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 TNA iMPACT! - Platform: Playstation 3

TNA iMPACT! - Platform: Playstation 3

Various Characters:
Complete the indicated task in Story mode to unlock the corresponding
character in Exhibition mode. 

Black Machismo - Defeat Black Machismo 
Brother Ray- Defeat Team 3D. 
Eric Young - After getting partnered with Eric Young
Jay Lethal - Defeat Jay Lethal in your TNA Tryout Gauntlet match

Moves for your created superstar: Various moves are unlocked as your 
progress through story mode

Bonus venues:
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding venue:

Armory: Win all your matches in the Armory Arena. 
England: Accumulate 420,000 Style Points. 
Freedom Center: Win all your matches in the Freedom Center Arena. 
Japan: Win all of your matches in Japan. 
Mexico: Win the Gauntlet Match in Mexico. 
Vegas: Win your match in the Vegas Arena. 

Bonus wrestlers:
Successfully complete the indicated task in Story mode to unlock the 
corresponding character in Exhibition mode. Note: Style Points accumulated in 
Exhibition mode will also count towards those rewards.

Abyss: Defeat Abyss. 
Brother Ray: Defeat Team 3D. 
Don West: Accumulate 250,000 Style Points. 
Eric Young: After getting partnered with Eric Young, win a Tag Team match with him. 
Jay Lethal: Defeat Jay Lethal. 
Jeff Jarrett: Successfully complete Story mode. 
Kevin Nash: Defeat Kevin Nash. 
Senshi: Accumulate 200,000 Style Points. 
Sonjay Dutt: Defeat Sonjay Dutt. 
Tomko: Win the Tomko and AJ Styles Tag Team match. 

Bonus created wrestlers:
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding preset 
created wrestler:

Afro Thunder: Accumulate 750,000 Style Points. 
Benny: Accumulate 350,000 Style Points. 
Lenny: Accumulate 400,000 Style Points. 
Suicide: Successfully complete Story mode. 

Bonus moves:
Accumulate the indicated number of Style Points to unlock the corresponding move 
for created wrestlers:

Wheelbarrow Neckbreaker: 120,000 Style Points 
Full Nelson Suplex: 130,000 Style Points 
Basement Dropkick: 140,000 Style Points 
Crotch Punch: 156,000 Style Points 
Twisting Crossbody: 184,000 Style Points 
Tornado DDT: 192,000 Style Points 
The Book End: 200,000 Style Points 
Eye Rake: 208,000 Style Points 
Neckbreaker: 216,000 Style Points 
Tailbreaker: 232,000 Style Points 
The Cradle Shock: 240,000 Style Points 
Jawbreaker: 240,000 Style Points 
Leg Sweep: 252,000 Style Points 
German Suplex: 268,000 Style Points 
Dragon Suplex: 280,000 Style Points 
The Border Toss: 290,000 Style Points 
Atomic Drop: 312,000 Style Points 
The Gore: 320,000 Style Points 
Hurricanrana: 332,000 Style Points 
Running Neckbrkr: 340,000 Style Points 
The Gringo Killer: 360,000 Style Points 
Mexican Head Scissors: 376,000 Style Points 
Cutter: 388,000 Style Points 
Hangman's Neckbreaker: 400,000 Style Points 
Jackknife Powerbomb: 440,000 Style Points 
Military Slam: 480,000 Style Points 
Reverse DDT: 486,000 Style Points 
Scorpion Death Drop: 518,000 Style Points 
Muscle Buster: 520,000 Style Points 
The Shell Shock: 550,800 Style Points 
The Payoff: 560,000 Style Points 
Sitout Powerbomb: 583,200 Style Points 
Sonjay Cutter: 615,600 Style Points 
The Steiner Recliner: 648,000 Style Points 
The Styles Clash: 680,400 Style Points 
The Stroke: 712,800 Style Points 
The Unprettier: 745,200 Style Points 
The Black Hole Slam: 777,600 Style Points 
The Angle Slam: 842,400 Style Points 
Canadian Destroyer: 940,000 Style Points


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