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 Time Crisis 3 - Platform: Playstation 1

Time Crisis 3 - Platform: Playstation 1

Infinite handgun ammunition:
Complete the story mode in Arcade using only the Handgun throughout. 
This will unlock Infinite Handgun Ammunition in the Arcade Menu "Bonus Options" screen.

You can get the infinite shot bonus if you take your machine gun and shoot 
everyone (works best with Bosses) without missing.

Infinite sub-weapon ammunition:
Complete the arcade story mode in under 30 minutes. The "Infinite Sub-Weapon 
Ammo" bonus option will now be unlocked. It allows you to use the special 
weapons (machine gun, shotgun and grenade launcher) infinitely, without any set limit.

Max Life Increase andFree Credit in arcade mode:
Successfully complete the story mode in Arcade. The Life Point quantity can now 
be increased to a maximum value of 9, and Credits are free (set to Free Play).

Alicia Winston title screen:
Successfully complete the Rescue Mission, and the Time Crisis 3 title screen will show Alicia.

Boss title screen:
Complete all Crisis missions with a "Gold" rank to unlock a new screen featuring all the Bosses.

Crisis missions:
Successfully complete the Rescue Mission, and the Crisis Missions will be unlocked at the main menu.

Rescue mission:
Successfully complete the game to unlock the bonus rescue mission.

Trial stages:
Successfully complete a stage in arcade mode to unlock the corresponding trial mode stage.

Extra continues:
Intentionally fail during game play and you will eventually unlock more continues per game. 
Eventually, you will get unlimited continues. Note: This can be done in both arcade and 
rescue modes.

Mirror Mode:
Play through the story mode in Arcade without continuing to unlock Mirror Mode in Arcade. 
Play through the Rescue Mission story mode without continuing to unlock Mirror Mode in the 
Rescue Mission.

Beginner character selection:
It is recommended that beginners play through as Alan, as Wesley has a tougher path to get 
used to. Experienced Time Crisis players who have not used Wesley should also be aware that 
it is generally more challenging than Alan's route.

Collecting Ammo Packs:
Ammo Packs for the Special Weapons are carried by the yellow troops. Be sure to shoot them 
quickly and as many times as possible.

Rescue mission:
Press Action (L1 or R1) to go to your aiming mode with the sniper. When the screen turns 
red or beeps, release to dodge an incoming hit. Note: Some enemies hide behind trees and 

Special Weapon selection and limit:
You change weapons by hiding and pressing the trigger a certain number of times, depending 
on the weapon you wish to use. The following is the order of weapon selection if you start 
with the handgun selected:

Pull trigger once       : Machine Gun
Pull trigger twice      : Shotgun
Pull trigger three times: Grenade 

Note: There are also limits to the Special Weapon ammo, and additional special ammo is 
acquired in specific increments for each weapon, as below:

Machine Gun     : Ammo Pack; 15 per increment, limit 200
Shotgun         : Ammo Pack;  5 per increment, limit 50
Grenade Launcher: Ammo Pack;  1 per increment, limit 5 

Note: The Grenade Launcher is the slowest firing gun (and as such requires precise aim 
for moving targets), followed by the Shotgun (due to its pump time). 
All special weapons do not have to be reloaded.

No-Miss streaks scoring:
Every time you get 10 No-Miss Shots as part of your streak, your score will increase by 500. 
For example, a 20-Streak is 1,000, 30-Streak is 1,500, etc.

Extra points:
In order to get extra points, you have to find objects that explode if you shoot them. 
In the first level, there are a few bonuses. When you get to the tower, shoot it with the 
grenade launcher. It should fall in a few seconds. When you are facing the stone bridge, 
shoot at the barrel in the bottom right corner. It should blow up the bridge. 
When you are in the ship, after the first fight in the fuel room, shoot at the tank 
you are facing (or the one in the background if you are player one) and it should blow up. 
Also, any jeeps you shoot will also result in more points.

Defeating Wild Dog and Wild Fang:
They both have special abilities. Fang can do kung-fu kicks and flying kicks. He can even 
kick ten foot bars, monster truck tires, and a tractor. He is also the sneakiest of the two. 
Dog's aiming is great. He shoots out rockets, has a gattling gun, and can be a flamethrower. 
His life is greater than Wild Fang and is more difficult because he does not have to get up 
close to kill you.

Health status:
When an enemy's life bar is red, it means that it is a vehicle, and once it depletes it 
will not return. Blue indicates that the enemy still has some more rounds of beating to do. 
Green indicates that this is their final confrontation with you.


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