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 Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 - Platform: XBox 360

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 - Platform: XBox 360

Cheat mode:
Select the "My Tiger" option. Select the "EA Sports Extras" option, then choose 
"Password". Enter one of the following case-sensitive passwords to activate the 
cheat function.

All golfers
Enter YOUDAMAN as a password.

Big Head Spectator mode
Enter CEPHALUS as a password.

Set power level
Enter powercap[1-12] as a password to set your power level from 1 to 12 for the entire session. 
Note: This requires the latest patch for the game.

Easy "An Albatross Nickel" achievement

Calibrate a custom golfer to hit approximately 340 yards with a driver. Then, select 
"Game Modes" from the main menu, then "Traditional Game Modes", then "Stroke Play". 
Select Wolf Creek as your course and set the holes to "Custom Select". Select only hole 5. 
This is a driveable par 5, and if you can drive it to the green, you will have a simple 
putt for Double Eagle. Repeat this until you have your fifth Double Eagle.

Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Ranked by Hank (10 points): Don't fail any swings in coach intro. 
Entry Fee (20 points): Post an EA Sports GamerNet challenge worth more than 1,250 
Channel Surfer (25 points): Beat a 100+ point challenge in any 4 EA Sports GamerNet 
Double Digit (25 points): Earn 5,000 Player Points in EA Sports GamerNet. 
Single Digit (35 points): Earn 25,000 Player Points in EA Sports GamerNet. 
Scratch (50 points): Earn 50,000 Player Points in EA Sports GamerNet. 
15 Minutes of Fame (10 points): Beat an EA Sports GamerNet Instant Challenge. 
Caddie Master (10 points): Play 100+ different EA Sports GamerNet Challenges. 
Club Champ (25 points): Boost your golfers Attributes to the max (12) without a 
Max Stats Costume. 
Course Management (25 points): Finish a round of golf below par with only irons. 
All your Balls are Belong to Us (50 points): Unlock all Trophy Balls. 
Battle Tested (25 points): Win a full round of Battle Golf. 
Fantasy Fiesta (10 points): Play a full round of an online simultaneous-play game 
mode as a fantasy golfer. 
Owning Old Man Par (25 points): Par or better on every course with the same created 
Ace in the Hole (25 points): Get a hole in one. 
Tweeter (25 points): Sink 50 Birdies using a created golfer. 
Running in Circles (25 points): Sink 200 birdies. 
Baldy (25 points): Sink 10 Eagles using a created golfer. 
Flying High (25 points): Sink 75 Eagles. 
An Albatross Nickel (50 points): Sink 5 Double Eagles. 
Smoke Show (25 points): Drive 400 yards. 
Medalist (50 points): 10 Under on Tour Pro. 
Afraid of the Dark (10 points): Get the ball within a few inches from the hole without 
sinking it. 
Pin Seeker (15 points): Hit the Pin. 
Ready Golf (20 points): Play through a Simultaneous Online 18-Hole game. 
Member-Guest (10 points): Host an Online Game. 
Lock it Up (50 points): Unlock all PGA Tour Trophies. 
Major Player (25 points): Win a Major. 
First Class (50 points): Win the FedExCup. 
Grand Slam (50 points): Win all 4 majors. 
Picture Perfect (10 points): Create a Photo Game Face golfer. 
Member's Fees (10 points): Spend $10,000 in the Pro Shop. 
Big Spender (10 points): Buy 100 items in the Pro Shop using your career earnings. 
Furry Fairways (10 points): Complete an entire round of golf with a score of -12 
while wearing the Bunny Suit. 
Tour Van Tinkerer (10 points): Play a Round of golf with Tuned Clubs. 
Tiger Tamer (75 points): Beat Tiger in Tiger Challenge. 
Buick Clubhouse Member (25 points): Defeat Travis Knox in Tiger Challenge. 
Buick Clubhouse Ambassador (25 points): Defeat Tiki Panday in Tiger Challenge. 

Additionally there are two secret achievements.

Lost The Plot (0 points): Exceed the shot limit. 
On The Bogey Train (0 points): 10 Double bogeys with any golfer. 


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