:
When you have reached the vault in The Fallen City, Caer Bocram, you should have 
already acquired the three passwords clues from the old buildings you searched. 
Enter "Sun" as a password to unlock the vault. The clues were "Light", "Sphere", 
and "Sky".

Getting Rita's Miska Scholar title on Nam Cobanda Isle:
You must have access to the town of Arniun before you can do this. Start at Nam 
Cobanda Isle by talking to the Kowz behind the desk with all the tables around 
it to trigger a scene. Rita will want to take a test to get the Doctoral Degree. 
The only way to take the test is for her to find five books:

  At Halure in the Mayor's House: Look at the book shelf. 
  At Capua Torim in Fortune's Market HQ: Look at the bookshelf. 
  At Heliord in the Investigation Room: Look on the left side of the room. 
  At Mantanic in the Inn: Look at the bookshelf. 
  At Aurnin in Aurniun's HQ: Look at Flynn's dresser. 

Once you have all the books, go back to the Kowz, and take the test. You will be 
quizzed on past Tales series of games. It does not matter if you pass or fail; 
you still get the title either way.

Alternate costumes on Nam Cobanda Isle:
When you gain access to Nam Cobanda Isle, play through the sub-event. Estellise, 
Karol, Rita, and Yuri will get a costume title. To start the sub-event, walk to 
the stage in the gymnasium, and talk to the man standing there. Then, just watch 
the funny scene, and get the titles at the end.

Easy experience:
In the Sands Of Korgoth, immediately after Mantiac, stock up on Holy Bottles and 
Dark Bottles. Then, go to the Oasis save point, which will automatically heal 
all health and TP. From there, go north, and run around with the Holy Bottle 
until night falls. Once it does, turn on the Dark Bottles. This will bring out 
all the monsters. The ones to look for are the little starfish-like monsters 
(fairly easy to spot). They run very fast towards you. Engage in battle with 
them. You will receive 800 experience points for each one defeated. You can 
easily catch between six to eight of them per night. Nights last for about three 
minutes, resulting in about 4,800 to 6,400 experience points every time night 
falls. This is an easy way to level up quickly early in the game.

Easy Grade:
Instead of manually spamming Tidal Wave with Rita, try the following method. It 
works almost as well, and you do not have to do anything. Include Rita, Raven, 
and Estelle in your party. The fourth member can be anyone with the "Item 
Thrower" skill. Turn off all other Artes for them so they are only using "Tidal 
Wave", "Tempest", and "Holy Rain", respectively. For the battle strategy, set 
whoever has "Item Thrower" to defend, watch TP, and no over limit or fatal 
strikes. For Rita and Estelle, set them to target different enemies, full attack 
and Artes, Artes only, keep formation, no items, over limit level 1, and no 
fatal strikes. Do the same for Raven, except do not use any over limit for him. 
As for special equipment, equip Blue Dice on Raven and the character with "Item 
Thrower". Equip Rita and Estelle with Risky Rings. Before the battle, have 
everyone set the "Minimum Damage" skill. Make sure you have items to restore TP, 
such as Orange Gel. Also, make sure the battle difficulty is set to hard or 
higher for the Grade multiplier. Go just outside of Zaphias, and link encounter 
either the plant or mushroom enemies so you have at least six enemies in battle 
to keep the over limit above level 1. Finally, turn on the battle strategy. It 
should last roughly twenty minutes, and at the end you will receive 
approximately 800 Grade, with no work on your part.

Soul Calibur 4 reference:
There is a weapon for Rita called a "Sword Whip" that resembles Ivy's Sword Whip 
from Soul Calibur 4, another Namco Bandai game.


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