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 Tony Hawk - Ride - Platform: Playstation 3

Tony Hawk - Ride - Platform: Playstation 3

Quicksilver 80's level:
At the main menu, choose the "Options" selection, then select the "Cheats" 
option. Enter "FEELINGEIGHTIES" as a code to unlock the Quicksilver 80's level.

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

Ready to Roll (Bronze): Complete the Training Test challenge in Street 
One Trick Pony (Bronze): Venice Beach, Trick Session: Score 10,000 Points in 
one combo. 
Manual Mover (Bronze): Lower Wacker Drive, Speed Session: Complete in under 
1'00 with 200 ft of Manuals. 
Quick Style (Bronze): Boom Boom Huck Jam: Fire off the Signature Moment within 
20 seconds of session start. 
Heavy Lifting (Bronze): Central Park Half-Pipe: Perform 10 Inverts. 
Certified Chiropractor (Bronze): Barcelona Half-Pipe: Perform 5 Spine 
Stalls with Style (Bronze): Quiksilver 80s Vert: Fire off the Signature Moment 
using only Stalls. 
Channel Surfing (Bronze): Quiksilver 80s Vert: Channel the Gap 5 Times in one 
All Four One (Bronze): Vans Downtown Showdown: Complete level successfully. 
In the Bank (Bronze): Back to the Banks: Complete level successfully. 
T-Mobile Sidekick Grab 5 (Bronze): Half-Pipe: Do 5 different Grab Tricks in 
one session. 
Grounded (Silver): LA River, Speed Session: Complete in under 1'30 without 
Monumental Task (Silver): Loop Plaza, Challenge Session: Activate Signature 
moment during Challenge #3. 
Speedster (Silver): Central Park, Speed Session: Collect 60 seconds worth of 
time bubbles. 
Highlight Reel (Silver): Toledo, Trick Session: Score 20,000 Total Points in 
the camera spots. 
Terminal Velocity (Silver): Frankfurt Terminal, Speed Session: Complete in 
under 1:45 without collecting any time bubbles. 
Handy Man (Silver): Venice Beach Half-Pipe: Score 10,000 Points worth of 
Vert Master (Silver): Boom X2 Vertical U-Ramp Go: Complete without bailing. 
Stride's Long Lasting Manual (Silver): Do one continuous Manual of 400 feet. 
Don't Be Nervous (Gold): Unlock Tokyo in Casual. 
Game Show Awaits (Gold): Unlock Tokyo in Confident. 
It's Show Time (Gold): Unlock Tokyo in Hardcore. 
Successful Matador (Gold): Barcelona, Challenge Session: Complete all 
challenges without bailing. 
Spelling Bee (Gold): Party Mode, Game of SKATE: Over 15 letters given out in 
one game. 
Platinum Trophy (Platinum): Unlock all of the other trophies. 
Additionally, there are two secret trophies:
The Chosen One (Gold): Boom X2 TH Go Show: Get to the end without bailing. 
Last One - I Promise (Bronze): Multiplayer, Local or Online, Challenge 


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