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 The Sims 3 - Platform: iPhone

The Sims 3 - Platform: iPhone

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

Happy Sims lead to success. In order to progress through the game, meet 
new Sims and participate in activities, you will need to keep your Sim 
happy. To do this, make sure you are involved in different activities, 
stay sociable, and learn new skills such as cooking or fishing. 

Easy money:
Go to Walter's house and become friends. He will then try to challenge you to 
see who has the largest trout from the lake. If you do this, Walter will hand 
over 200 Simoleons. 
Kia will also give you 200 Simoleons if you give her a catfish. 
Earn money by selling fish. Go to the Market and select "Shop" in the menu. 
You can then use the plus and minus signs to sell your stock of fish. 
Vegetables can also be sold for Simoleons. 

Your Sims have needs. This is why in the lower left hand corner of the 
screen you must pay attention to their current status and see what requires
This could range from hunger to bad hygiene and can reflect your Sim's mood. 

To fish properly, tilt the iPhone to lure a fish in then shake the iPhone 
upwards to catch the fish. 

Controlling the view:
Camera control is very important, as it allows you to view specific objects 
and perform actions when you cannot normally see them. In order to pan the 
camera around, slide your finger across the screen. To zoom in and out, use 
the slider bar on the right hand portion of the screen. To orbit with the 
camera and get a bird's eye view, touch the screen with two fingers.

In order to gain a cooking skill you must first finish the cooking tutorial
successfully. You must keep the pots cooking without allowing them to boil 
over. To do this, touch a pot to select it then shake the iPhone to keep the
heat down and stir the pot. Do this enough times in the allotted amount of 
time and you will earn one point. 
In order to cook in general, you must first purchase a recipe from the local 
"Corsican Bistro" located by the beach. Once you have done this, go to the 
grocery store "Quickmart" to purchase your ingredients. You can also grow 
them in your garden if you have already upgraded your house, which saves 
time and money. 

Queued actions:
Watch for the queued actions located in the top left portion of the screen. 
If you are waiting on your Sim to perform an action, make sure they are not 
currently busy with other multiple tasks. To delete some, tap the icon.

To repair electronics and other things that go wrong, such as a broken sink, 
drag them into the trashcan located in the front yard. Then purchase new ones
and replace them accordingly all within the time limit to earn a skill point.

Gardening will save you money. You can start a fruit and vegetable garden along 
the side of your house if you upgrade it within Build mode. To buy seeds for 
planting, stop by the Hobby Shop in town. Remember that fertilizer also helps
them grow faster. 

Wishes and goals:
An important feature are wishes and goals. With a total of 73 unlockable 
achievements, these wishes also affect your Sims mood rating and progression 
through the game. Complete each task to continue on.

Unlimited Simoleons:
1. Press the pause button that's in the lower left corner.
2. Press 'Help and About'.
3. Select 'Gardening Tips'
4. Shake for extra Simoleons!

Earn more money at your job:
Getting a job is simple as you apply at the places that don't look like houses.
It doesn't really matter what job you get they practically pay the same. When 
you start you earn $100 a day that's not a lot if need new furniture. To rank 
up you need to have 'best friend' status with your boss (this will make getting
a raise easier. Go over to there house and scroll down to the option 'ask for 
raise'. They should give you a raise but if they don't they will show you the 
skills you need to rank up.


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