Tekken Tag Tournament - Platform: Playstation 2 - Console Games.

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 Tekken Tag Tournament - Platform: Playstation 2

Tekken Tag Tournament - Platform: Playstation 2

Get More Characters
Finish the game using a character.  
For each character you use to finish the 
game you will get the following characters:

Bruce Irvin
Lee Chaolan
Wang Jinrey
Roger & Alex
Kuma & Panda
Kazuya Mishima
True Ogre
Prototype Jack
Mokujin & Tetsujin
Devil and Angel

Get Practice modes
Go to the main menu and highlight Practice Mode then hold L2 
and press R2 (1 to 20 times) to get stages 1-20. ie. pressing 
R2 5 times goes to 5th practice stage.

Be Tiger
Go the the character select screen and highlight Eddy then 
press Start

Be Gold Tetsujin
Finish 10 versus mode matches

Be Angel
Go the the character select screen and highlight Devil then 
press Start

Be Heihachi
Complete Arcade mode in less than 5 minutes 30 seconds with no 

Get Gallery Mode
Unlock Devil

Be Devil Jin
Make Jin and Heihachi partners and press Back, Right, Square, 
Triangle, Triangle, X when playing as Jin

Get Theatre Mode
Complete arcade mode

Get Tekken Bowl Mode Jukebox
Get 200 Points

Do Super Charger
During play press ALL buttons

New Outfit for Armor King
After finishing the game using Armor King go to character 
select highlight him and press Start

Play as only the monster behind Unknown
In arcade mode, highlight Unknown, hold select, circle and 
triangle, and press R1, R2 and the same time.  Only the monster 
behind Unknown should appear during gameplay on the 4th stage.  
(it works on the Japanese on, not sure about the American version.)

Automatic lower parry
While fighting with any character, press Down/Forward to do 
a lower parry.

Ling FMV sequences
Successfully complete arcade mode with Ling, then complete it 
again in her school costume to view two different FMV sequences 
featuring Ling. 

Get Tekken Bowl Mode
Unlock Ogre to access Tekken Bowl mode. 

Get Dr. B
Get the top score in Tekken Bowl Mode.

Submitted by Andrew Cauchi

The unique tip for both Tekken is that from the Game options you get the 
Rounds option, from 2 to 1. And to get all the players always use Hwoarang 
and then on the final level give the opponent a kick so as not to get you 
perfect and then let him kill you. Press Start on Continue and choose a player 
by which you can acquire another extra player. 

In Arcade of Tekken Tag Tournament, Tetsujin and Unknown won't appear, 
but you still can use them. Complete using the left arrow to the left of Wang and 
Tetsujin or Unknown will appear below. As you begin to get players in Tekken 
Tag Tournament, Tekken Bowl option will be available. 
A hint on it is that one uses Ganryu and Unknown as players. Press 'X' and try 
to get the pointer exactly on the center of the semi-circle and full power. 
Ganryu, as he is fat and powerful, with his power will get a spare. Double 
spare will get a 'double' and triple spare will get a 'turkey'


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