The Urbz - Sims in the City - Platform: Nintendo DS - Console Games.

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 The Urbz - Sims in the City - Platform: Nintendo DS

The Urbz - Sims in the City - Platform: Nintendo DS

Ninja Smoothies:
After you return from the bayou and get arrested for running, talk to Detective Dan 
Mann until you have 100 relationship points with him. He will tell you that someone 
dug a tunnel and escaped from jail. Go back into the jail and notice that the poster 
that was there is now a tunnel. Between 6 a.m. to 7:30 a.m., a ninja will be in the 
tunnel and sell you smoothies that will give you skill points. One will give you 2,000 

Storage Areas:
The following places are unlocked by reaching the maximum relationship with the following people: 

Lost cave in Sim quarter: 100% relationship with Ewan Watahmee. 

Old broken down school bus near the thrift shop: 100% relationship with Giuseppi Mezzoalto. 

Garbage can near the entrance to Club Xizzle in Glasstown : 100% relationship with Phoebe Twiddle. 

Projection booth (door behind the snack counter of the cinema in Glasstown): 100% relationship with 
Theresa Bullhorn. 

Hole behind the poster in the jail: 100% relationship with Detective Dan De Mann.

Step Miracle Grow:
Sick of having your plants die because you are too busy to water them? What you do is when your 
plant turns all yellowish-brownish, then press "A" on the plant and go to the "Move" option. 
Move it somewhere else or just keep it in the same spot and it will turn a healthy green again.

Accessing Moon Base Zeta:
Purchase a green meteorite off the Internet shopping. Then, with the meteorite still in you 
pocket, go to Sim Quarter and use the telephone booth. The moon base, where you can buy the 
Rocket Bed and Cheese Modulator will now be open.

Artsie Rep Mission Goal:
To finish the Artsie Goal in the Rep Missions, you have to collect 100 trash. To do that, 
you must start saving the trash piles from the beginning.

Change the color of the furniture:
Stand next to a piece of furniture, then press R. Not all pieces have alternate color.

Club Xzzle Password:
Go to Club Xzzle ask to enter, type "bucket" and the doorman will let you in. Also you only 
need to type it once and he'll let you in every time with no hassle.

Cure Boo:
The cure for vampirism is the Chocolate Decadence recipe (2 Chocolate + 1 Flour). Feed this 
to Boo to cure him of being a vampire.

Low bills:
Once you have gotten your bills down 40%, you can get them down even lower. If you get a 
roommate your bills will go down by half.


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