Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 - Platform: XBox 360 - Console Games.

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 Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 - Platform: XBox 360

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 - Platform: XBox 360

Trophy balls:
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding trophy ball and 
attribute point bonus:

Aces Wild (3,000 points) - Get a hole-in-one 
Birdie Buster (3,000 points) - Get twelve Birdies in one round 
Birdie Streak (3,000 points) - Get six consecutive Birdies 
First Birdie (500 points) - Get a Birdie 
First Distance Putt (2 putting points) - Sink a 20 foot putt 
First Eagle (1,000 points) - Get an Eagle 
First Long Drive (2 power points) - Hit a 300 yard drive 
First Par (250 Points) - Make par on a hole 
First Tournament Win (1,000 points) - Win a tournament 
Long Distance Putt (3 putting points) - Sink a 50 foot putt 
Low Round (3,500 points) - Shoot a sub 60 round 
Missing String - 100% game completion 
Par 4 Green In 1 (2 long game points) - Hit a par 4 green with one shot 
Under Par (2,000 points) - Shoot a sub-par round 

More money and items:
While playing in Rivals mode, save your profile every time you exit to the main 
menu. Sometimes you will get offered a sponsorship when you have done something 
great, such as defeating Tiger in one of his challenges. If it is early in the 
game and EA Sports, Nike, Nike TW Collection, Adidas, or Under Armour offer you 
a sponsorship, decline it. Then, reload your profile, go into Rivals mode again, 
and do not save your profile. Exit to the main menu again. Most of the time you 
will be offered a different sponsorship. It is recommended that you do this so 
you can get the aforementioned sponsorships later in the game to have many more 
items to choose from, with larger payouts. If you take a Precept, TaylorMade, 
Bridgestone, etc. sponsorship early, you will get small payouts, but only on a 
few items. 

Various Codes:
Enter one of the following codec at the code screen:

Cheat - Effect
WOOGLIN - All Golfers 
GOLDENAGE - Tiger Woods with Hat 
TECHNICOLOR - Tiger Woods with Old Striped Pants 
THROWBACK - Tiger Woods with Old Golf Outfit #1 
OLDSKOOL - Tiger Woods with Old Golf Outfit #2 
ARNIESARMY - Arnold Palmer 
THEHAWK - Ben Hogan 
FEATHERIE - Old Tom Morris 
CRIMSONROSE - Rose Carpenter 
DOUBLEDOWN - J. Dinkerbach 
GOPHER - Hal Duf 
ROIDRAGE - A. Eichelberg 
NORTON - M. Leblanc 
HIGHHOOK - C. McGinnis 
LAZ - R. Montague 
THREENAMES - C. Montoya 
DIPPINIT - M. Murray 
SUZZIEMCQ - Suzzane Mcintyre 
POCKETPAIR - W. Rounder 
WANTSMORE - T. Shortknocker 
FIVEPOUNDS - T. Underwood 
THECADDY - D. Wheller 
KNOWITALL - S. Whittfield 
OUTTAMYWAY - Suzzie Mcintyre 
RUSHBETA - L. Daniels 
BIGHEAD - N. Hopkins 
HOFFMAN - J. Hozzle 
VARSITY - R. Irons 
BAYSIDE - R. Kumar


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