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 Timesplitters 2 - Platform: Gamecube

Timesplitters 2 - Platform: Gamecube

1853 Wild West level reward
Successfully complete the level in story mode under the medium
difficulty setting to unlock The Colonel as a playable character
in arcade mode.

1895 Notre Dame Paris level reward
Successfully complete the level in story mode under the medium
difficulty setting to unlock Notre Dame as a playable character in
arcade mode.

1920 Aztec Ruins level reward
Successfully complete the level in story mode under the medium
difficulty setting to unlock Stone Golem as a playable character
in arcade mode.

1932 Chicago level reward
Successfully complete the level in story mode under the medium
difficulty setting to unlock Big Tony as a playable character in
arcade mode.

1972 Atom Smasher level reward
Successfully complete the level in story mode under the medium
difficulty setting to unlock Khallos as a playable character in
arcade mode.

1990 Oblask Dam Siberia level reward
Successfully complete the level in story mode under the medium
difficulty setting to unlock the Mutant TimeSplitter as a playable
character in arcade mode.

2019 NeoTokyo level reward
Successfully complete the level in story mode under the medium
difficulty setting to unlock Sadako as a playable character in
arcade mode.

2280 Return to Planet X level reward
Successfully complete the level in story mode under the medium
difficulty setting to unlock Ozor Mox as a playable character in
arcade mode.

2315 Robot Factory level reward
Successfully complete the level in story mode under the medium
difficulty setting to unlock Machinist as a playable character in
arcade mode.

2401 Space Station level reward
Successfully complete the level in story mode under the medium
difficulty setting to unlock Reaper Splitter as a playable
character in arcade mode.

Successfully complete the level under the easy difficulty setting
to unlock the ending sequence.

Ending bonuses
Successfully complete the game in story mode under the easy
difficulty setting to unlock the Cardboard Characters cheat and
the Streets multi-player level in arcade mode.

Successfully complete the game in story mode under the normal
difficulty setting to unlock Big Heads and All Characters Cloaked
cheats and the Compound multi-player level in arcade mode.

Successfully complete the game in story mode under the hard
difficulty setting to unlock the Unlimited Ammo cheat and the Site
multi-player level in arcade mode.

Successfully complete all challenges with at least a Bronze rank
to unlock the Paintball cheat.

Arcade League (Amateur) bonuses
Beginners Series
Adios Amigos!: Hector Babosal, Lean Molly (Gold)
Casualty: Dr. Peabody, Crypt Zombie (Gold)
Top Shot: Hangar Level, Sgt. Shock, Elimination mode (Gold)
Mode Madness
Chastity Chased: Regeneration mode (Gold)
Shrinking from the Cold: Private Sand, Sgt. Slate, Shrink mode
Scrap Metal: Scrapyard, Chassisbot (Gold)
It's A Blast
Night Shift: Sentry bot, Leech mode (Gold)
Spoils of War: Meezor Mox, Thief mode (Gold)
Demolition Derby: Male Trooper, Female Trooper, Robot Factory
Level, Vampire Mode (Gold)
Too Hot to Handle
Monkey Immolation: Crispin, Flame tag (Gold)
Disco Inferno: Louie Big Nose, Lt. Wild (Gold)
Burns Department: Undead Priest, Nightclub, Virus mode (Gold)
Team Series A
Club Soda: Slick Tommy, Jimmy Needles (Gold)
Station Stand: Lt. Shade, Zones mode (Gold)
Men in Gray: Accountant, Kawer, Assault mode (Gold)

Arcade League (Honorary) bonuses
Cold Corpse Caper: Cyber Fairy, Gargoyle (Gold)
Killer Queen: Leo Krupps (Gold)
R109 Beta: Ufopia, Gladiator mode (Bronze), Roman Hat, Lt. Chill
Elimination Series
Baking For The Taking: Chinese Chef, Gingerbread Man (Platinum)
Brace Yourself: Braces, Trooper Brown (Gold)
Starship Whoopers: Chinese, Monkey Assistant, Trooper Black (Gold)
Burns 'n Bangs
Chinese Burns: Calamari, Chef Hat (Platinum)
Snow Business: Snowman, Trooper Grey (Gold)
Rocket Man: Venus Star, Capt. Sand, Duckman Drake (Gold)
Outnumbered, But Never Outpunned!
Someone Has Got To Play...: Capt. Night (Gold)
Time to Split: Barby Gimp, Scourge Splitter (Gold)
Can't Handle This: Chasm, Hatchet Sal, Handyman (Gold)
Team Series B
Hack A Hacker: Krayola, Milkbaby (Gold)
Rice Cracker Rush: Riot Officer, The Master (Gold)
Superfly Lady: Capt. Pain (Gold)

Arcade League (Elite) bonuses
One Shot Thrills
Babes in the Woods: Jo-Beth Casey (Gold)
Double Bill: Beetleman, The Impersonator (Gold)
Nikki Jinki Bricky: Nikki, Jinki (Gold)
Duel Meaning
If I'm Ugly-You Smell!: Mikey Twoguns, Jared Slim (Platinum)
Golem Guru: Fat Characters (Gold), Kypriss (Platinum)
Golden Thighs: High Priest, Aztec Warrior (Platinum)
Frantic Series
Hangar's Hat's Off!: Henchman, Dark Henchman (Gold)
Can't Please Everyone...: Maiden, Changeling (Gold)
Big Top Blowout: Mr. Giggles (Silver), Stumpy (Gold)
Team Series C
Bags Of Fun: Ringmistress, Big Hands, Slow Motion Deaths (Gold)
They're Not Pets!: Baby Drone, Bear (Gold)
Nice Threads: Small Heads, Compound level (Bronze), R-One-Oh-Seven
Sincerest Form Of Flattery
Aztec The Dino Hunter: Dinosaur (Gold)
Half Death: Drone Splitter (Gold)
Dead Fraction: Jebediah Crump (Silver)

Challenge bonuses
Glass Smash
Pane In The Neck: Rotating Heads (Gold)
Bricking It: Brick Weapon (Gold)
Stain Removal: Hunchback (Silver), Nothing (Gold)
Behead The Undead
Fight Off The Living Dead: Sewer Zombie (Gold)
Sergio's Last Stand: Sergio (Gold)
Day Of The Dammed: Feeder Zombie (Silver/Gold)
Silent, But Deadly: Viking Hat (Gold)
Trouble At The Docks: Pirate Hat (Gold)
Escape From NeoTokyo: Big Ears Hat (Gold)
Banana Chomp
Gone Bananas: Private Coal (Gold)
Monkey Business: Private Poorly (Silver), None (Gold)
Playing With Fire: Wood Golem (Silver)
Cut-Out Shoot-out
Take 'em Down: Ample Sally (Gold)
Fall Out: Marco the Snitch (Gold)
Pick Yer Piece: Sgt. Rock- Gold
Timesplitters "Story" Classic
Badass Buspass Impasse: Badass Cyborg (Gold)
But Where Did The Batteries Go?: R One-Oh-Seven (Platinum)
Hit me Baby One Morgue Time: Cropolite (Gold)
Monkeying Around
Simian Shooter: Insect Mutant (Silver)
Monkey Mayhem: Lola Varuska, Mischief (Platinum)
Dam Bursters: Robofish, Circus level (Gold)

Silly hats
This is instantly unlocked when you unlock a new hat. You can
unlock new hats on the "Infiltration" challenges.

Power-up Orbs
In the Arcade levels, there are four power-ups. A description and
what they do follows:

Blue Orb with wings: Super-speed boost
Yellow Orb with helmet: Cloak of invisibility
Aqua Orb with divided sphere: Makes you smaller
Red Orb with spike: Power boost for strength

Faster reloads
Some guns have slower reload times than others. Instead of
pressing Reload, press Next Weapon quickly followed by Previous
Weapon (or vice versa). When you switch to a new weapon and go
back to it, the weapon will automatically be reloaded.

Timed mines
In a level where you get timed mines (preferably Siberia, since it
has zombies), you can throw a mine onto an enemy and it will make
them explode. The effect is better with a zombie, because if you
hit them with two (one on the head and one on the chest), it will
blow them apart.

Drone Gun zoom
Play a level where you can take over a Drone Gun (for example, The
Training Grounds). Make sure you have both the minigun and Soviet
S47(x2) available. Walk up to the Drone Gun's controls and switch
from minigun to Soviet. Quickly activate the Drone Gun before the
Soviet appears and hold L. You should now have a small amount of
zoom available that you would not normally have.

Destroying the Bio-Hazard case
When you restore the power in the building, go down to the
"Digging Site". When you get there, you will see a case with
something in it. Make sure you have plenty of Timed Mines. Walk
towards it and throw four or five Timed Mines at it then run away.
When it blows up, the woman on the speaker will start talking.
People with very good guns (Flame Thrower, Shotgun, Machine Guns,
etc.) will appear. You will also have a new objective to not let
any mutants survive.

Destroying camera
Shoot the screen of the camera. This causes it to blow out,
conserving your ammunition. For turret cameras, shoot the tip of
the barrel since there is no screen.

Fire extinguisher
When you are on fire and have a fire extinguisher, point it down
and spray while running. You will have extinguished your own fire.

Kill Zombies faster
When a zombie comes after you, shoot it in the head.

To kill zombies without using the shotgun, just use your fists. It
takes practice, but it saves ammunition and is easier when used to
take out groups of enemies.

To kill zombies easier and faster then shooting them, just punch
them with your fists.

1920 Aztec Ruins: Fire arrows
When playing in multi-player mode and you have the crossbow which
you start out with, put the tip of the arrow to the flame of the
torch. You can now light people on fire by using the crossbow.
Note: If you reload or run out of the round, you will have to
light it again.

1853 Wild West: Defeating the Colonel
Save the black powder not needed to open the jail. When it is time
to defeat the Colonel, pour a trail of black powder down the train
tracks in the tunnel leading to his lair. Start at the lamp near
the mining cart and go down the tracks to where the Colonel speaks
to you. Once his health meter appears, retreat. By shooting the
lamp, it will fall and explode, setting fire to the powder. The
burning powder will race down the tunnel and set fire to the
Colonel, along with all the men with him who are chasing you. If
you keep running from the Colonel, the fire will eventually finish

1895 Notre Dame Paris: Defeating the Portal Daemon
When you encounter the Portal Daemon, stand behind the center
pillar of the landing, and arm your shotgun. Each time he shoots
the blue at you, duck behind the pillar. When he finishes each
shot, dart out and nail him in the head with your shotgun. After
doing this five or six times, he will fall over and die.

1895 Notre Dame Paris: Time Crystal
After you kill Jaque De La Morte, look for the Time Crystal.
Although it may seem sensible to look for it where you killed
Morte, it is actually in the part where you saved the last maiden.
The crystal located up on the riser of the church. Go up and get
it while the Hunchback is blasting the zombies.

1990 Oblask Dam Siberia: Anaconda mini-game
Once you get across to the other side of the dam and go into the
other building with all the shelves, look to something that
resembles a Nintendo 64 game cartridge on the first shelf. Walk
over and pick it up. It will be in your inventory as "Anaconda".
Highlight it and press A to play the game. Note: This was done
under the normal difficulty setting.

If you do not get caught by the cameras (you will hear an alarm if
you do), you will see an Nintendo 64-shaped game cartridge on the
nearest shelf in the building on the other side of the dam. This
can be done under the easy difficulty setting.

1990 Oblask Dam Siberia: Ending the level
Destroy the radar dish on top of the outpost with the timed mines.
Proceed through the level and get to the container with the
TimeSplitter in it. Keep throwing mines onto it, one after
another. It will eventually explode and the mission will be

2019 NeoTokyo: Astro Lander mini-game
Play the level under the normal difficulty setting in story mode.
After following the hacker to her secret hideout, use her password
to enter the TimeSplitter research area. Once inside, go into the
room at the end of the hall. Inside is a laptop and a group of
lockers. Two of the lockers will open. Inside one is a sub machine
gun. Inside the other is the arcade game Astro Lander. It is on
the floor of the locker and resembles a Nintendo 64 game
cartridge. Select "Astro Lander" from inside your inventory. A
small menu will appear with Astro Lander and two other areas.
After playing it or turning off your Gamecube, select your
temporary uplink (in story mode) and press A to play Astro Lander
or any other game you may have found.

2019 Neo Tokyo: Shortcut
In story mode, as soon as you start the level, jump off the side
of the platform that you are on. You will appear about 40 seconds
away from the lab, instead of having to go through the place with
the guns; and instead of three or four cameras there will be only
be one or two remaining.

2315 Robot Factory: Racer mini-game
Play the level under the hard difficulty setting. Under one of the
ramps is the final mini-game cartridge.

Elite League - Golem Guru: Easy win
In this level is an area that looks like an unfinished office
building with stairs that lead to another level. Go up the stairs
and find the metal beams. This is where you will find the Homing
Launcher. Get a direct hit on the Golem twice with the secondary
function and it should kill him.

Multi-player: Capture The Bag
If you and your team are surrounded in your base and have nowhere
to go (if they have defenses positions set up), use the "backwards
man" technique. Run backwards and do not shoot at the enemies that
run past, unless you want to be brave get to their base. Still
running backwards, grab the bag and have another teammate halfway
to your point take your fire. Note: Do not run backwards going
back -- just run very fast because at this point you are a marked

If you have no one to play against in multi-player mode, and you
want to find an easier way to play Capture The Bag with bots, set
the game to one hit kill and have no weapons on.

Multi-player: Hangar ambush
In the Hangar, if you do not want to get tagged or you want to
make a quick ambush, go upstairs. When you see a big object, wait
until it goes into the hole, then step into the hole. You will be
on the object while it is above the ground and free from harm on
Flame Tag, but while on Contender or anything else with killings,
watch out.

Multi-player: Scrapyard hiding location
In the Scrapyard level in multi-player mode, there are two sniper
towers. Go to the one you normally see, and sometimes start in. Go
to the top and look straight ahead to the other corner. There is a
semi-hidden tower that is entered by going through a hole in the
wall. Most of the time, bots will not go into the tower.

Multi-player: Robot benefit
When playing in any multi-player mode except flame tag and virus
as a robot (for example, R-109, Chassisbot, and Sentrybot), you
will not catch fire, and flamethrowers will be ineffective against

Multi-player: Easy win
Go to custom weapons and set it for all flame-throwers. Then, set
all the bots as humans. Finally, choose a robot for you to play
as. Run around watching people die in flames, since robots cannot
be set on fire.

Glitch: Neutral team
Note: This cannot be done with player one. In any team game except
"Assault", pick your desired character. Your selection box should
be on "Ready". When the selection box begins to close after the
last person chooses his or her character, immediately press B. You
should hear a sound, your selection box should return to the list
of characters, and the game should start to load. In the game,
your team icon should be a white box, and you are working for
yourself. In "Zones" mode, your light will be white. For "Capture
The Flag", you may capture any team's flag. Note: It is easier to
wait for everybody to choose their characters and teams, so that
you are the last person to be ready. Just as you pick a team,
immediately press B.

Glitch: 1853 Wild West: Line for waterfall
Go to the waterfall at the end of the level. When you look at the
top, it is a normal waterfall. However, when you start looking
down, it will get darker and darker, until it is just a thin black

Glitch: Banana Chomp: Rank requirement
When you enter the third level of banana chomp, the game states
that you need 24 bananas for a Gold rank. However, when you get 24
bananas, it says that you got a Platinum rank.

Glitch: Platinum for Badass Cyborg
When you unlock the story challenges, the game will state that you
have a Platinum rank for the Badass Cyborg level, even though you
have not played it.


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