The Incredible Hulk - Platform: Playstation 3 - Console Games.

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 The Incredible Hulk - Platform: Playstation 3

The Incredible Hulk - Platform: Playstation 3

Bonus characters:
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding character:

  Abomination: Defeat Abomination. 
  Bi-Beast: Defeat Bi-Beast. 
  Grey Hulk: Smash 10,000 objects. 
  Hulkbuster Iron Man: Have a saved game file from Iron Man. 
  Ironclad: Defeat the U-Foes, trick a U-Foe into KOing his teammate, and defeat 
  Maestro: Destroy a building in each neighborhood. 
  Professor Hulk (Smart Hulk): Successfully complete all jump challenges. 
  Savage Hulk: Collect five comic book covers. 

Comic book locations:
The comic books can be found at the following locations:

  1. Face Of The Monster: At the Latverian Embassy.
  2. Bruce And Goliath: At Stark Tower.
  3. The Flop-tastic Four: On the Baxter Building.
  4. Sonic Assault: Two blocks west of One World Plaza, two blocks north of the 
     Reuters Building. It is located where the two intersect on a ledge 
  5. Bye Bye Bi-Beast: At the southern tip of the island near the docks in a 
     pass thru the building.
  6. Talbot The Madman: At the Daily Bugle.
  7. Just a Hop Skip And A Jump: On the domed roof of the World Financial Center.
  8. Blonsky... Broken...: Go to the Latverian embassy, then move towards 
     Central Park. When you get to the last building before Central Park, turn 
     south. It is on top of tallest building with the dome top.
  9. Turrett Syndrome: In the Central Park subway terminal.
  10. Fired From The Sky: On the rooftop of Nelson and Murdock, Attorneys At Law.
  11. The Lesser Of Two Evils: On top of a fountain near the Flatiron Building.
  12. Enclave's Ultimate Weapon: On the Belvedere Castle in Central Park near 
      the lake.
  13 This Is Only a Test...: Start at the top right corner of Central Park, and 
     go up one square. You should be on a big square building on the map. Go right 
     one building, and you will see it in the upper left of the lower roof of that 
  14. Betty's Peril: On the top of the Flat Iron Building.
  15. Abomination Domination: At the Marvel Comics Office front door.

The following mission must be completed to collect the corresponding comic book:

  1. Face Of The Monster: He Must Not Escape mission 
  2. Bruce And Goliath: The Enclave And Rick Jones mission 
  3. The Flop-tastic Four: A Friend Who Can Help mission 
  4. Sonic Assault: Just Take Him Down mission 
  5. Bye Bye Bi-Beast: A Mass Mind Control Device mission 
  6. Talbot The Madman: This Guy's Bad News mission 
  7. Just A Hop, Skip And A Jump: Destruction In A Single Bound mission 
  8. Blonsky... Broken...: Our Old Research Data mission 
  9. Turret Syndrome: The Problem Is The Hulk: Part 2 mission 
  10. Fire From The Sky: The Problem Is The Hulk: Part 3 mission 
  11. The Lesser Of Two Evils: The Lesser Of Two Evils: Part 2 mission 
  12. Enclave's Ultimate Weapon: The Lesser Of Two Evils: Part 3 mission 
  13. This Is Only A Test...: We Can Use Their Tech: Part 2 mission 
  14. Betty's Peril: It's Time To End This: Part 2 mission 
  15. Abomination Domination: We've Got The Antidote mission 

Jump Challenge locations:
The Jump Challenges can be found at the following locations:

  1. World Financial Center 
  2. Behind the Woolworth Building 
  3. 20 Exchange Place 
  4. Third building south of The Flat Iron Building 
  5. Beside the Empire State Building (fall into it) 
  6. Madison Square Garden 
  7. U.S. Trust Building 
  8. The building north of the Reuters Building. It has a star-shaped top. The 
     jump ring is horizontal; you must look up to find it. 
  9. South of Time Square, near Jump Challenge #8, slightly further south 
     between a skyscraper and a smaller building, down low. 
  10. Swiss Bank Tower 
  11. Citigroup Center 
  12. Carnegie Hall 
  13. Time Warner Center 
  14. Southeast of the Empire State University Subway 
  15. North central area of Central Park


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