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 TMNT - Platform: Wii

TMNT - Platform: Wii

Don's Big Head Goodie:
Hold Z and press 1, A, C, 2 at the main menu. A sound will confirm correct 
code entry. 

Challenge Map 2:
Hold Z and press A three times, 1, A at the main menu. A sound will confirm 
correct code entry. 

Defeating the Shredder:
In the Boss fight where you must defeat the Shredder, instead of focusing on 
the many Shredder clones, try fighting the real Shredder. He just stands still 
while his clones fight you. One attack that works well is Don's team move that
shocks any enemy near its radius. Approach him close and use it. It will shock 
the clones and him, and he will not be able to attack. Change to Raphael 
because he fights the hardest and attack the Shredder a few times until he 
recovers. When he recovers repeat the steps until he is defeated. 
After this level the Foot clan, use a similar tactic when a Foot commander 
calls in more Foot ninjas as you defeat them. Use the same tactic on him. 
If you do not he will overwhelm you with hordes of Foot ninjas. 

Building relationships:
Once you reach the level where you can use all four turtles at once, you must 
begin to build relationship with your brothers. Do this by using your brother 
throw but, take turns who is doing the throw. For example, Leo throws Ralph 
and vice versa, Don throws Mikey. Successful brother throws will build their 
relationship then you can use their double team attacks. However failed throws 
will make them mad at you, and they will go away and you must win their trust 
again. Raphael tends to be the one that you make mad most often.


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