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 The Elder Scrolls 4 - Oblivion - Platform: Playstation 3

The Elder Scrolls 4 - Oblivion - Platform: Playstation 3

Good cheap house:
Go to the city of Anvil, then go to the inn. Inside is a man whose name 
starts with a "B". He is selling his grandfather's old manor. You can 
purchase it for 5,000 gold, which is very cheap considering that most 
houses are 15,000 gold and are not as good. The house (at first) is 
ugly and haunted. However, after completing the quick quest the house 
will be fixed up without any additional payment.

Good weapon:
Fill a Black Soul Gem with a Human Soul. Take a weapon that is not 
already enchanted and give it fire, frost, or shock damage. Then, 
give a weakness to whatever damage you just gave it. When you swing 
it the first time, it will do the fire, frost, or shock damage, then 
give a weakness to it. The second swing will do a lot more damage.

Infinate recharge:
Use the "Duplicate items" trick on a Soul Gem. Pick them all up. 
When an item is on low charge you can recharge it back to full without 
wasting money on Soul Gems or having to bother with soul trapping.

Becoming a vampire:
Before becoming a vampire, it is recomended that you become a member 
of the Mages Guild, have access to the Arcane University, and either a 
member of the Dark Brotherhood or started the Order of Virtuous Blood quest.

Dark Brotherhood Story: Become a member of the Dark Brotherhood by 
killing an innocent person, going to sleep in an inn, traveling to the 
Inn of Ill Omen, and killing Rufio. Travel to the Sanctuary and talk to 
Vicente and finish all of his contracts. He will then ask if you wish to 
become a vampire. Say "Yes", then sleep on the slab. When you wake up, 
sleep again for twenty four hours three times. You are now a full-fledged 

Super character:
This trick requires access to Arcane University, a Chameleon spell, two 
rings, a necklace/amulet,
any two pieces of armor (preferably a helmet and shield; you could use any 
armor for this, but you
may want to enchant them with defensive magic later), five Grand Soul Gems 
with Grand Souls in
them, and 8,000 gold. Go to the Chironasium (enchanting section) in Arcane 
University. Go to an
enchanting stand and enchant the necklace, rings, and armor with a Chameleon 
spell using the Grand
Soul Gems. Each enchantment gives you 20% Chameleon effect, so all five 
enchantments will make
you 100% Chameleon, which is not only invisible but also allows you to 
attack, steal, open, and
pick-up without being revealed. You can now steal from a shop without the 
shopkeepers doing
anything. Your enemies will also just stand still unable to attack, allowing 
you to go into Sneak mode
and attack for 4x to 6x damage, and pickpocket without consequence (except 
on guards who can
catch you if you fail, but still cannot attack you if you resist arrest).

Duplicate items:
Equip a bow and any set of arrows, then draw your bow back. While it is 
drawn back, go to the
inventory screen. Select the arrows that you are using, then go to the item 
to be duplicated. Drop the
item, then leave the equipment screen and resume the game. The item that you 
dropped will be
duplicated. You can pick up all the duplicates and use or sell them. The 
amount of copies of an
item you make depends on how many arrows you have equipped. For example, 10 
arrows allows
10 copies. This works with most, but not all, items and weapons.
Note: Do not try to duplicate more than 250 copies of an item or the game 
may freeze.

Permanent enchantment:
Use the following trick for duplication or a permanent enchantment. You can 
duplicate a drop-able
item, and if that item is equipable with constant effect enchantments you 
can make them permanent.
However, the item once made permanent cannot be re-equipped, but each 
enchanted item is different.
You can use the "Duplicate items" trick to make as many as desired, then 
sell them. Use the "Duplicate
items" trick with a bow an arrows to duplicate the items to make permanent. 
Equip one of the items
you want to make permanent. There must be an unequipped version still in 
your inventory for this to
work. Use the "Duplicate items" trick again; however, drop the unequipped 
version of the item you
have equipped and want to make permanent. The equipped one and the others 
will drop and you will
never be able to equip that item again, but if you check your stats the 
items bonuses will be permanent.
You can duplicate anything that can be dropped, including Grand Soul Gems 
with Grand Souls

Infinite health:
Use the "Duplicate items" trick on a potion of strong health. Repeat the 
duplication to get the desired
amount of potions. Open the inventory screen and go to the strong potion of 
health, then assign a
hotkey to that potion. When you are low on health, just press the hotkey to 
use a potion. When running
low on health potions, repeat the duplication process.

Infinite gold:
Go to the Talos Plaza District of Imperial City and find a house owned by a 
man named Dorian (Dorian's
House) in the southeast section of the district. Break into his house and 
find him. When he tells you to leave,
kill him. Do not press X to loot him and take all. Instead, take each item 
individually, finishing with the gold,
which will not run out once it hits 8 pieces. Just keep selecting the gold 
he is carrying and take it. Do this
repeatedly, and the number of gold pieces remaining will freeze when it gets 
down to 8 gold pieces. It will
not go any lower, but will just keep giving you as much gold as desired. 
Note: After you break in and he
tells you to get out, talk to him. Go to "Persuade" and bribe him a lot. 
After that, kill him. He will now
have more money to loot, which makes it easier to get more faster.

Note: To get infinite gold from Dorian easier, use the following trick. 
First, bribe him until you cannot do
so anymore. Then, hit him with your weakest weapon, preferably your fists. 
Then, quickly hold Block and
press [Space] to yield to him. Because he is your friend, he will stop 
fighting. Then, talk to him again. His
relationship will have dropped because you hit him, allowing you to bribe 
him more. Make sure you do
not hit him too much or he will run away. Once his health gets low, the 
guards will probably charge you.
After spending your time or paying them, go back to his house. His health 
will still be low from your attacks.
Wait exactly 24 hours and his health will be reset. Repeat the entire 
process to get the desired amount of
gold. Once you select the money from his pocket it will not go away, leaving 
you with unlimited money.

Infinite arrows:
Go to the Bloodworks in the arena and find the gladiator that is practicing 
with his bow on a target. Stand
close by him and when there are five to ten arrows in the target, take them 
before he does. He will just
continue shooting when you move out of the way. This is an unlimited source 
of iron arrows, which can
be sold to almost any merchant and therefore also makes an unlimited source 
of gold.

Easy experience:
This trick requires that your character has a major skill of Sneak and 
either Destruction or Alteration. If
your skills are Sneak and Destruction, gain access to Arcane University. Go 
to the area to make spells.
Make a Drain Health spell that is set to "Self" and only uses 1 Magicka. 
Then, go upstairs. Go into Sneak
mode and just run into the wall without stopping. Activate the magic spell 
repeatedly to gain levels quickly.
Note: When you activate the magic spell it will seem as if it is hurting 
you, but it is not. If your skills are
Sneak and Alteration, go into a room with a container (for example, 
cupboard, drawers, etc.). Run into
the container in Sneak mode and use a "open very easy lock" repeatedly on 
the container.

Easy magic skills:
Successfully complete all the Mage Guild Recommendation Quests to gain 
access to Arcane University. Then,
buy the cheapest spell you can find for each of the magic based skills 
(Illusion, Conjuration, Alteration,
Mysticism, Restoration, and Destruction). For Destruction, a Drain Spell is 
recommended. Go to where you
make your own spells and select a spell. Make it so you only use up 1 
Magicka and the spell is on "Self".
Name the spell and create it. Do this with all the other types of magic 
based skills then make them all on
"Self", including Destruction. If you used a Drain spell, when you use it on 
yourself it may appear you
took damage but you do not, because you drain it from yourself to yourself. 
Cast the spells all the time
when you are walking around or whenever possible. Your skills will increase 
quickly without having to
wait between spellcastings. Note: This trick will only work if the spells 
are cast on "Self". Spells do not
count towards experience unless they have an effect on something.

Easy skill bonuses:
Successfully complete all the Mage Guild Recommendation Quests to gain 
access to Arcane University.
Then, create a Fortify Skill 100 spell that lasts for a few seconds on-self 
for Mercantile and/or Armorer.
With the Mercantile spell, cast it in front of a merchant, activate them, 
and you will be able to invest 500
gold at their store without being a Master in Mercantile. In addition, you 
can drive harder bargains. For
Armorer, cast the spell and then equip an Armorer's Hammer. Your hammer can 
be used infinitely
without being a Master Armorer. You cannot, however, repair magical items 
without having legitimately
reached the Journeyman Armorer level. Similar spells can be created for 
other attributes and/or skills:
Personality and Speechcraft for raising people's dispositions, Security for 
picking any lock, etc.

Easy Alteration skill:
To get quickly increase your Alteration skill, make sure you have these 
spells: Open Average Lock, Open
Easy Lock, and Open Very Easy Lock. Then, find a chest that you would 
normaly need a key or have to
lockpick. Use the opposite spell of the chest. For example, if the chest 
requires the easy spell, use the very
easy spell on it. Make sure you have some Magicka potions or you can just 
wait an hour every time you
exhaust your Magicka supply. In a short period of time you will have leveled 
your Alteration skill

Easy Armor skill:
There is a woman named Arvena Thelas in the town of Anvil who has four rats 
in her basement (the same
as the first Fighter's Guild quest). If your level is high enough that rats 
do not cause you significant damage,
you can break into her house, annoy the rats by punching them (or casting 
drain fatigue spells if your punch
is too strong), then letting all four rats attack you while occasionally 
casting a heal spell. This is also useful
for raising your Block skill, and is much easier than repeatedly causing 
summoned monsters to attack you.

Easy Hand-To-Hand skill:
This trick requires that your character has 100% or more Invisibility or 
Chameleon. This is done by either
enchanting a number of armor, rings, or amulets, or you can enter an 
Oblivion Gate and keep reloading the
game until you find the Sigil Stone that offers Silence and Chameleon. After 
you get that stone, use the
"Duplicate items" trick to instantly enchant your items without having to 
find Soul Gems and Souls. Once
you have Invisibility, go up to a guard and start beating him up using 
hand-to-hand combat. When he dies,
more guards will keep spawning. You can just keep beating on them. You can 
also find a character that is
marked with a crown that will not die, and only becomes unconscious. Because 
they do not see you, it is
not bad. Also, they never die, so you can endlessly beat on them until you 
master Hand-To-Hand. Your
skill increases about every 20 seconds or more, depending on how high your 
skill level already is.

Easy Ebony and Umbra Sword:
Go to the Arena and get a few claymores. Then, go directly south of the 
Imperial Waterfront to a place
called the Old Bridge. Move west and follow the road until you reach a ruin 
that starts with a "V". Go
inside and get past the minor creatures. You will find a girl named Umbra. 
There is one broken pillar in
the room. Use the bench next to it to jump on top of it, then stand at the 
edge. Use a ranged attack to
have her start attacking you. Then, take out the claymore and just start 
hitting her. She has a lot of health
and does a lot of damage -- do not fall off the pillar. If done correctly, 
you will have full Ebony and a
great sword without getting touched.

Easy Imperial Arena:
Get a bow or some decent spells. Make sure you have at least 30 in 
Acrobatics. Immediately after the
gate drops, run to your right, to where the right gate meets the fence. Jump 
onto the stone piece that juts
out, then jump again to get on top of the little piece sticking out above 
it. Once on top, turn and fire on
your helpless victims. When you have to fight mages or archers, stay on the 
ground and strafe behind
the four central pillars for easy kills.

Making stolen items authentic:
When you steal items, most of the merchants will not buy them. Use the 
following trick to authenticate
them. Get in the jail and escape. Take your items authenticated or pay for 
your days in jail and you
will have the items authenticated again.

Making Black Soul Gems:
Take an empty Grand Soul Gem and a Soultrap spell to any of the four 
Necromancer lairs. There
will be an altar which will only be active one day of the week. You may need 
to wait up to six game
days. Place your Gem on the altar when it is active and cast Soultrap on it 
to make a Black Soul Gem.
These are used for capturing the souls of NPCs. One is also required for one 
of the Daedric Quests
as a tribute to the shrine.

Secret treasure:
Buy the house in Skingrad, then go to the top floor and look for the room 
with the deer mantle.
Jump on top of the mantle, then jump again onto the loft design in the back 
corner. You will find
an old note that has a riddle on it which leads to a treasure.

Getting desired Sigil Stones:
While in Sigillum Sanguis (the Sigil Keep at the top of an Oblivion 
Citadel), save the game while
standing in front of the Sigil Stone, before grabbing it. If you do not get 
the desired effects from the
stone, load from the point before you grabbed it and try again. The Sigil 
Stone you get is chosen at
random upon removing it.

Enemy and item levels:
All enemies outside the cities and some inside will level as you level. For 
example, if you are at
level 10 and are fighting Boars outside the city, when you reach level 15 
you will be fighting a
Troll. The same goes for missions such as the Forlorn Watchman. If you do 
the quest at level 10,
you will fight Ghosts on the ship. If you do it at level 20, you will fight 
Wraiths. Do not waste time
trying to level up just to beat one opponent in a quest because they could 
be set to always be three
levels above you. This same style of progression also works with armor and 

Fur/Iron: Level 1
Leather/Steel: Level 13
Chain/Dwarven: Level 16
Mithril/Orchish: Level 110
Elven/Ebony: Level 115
Glass/Daedric: Level 120

Iron: Level 11
Steel: Level 12
Silver: Level 14
Dwarven: Level 16
Elven: Level 19
Glass: Level 112
Ebony: Level 116
Daedric: Level 120

Note: The armor and weapons usually do not appear at traders until you are 
two levels above them,
sometimes longer. Also, any "secret" weapons such as the Umbra and the NPCs 
with them or wearing
the "secret" armor are level locked. They will not get any more difficult 
because usually their levels are
already about 22 to 30. However, as you become better with a blade (in the 
Umbra's case), the better
the attack will be.

Unnamed sword:
Use the ''Duplicate items'' trick on a paintbrush. After getting at least 
twenty paint brushes, go outside of
''A Fighting Chance'' in the Imperial City Market District at midnight. Drop 
a paintbrush. Notice that it will
float. Get on top of the brush and repeat the process to form a set of 
stairs. Once you get high enough to
reach the top of the A Fighting Chance store, get on top of the building and 
look for a chest that is locked.
The lockpick level is very difficult. Lockpick it and look inside to find an 
odd sword without a name.
The sword has no attack, breaks easily, and cannot be sold. 


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