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 Toki - Going Ape Spit - Platform: Sega

Toki - Going Ape Spit - Platform: Sega

Submitted by: kumayl hassan

CODE KEY IN . . . EFFECT . . .
1 ATWT-CA88 Infinite lives
2 BC3T-AA4T Infinite credits
3 AW4T-AA72 Infinite time to decide if you want to
4 AATT-CA44 Infinite time to complete each round
5 9TST-DGJE + MEST-CRAG 8 minutes to complete round
6 9TST-DGJE + MEST-CLAG 6 minutes to complete round
7 9TST-DGJE + MEST-CGAG 4 minutes to complete round
8 A2VT-CA74 Never lose extra energy spitballs on dying
9 AATT-CAGA Never lose extra energy spitballs when
  time runs out


10 E11A-CCD6 Extra life for every piece of food
11 E11A-DAD6 Extra life for every 10 pieces of food
12 E11A-CAM6 Extra life for every 20 pieces of food
13 E11A-DAM6 Extra life for every 30 pieces of food
14 E11A-CAX6 Extra life for every 40 pieces of food
15 E11A-CA56 Extra life for every 60 pieces of food
16 E11A-DA56 Extra life for every 70 pieces of food
17 E11A-CBD6 Extra life for every 80 pieces of food
18 E11A-DBD6 Extra life for every 90 pieces of food
19 E11A-DXD6 Extra life for every 99 pieces of food
20 CCVT-AA90 Never lose shoes due to time (but still
   losethem on dying or advancing to next stage)
21 ACWA-ABFN Shoes last 32x normal time
22 ACWA-AAZN Shoes last 16x normal time
23 ACWA-AAPN Shoes last 8x normal time
24 ACWA-BAFN Shoes last 4x normal time
25 ACWA-ATFN Shoes last 2x normal time
26 ACWA-AEFN Shoes last 1/2x normal time
27 ACWA-ACFN Shoes last 1/4x normal time
28 BLVT-AA72 Never lose invincibility due to time (but
   still lose it on advancing to next stage)
29 ACWA-ABF8 Invincibility lasts 32x normal time
30 ACWA-AAZ8 Invincibility lasts 16x normal time
31 ACWA-AAP8 Invincibility lasts 8x normal time
32 ACWA-BAF8 Invincibility lasts 4x normal time
33 ACWA-ATF8 Invincibility lasts 2x normal time
34 ACWA-AEF8 Invincibility lasts 1/2x normal time
35 ACWA-ACF8 Invincibility lasts 1/4x normal time


36 AL7A-CA58 Palace guards are automatically defeated
37 AL7A-CA58 + AG7A-DE56 Takes 1 shot to kill palace guards
38 AL7A-CA58 + A07A-DE56 Takes 5 shots to kill palace guards
39 AL7A-CA58 + CC7A-DE56 Takes 10 shots to kill palace guards
40 AL7A-CA58 + EC7A-DE56 Takes 20 shots to kill palace guards
41 AL7A-CA58 + GC7A-DE56 Takes 30 shots to kill palace guards 
42 AL7A-CA58 + LC7A-DE56 Takes 50 shots to kill palace guards
43 AL7A-CA58 + RC7A-DE56 Takes 70 shots to kill palace guards
44 AL7A-CA58 + XG7A-DE56 Takes 99 shots to kill palace guards

Submitted by: Mohammad Fawad Malik


Press Up, A, Right, B, Down,

C, Left, Start at the title screen.

Jump to level 8, stage 3:

Enter the options menu. Change the controller configuration

to A and C for fire and B for jump. Return

to the title screen allow demonstration mode to begin. A very

dark level will appear. The demonstration mode will eventually

freeze. Press Start to enter the game. Toki will die and

restart at the Volcano level. Note: Keep spitting to see this



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