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 Tony Hawk - Shred - Platform: XBox 360

Tony Hawk - Shred - Platform: XBox 360

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

The Start of Something Big (Bronze): Complete a season on any
Navigation Setting (Excluding Free Ride) (SP).
Ready to Ride (Bronze): Calibrate the board.
Eager Student (Bronze): Tricktionary: Visit the Tricktionary for
the first time.
Adept Skater (Bronze): Tricktionary: Perform every non-Signature
Skate Trick at least once (SP).
Adept Boarder (Bronze): Tricktionary: Perform every non-Signature
Snowboarding Trick at least once (SP).
See You In Indianapolis! (Bronze): Tricktionary: Perform 500
Ollies (SP).
Making Hamburger (Bronze): Tricktionary: Grind at least 500 feet
in every type of Grind (Parallel, Slide, Angled) (SP).
Grabby McGrab Grab (Bronze): Tricktionary: Perform 250 total Grabs
Skateboard Master! (Bronze): Training Mode: Complete every Lesson
in Skate Training on the Casual Setting.
Snowboard Master! (Bronze): Training Mode: Complete every Lesson
in Snow Training on the Casual Setting.
Well Balanced Individual (Bronze): Complete a session in Regular
Stance & a session in Goofy Stance (without leaving game - SP).
Control Freak (Bronze): Complete a session on each Navigation
Setting (without leaving game - SP).
Get a Real Skateboard! (Bronze): Challenge Mode: Complete 15 total
Insane Challenges.
Reality Star (Bronze): Challenge Mode: Complete all Videographer
Bags Packed (Bronze): Unlock a new level.
Steering Sensation (Bronze): Unlock all Navigation Settings.
Oh, the Places You Will Go! (Bronze): Unlock every level in the game.
Now You're Just Bragging! (Bronze): New Orleans: Scoring Spots:
Perform the bonus task of all 5 Scoring Spots (SP).
Scared of Bubbles (Bronze): Melbourne: Point Rush: Finish with a
score of at least 75 without collecting any Point Bubbles (SP).
Shiver Me Timbers! (Bronze): Morocco: Complete any session in
Morocco as Seadog O' Banion (SP).
You Got HOW MANY Points?! (Bronze): Wallows: Scoring Spots: Score
1,000,000 total points (SP).
Don't need no Stinkin' GRINDS! (Bronze): Santorini Trick Mode:
Score 100,000 points without using grinds (SP).
Great Wall Master (Bronze): Acquire all 4 Stars on Beijing Big Air
& all 4 Stars on Beijing Halfpipe.
Groove Me Baby (Bronze): Grind Pro Trial: Perform 10 Grind
Transfers in a session on any Grind Pro Trial (SP).
Going Steady with 2 Wheels (Bronze): Manual Pro Trial: Maintain a
continuous Manual for 500 feet on any Manual Pro Trial (SP).
Atmospheric Rotation (Bronze): Big Air Pro Trial: Perform two 360┬░
Spins in the same Big Air Pro Trial session (SP).
House of Horrors (Bronze): Survival Mode: Survive the Huckjam Park
Combo Level.


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