The Lion King - Platform: Sega - Console Games.

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 The Lion King - Platform: Sega

The Lion King - Platform: Sega

Cheat mode:
Submitted by: Fawad Malik

Press Right, A(2), B, Start at the options screen. 
Options for level select and invincibility will be displayed.

Submitted by: kumayl hassan

 1 ABZB-WAG6 Almost invincible
 2 AV6B-4A5G Infinite lives
 3 PVYV-4A4G Infinite continues
 4 AF5B-4AB2 + AFZV-4AA0 Start with 1 life
 5 AZ5B-4AB2 + AZZV-4AA0 Start with 5 lives
 6 A75B-4AB2 + A7ZV-4AA0 Start with 7 lives
 7 BF5B-4AB2 + BFZV-4AA0 Start with 9 lives
 8 EB5B-4ABA Start with roar meter at 2x normal
 9 GB5B-4ABA Start with roar meter at 3x normal
10 BB5B-4ABT Start with health at 2x normal
11 BV5B-4ABT Start with health at 3x normal
12 AB4B-4ACE Start with 0 continues
13 AP4B-4ACE Start with 3 continues
14 AZ4B-4ACE Start with 5 continues
15 SHRT-ST04 Roar meter increases faster
16 A3XV-WA7J Roaring does not reduce roar meter
17 A3ZB-WA3E Getting hit does not reduce roar meter
18 AD6V-TAH2 Blue beetle adds 0x normal amount
19 AX6V-TAH2 Blue beetle adds 1/2x normal amount
20 CD6V-TAH2 Blue beetle adds 2x normal amount
21 DD6V-TAH2 Blue beetle adds 3x normal amount
22 AD6B-TAA6 African Red Bug doesn't add anything to health
23 AH6B-TAA6 African Red Bug adds 1/2x normal amount
24 AX6B-TAA6 African Red Bug adds 2x normal amount
25 A56B-TAA6 African Red Bug adds 3x normal amount
26 AD4B-TAF2 Plain beetle restores no health
27 AM4B-TAF2 Plain beetle restores 1/2x normal amount
28 BD4V-TA2T Patterned beetle restores no health
29 AD7V-TAF0 1UP worth 0 extra lives
30 AM7V-TAF0 1UP worth 2 extra lives
31 AS7V-TAF0 1UP worth 3 extra lives
32 AD8V-TAEL Circle of Life adds 0 continues
33 AM8V-TAEL Circle of Life adds 2 continues
34 AS8V-TAEL Circle of Life adds 3 continues
35 AK4V-5A8W Start on Level 2-Can't Wait To Be King
36 AP4V-5A8W Start on Level 3-The Elephant Graveyard
37 AV4V-5A8W Start on Level 4-The Stampede
38 AZ4V-5A8W Start on Level 5-Simba's Exile
39 A34V-5A8W Start on Level 6-Hakuna Matata
40 A74V-5A8W Start on Level 7-Simba's Destiny
41 BB4V-5A8W Start on Level 8-Be Prepared
42 BF4V-5A8W Start on Level 9-Simba's Return
43 BK4V-5A8W Start on Level 10-Pride Rock
44 BP4V-5A8W Start on Bonus Level-Bug Toss
45 BV4V-5A8W Start on Bonus Level-Bug Hunt 1
46 BZ4V-5A8W Start on Bonus Level-Bug Hunt 2
47 B34V-5A8W Start on Bonus Level-Bug Hunt 3


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