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 The World is Not Enough - Platform: Nintendo64

The World is Not Enough - Platform: Nintendo64

Unlock extra stuff
Beat the following levels under the specified time 
to unlock multiplayer levels and more skins: 

Level: Mode: Time: Unlock
Subway Agent 2:15 Castle level 
Masquerade Agent 3:15 Air Raid level 
Night Watch 00 Agent 2:20 Forest level 
Turncoat Agent 3:20 Capture The Briefcase level 
Whole game 00 Agent Any Golden Gun level 
King's Ransom Agent 2:20 Team King Of The Hill level 
Cold Reception Secret Agent 3:15 Sky Rail level 
City Of Walkways Secret Agent 3:45 Covert Skins 
Masquerade 00 Agent 4:20 Scientist skins 
City Of Walkways Agent 3:35 Civilian skins 
Cold Reception 00 Agent 3:25 Exotic skins 
A Sinking Feeling 00 Agent 2:55 Navy skins 
Midnight Departure Agent 3:05 Soldier skins 
King's Ransom Secret Agent 3:45 Security skins 
Whole game Agent Any Contemporary Skins 
Whole game Secret Agent Any Classic skins 
Courier Secret Agent 2:00 Suit skins 
City of Walkways 2 Agent 3:00 Wildfire mode 
Thames Chase 00 Agent 4:25 Exotic weapons mode 
Fallen Angel Secret Agent 2:45 Gadget war mode 

Health at 100%
In the mission where you chase the female assassin (mission 3) 
Thames Chase, when you are defusing the bomb, stop the clock on 
exactly 0.07 seconds left and your health will be topped back up 
to 100%. 

Bye, Bye Helicopter
I found a useful strategy for destroying the attack helicopter 
on City of Walkways 2. First, kill the guy on the box with the 
Rocket Launcher, (00 Agent only), with the Meyer TMP, or the 
Wolfram P2K, so he doesn't blow you up while you're doing this. 
Go to the car on the lower level, and pick up the Sentinal and 
some ammo. Then, go over, (on the same level), and stand in the 
spot where you can pick up more Soviet ammo. Aim the Sentinal 
through the gap between the ramp and the upper floor. From here, 
you should be able to see the helicopter when it pauses its m
ovement. Shoot it with the Sentinal during this pause. Eventually, 
the helicopter will blow up, (if you hit it). (NOTE: It's not a 
good idea to use this hint if you're trying to get Wildfire Mode 
in Agent. Usually, the final mission time using this hint is about 
8-10 minutes.) 

There's an easier way
On mission 12, Fallen Angel, after you enter the finger-print-
locked door, don't move. Take out any gun but the Soviet, 
(since it's not that accurate), and shoot the two security cameras, 
(one on the far right wall, and one on the closer left wall). 
After that, just run over to the stairs, and the doors will not 
close and no gas will spray out. 

Extra 9mm Ammo
If you happen to like the guns that use 9mm ammo, here's a way 
to get some extra. With any guard on any level, use either the 
Stun Bomb or the Stun function on your wristwatch to stun an 
enemy. After they drop their gun, wait until they pull out a 
Wolfram P2K. Kill them, and you'll have some extra 9mm ammo. 

Defusing the bomb on the London underground level
When defusing the bomb on the London underground level, start 
to defuse it has normal but don't finish until the timer has 
reached 7 seconds left. Defuse it now to recieve full health. 

Instant kill
When playing with AIbots in the frostbite multiplayer level I 
found this VERY fun and usful cheat. First set the weapons to 
sniper combat and begin play, go across the twin bridges in the 
area that has the log cabin. Once there sit and wait computer 
players should start running across the bridge, when they do 
shoot the ammo box for an instant kill (the comps will never 

An Easy Ride
In mission 7 "Midnight Departure" eliminate Davidov as quick as 
you can. Pick his stuff up and if you're on secret or oo agent 
get the ID badge from the shack in the woods. Get back on the main 
path and don't let the alarm get pulled. The first truck you see 
after you cross the bridge(kill the three guys on the right side 
of the truck.) Then climb in the back of the truck(wait a few 
seconds for the truck to start) and then the truck will take you 
to the air field.(This works on all difficulties and is great for 
the cheat.) 

A Quicker Way
I really liked this cheat and I hope you like it just as much In 
Mission 1 "Courier" right at the start of the mission go to the 
safe-deposit box is is and set of the alarm and then get the flash 
bang gun and the apointment card and run out the front door (it works 
on all difficulties and is great for the cheat on secret agent 

When in multi-player mode choose the level called FROSTBITE. 
Then go across the bridge with the bodyarmor and turn until 
you are facing the wall, walk and drop down. facing the cave turn 
left. There should be a small cave go in and keep walking there 
will be two boxes one an A.S.S ESSENTIAL the other some ammo. 
Continue up till you reach flat land turn right and you will be 
at a lookout point. To get down just run and drop.


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