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 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 - Platform: Gamecube

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 - Platform: Gamecube

All FMVs
Enter POPCORN as a cheat. 

Max Stats
Enter MAXMEOUT as a cheat. 

Unlock features
To unlock the different features, complete all goals and get 
gold medals in all three competitions in career with a different 
skater each time. Do this the indicated amount of times for the 
different features. 

1 time: Play as Darth Maul
2 times: Play as Wolverine
3 times: Play as Officer Dick
5 times: Play as Private Carrera
6 times: Burnside level from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
7 times: Ollie the magic bum
8 times: Play as Kelly Slater
9 times: Roswell level from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
10 times: Play as Demoness
11 times: Snowboard mode
12 times: Infinite specials
13 times: Perfect balance for rails
14 times: Super Stats
15 times: Huge skater
16 times: Slow-motion mode
17 times: Perfect balance for manuals
18 times: Small skater
19 times: Moon physics
20 times: Expert mode
21 times: First person view 

Master code
Enter the options menu, then select "Cheats". Enter MarkedCards as
a code to unlock all mode options, such as ''Snowboard'',
''Giant", and ''First Person''. This also unlocks the "Super
Stats", "Always Perfect", "Perfect Manuals" and "Perfect Rails"
cheats. The sound of money being collected will confirm correct
code entry.

All FMV sequences
Enter the options menu, then select "Cheats". Enter Popcorn as a
code to unlock all FMV sequences. The sound of money being
collected will confirm correct code entry. Alternately, Get gold
medals in all three competitions in career mode.

Super Stats
Enter the options menu, then select "Cheats". Enter MaxMeOut as a
code. The sound of money being collected will confirm correct code
entry. Alternately, complete all the goals in the game and get
gold medals in all three competitions fourteen times in career
mode with a different skater each time.

Unlimited specials
Enter the options menu, then select "Cheats". Enter Unlimited as a
code. The sound of money being collected will confirm correct code
entry. Alternately, complete all the goals in the game and get
gold medals in all three competitions twelve times in career mode
with a different skater each time.

All characters
Enter the options menu, then select "Cheats". Enter Freakshow as a
code. The sound of money being collected will confirm correct code
entry. All characters including Darth Maul, Wolverine, Officer
Dick, Private Carrera, Ollie The Magic Bum, Kelly Slater,
Demoness, and the Neversoft Eyeball Man will be unlocked.

Level select
Enter the options menu, then select "Cheats". Enter NONEED2PLAY
(case-sensitive) to unlock all levels. The sound of money being
collected will confirm correct code entry.

Note: This also completes the game for the current skater and
gives all stat points and decks. Play any level and when you
complete or exit it, the game will open a trick slot and unlock a
new character, cheat, or level. Do this with every character to
complete the entire game with everything unlocked everything.

All created skaters
Enter the options menu, then select "Cheats". Enter WEEATDIRT as a
case-sensitive code to unlock all created skaters.

Game developer created skater
Enter one of the following names at the create a skater screen and
their stats will appear. Note: Some names are those of children of
the development team.

Aaron Skillman (also by entering Aaron, Skillman, or ARS)
Alan Flores
Andrew Rausch (also by entering Jujy)
Andy Nelson
Brian Jennings (also by entering BDJ or Brian)
Captain Jennings (also by entering Cap'n Jennings or Capn
Chad Findley (also by entering Stallion or Doofus)
Chris Glenn
Chris Rausch (also by entering Team Chicken, CJR, or Rausch)
Chris Ward
Connor Jewett
Darren Thorne (also by entering Darren or Thorne)
Dave Cowling
Dave Stohl
Edwin Fong (also by entering Maya's Daddy)
Gary Jesdanun (also by entering Garvin or Garvin Jesdanun)
Henry Ji
James Rausch (also by entering My Jamie)
Jason Uyeda
Jeremy Anderson
Joel Jewett
Johnny Ow
Junki Saita (also by entering Kage)
Kevin Mulhall (also by entering Guilt Ladle)
Lisa Davies
Mark Scott (also by entering Hi Ben)
Matthew Day
Mick West
Mike Ward
Nicole Willick
Noel Hines (also by entering Noel or Hines)
Nolan Nelson
Paul Robinson
Pete Day
Rachael Day
Ralph D'Amato
Ryan McMahon
Sandy Jewett
Scott Pease (or by entering Scott Pease, Spease, or Cheesy Peasey)
Steve Ganem
Steven Rausch (or by entering Wevenowski)
Trey Smith
William Pease (or by entering Wild Bill)
Tony Hawk's sons as created skaters:
Enter Riley Hawk or Spencer Hawk as a name at the create a skater
screen and their stats will appear.

Hidden created skaters
Enter one of the following names at the create a skater screen and
their stats will appear.
80's Mark
Grass Patch
Mini Joel
Pimpin Frank
Skillzilla (or by entering Gi Skillz)
Stacey D

Level preview
Repeatedly press Start button while a level loads. You will now be
able to look around the entire level by using the Control-stick
and C-stick. You will have to reset the Gamecube to exit this

Perfect record
To get a perfect record for a skater, enable the following codes
in order: "Level select", "All characters", "All FMV sequences",
and "Master code".

Perfect balance for manuals
Complete all the goals in the game and get gold medals in all
three competitions seventeen times in career mode with a different
skater each time.

Perfect balance for rails
Complete all the goals in the game and get gold medals in all
three competitions thirteen times in career mode with a different
skater each time.

Slow motion
Complete all the goals in the game and get gold medals in all
three competitions sixteen times in career mode with a different
skater each time.

Moon physics
Complete all the goals in the game and get gold medals in all
three competitions nineteen times in career mode with a different
skater each time.

Snowboard mode
Complete all the goals in the game and get gold medals in all
three competitions eleven times in career mode with a different
skater each time.

Expert mode
Complete all the goals in the game and get gold medals in all
three competitions twenty times in career mode with a different
skater each time.

First person mode
Complete all the goals in the game and get gold medals in all
three competitions twenty-two times in career mode with a
different skater each time.

Complete all the goals in the game and get gold medals in all
three competitions ten times in career mode with a different
skater each time.

Darth Maul
Complete all the goals in the game and get gold medals in all
three competitions one time with any character in career mode.

Kelly Slater
Complete all the goals in the game and get gold medals in all
three competitions eight times in career mode with a different
skater each time.

Neversoft mascot
Complete all the goals in the game and get gold medals in all
three competitions twenty-one times in career mode with a
different skater each time.

Officer Dick
Complete all the goals in the game and get gold medals in all
three competitions three times in career mode with a different
skater each time.

Ollie the magic bum
Complete all the goals in the game and get gold medals in all
three competitions seven times in career mode with a different
skater each time.

Private Carrera
Complete all the goals in the game and get gold medals in all
three competitions five times in career mode with a different
skater each time.

Complete all the goals in the game and get gold medals in all
three competitions two times in career mode with a different
skater each time.

Small skater
Complete all the goals in the game and get gold medals in all
three competitions eighteen times in career mode with a different
skater each time.

Huge skater
Complete all the goals in the game and get gold medals in all
three competitions fifteen times in career mode with a different
skater each time.

Burnside level from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
Complete all the goals in the game and get gold medals in all
three competitions six times in career mode with a different
skater each time.

Roswell level from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
Complete all the goals in the game and get gold medals in all
three competitions nine times in career mode with a different
skater each time.

Warehouse level from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
Complete all the goals in the game and get gold medals in all
three competitions three times in career mode with a created

Cruise Ship level
Get any medal on all three competition levels.

All highlight tapes
Get gold medals in all three competitions in career mode with a
skater to unlock his or her tape.

A Day in the Life FMV sequence
Complete all the goals in the game and get gold medals in all
three competitions in career mode with the Neversoft Eyeball.

Kickflip Contest FMV sequence
Complete all the goals in the game and get gold medals in all
three competitions in career mode with Private Carrera.

Neversoft Bails FMV sequence
Complete all the goals in the game and get gold medals in all
three competitions in career mode with Darth Maul.

Neversoft Friends FMV sequence
Complete all the goals in the game and get gold medals in all
three competitions three times in career mode using five bonus or
created skaters.

Neversoft Friends FMV sequence
Complete all the goals in the game and get gold medals in all
three competitions in career mode with Ollie The Magic Bum

Neversoft Makes FMV sequence
Complete all the goals in the game and get gold medals in all
three competitions in career mode with Wolverine.

Neversoft Old School FMV sequence
Complete all the goals in the game and get gold medals in all
three competitions in career mode with Demoness.

Pro Bails 2 FMV sequence
Complete all the goals in the game and get gold medals in all
three competitions in career mode with a created skater.

Pro Bails FMV sequence
Get medals (gold, silver, or bronze) in all three competitions in
career mode.

Pro Retro FMV sequence
Complete all the goals in the game and get gold medals in all
three competitions in career mode with Officer Dick.

Slater surf FMV sequence
Complete all the goals in the game and get gold medals in all
three competitions in career mode with Kelly Slater.

Get up faster from a bail
Repeatedly press L + R to have your skater get up faster from a

While on the ground press one of the following combos to get the
corresponding effect.

Who's Yo Daddy!!: Press L + R + B.
Props: Press L + R + Y.
No Way!!: Press L + R + X.

Manual on vert
When landing on a quarterpipe, halfpipe, or any other vert ramp,
tap R as you land to do a Revert, then Manual and you can continue
your combo.

Manual into Ollie
At the end of a grind, manual or nose manual then Ollie up onto
another rail. It will all count as one trick.

Darth Maul: Special moves
Dark Jedi Grind: Press Right, Left, Y.
Force Grab: Press Left, Right, X.
Sith Saber Spin: Press Left, Right, Y. Note: This is a manual, not
a grind.

Tony Hawk Special moves
The 900: Press Right, Down, X.
1-2-3-4: Press Left, Right, X.
5-0 Overturn: Press Right, Left, Y.

Hidden lip trick combos
Use the following moves to perform a hidden lip trick combo.

On plants, anything that uses your arm to balance on (Invert,
Eggplant, etc.) use these moves:

Invert: Press Right, Right + Y.
One Foot Invert: Press Left, Left + Y.
Varial Invert to Fakie: Press Right, Left + Y.
Gymnast Plant: Press Left, Right + Y.
On stalls, where the deck or feet are used to balance on, the
following can be done:

Axel Stall: Press Right, Right + Y.
Boneless: Press Left, Left + Y.
Disaster: Press Left, Right + Y.
Hidden combo manuals:
Go into a special manual (with the exception of a few) and press
the following combos to get a different special manual.

Truckstand: Press Right, Right + Y.
Primo (to rail): Press Left, Left + Y.
Casper: Press Right, Left + Y.
Anti-Casper: Press Left, Right + Y.
Handstand: Press Right, Right + X.
While in these transferred tricks, you can do a move by pressing
Left + B in all but the Anti-Casper. With any character except for
Rodney Mullen, press L + R + Y while in a Truckstand to do a Truck
Spin. With Rodney Mullen, pressing L + R + Y will make you do a
Pogo to Hair Flip (he is the only skater that can do it, like Chad
Muska and his Boom-box). To do a Truck Spin, press Right, Right +
Y again. The moves are as follows.

Rail Flip: Performed during Primo (To Rail).
Casper Flip: Performed during Casper (does not work with Anti-
Truckstand Flip: Performed during Truckstand.
Hand Flip: Performed during Handstand.
Note: Try doing these moves just to impress your friends, not to
get high scores. They are extremely difficult with out perfect
manual balance.

Hidden combo grinds
While doing one of the following grinds, without Ollieing off
press one of the combos to do a "hidden grind combo". Grind combos
can transfer from move to move multiple times so there is no need
to get off a rail unless you want to completely change grind sets
from top set to bottom set. All of the grind moves are done from
the up or forward position (skater leaning forward while grinding
or sliding), and the down or backwards position (skater is leaning
backwards while sliding or grinding).

For example
5050 to 5-0: Press Down + Y.
5050 to Nose Grind: Press Up + Y.
These are the two necessary positions from the 50-50 or possible
without the 50-50. You cannot transfer back to the 50-50, 5-0, or
Nose Grind doing these combos.

During these two sets, you can transfer from any of the moves to
any other of the moves in the same set, but cannot use specials or
to root moves (5-0, Nose Grind, and 50-50) without Ollieing off
the grind.

The up set contains the following.

Nose Grind (Root): Impossible.
Nose Bluntslide: Press Up, Up + Y.
Crooked Grind: Press Up, Down + Y.
Overcrook: Press X + X.
Nose Slide: Press B + B.
The down set contains the following:

5-0 Grind (Root): Impossible.
Bluntslide: Press Down, Down + Y.
Smith: Press Down, Up + Y.
Feeble: Press X + X.
Tailslide: Press B + B.
There are also some special grinds from both sets, but there are
too many to list. They can be revealed, depending on which moves
you use.

Prevent trick point values from dropping
If you have used a trick too much and its point value is dropping
fast (for example, a 700 Melon only worth 1000 points), press
Start and go to "Edit Tricks". Then, edit your grab tricks to
replace the current trick with another fresh trick. The point
values for that trick will be restored and you can continue
racking up big points to complete the goals (high score, pro
score, sick score, etc.). This trick can be used to renew any type
of trick (grabs, special, flip, etc.).

Rodeo Clown: Keep board spinning
When doing the Rodeo Clown trick, hold X and the board will
continue to spin.

Panhandling: Sign
When doing Panhandling as Ollie the Bum, he holds up a sign that
says "Will skate for food".

Flip into a pool
Select any character with the "Handstand 360 Hand Flip" (manual)
special. Choose a location with a pool, but not surrounded by many
objects. Gain speed, do the manual special, and head straight into
the pool. Do not jump into it.

Pizza Guy: Twirling skateboard
Hold X while doing the Pizza Guy and your skater will twirl the
skateboard as if it were a piece of pizza.

Airport level: Baggage check
Immediately when you start the level, go to the right and ollie
into the place where you usually check your bags to get on an
airplane. It will lead you to a location with a helicopter. To
leave, either go backwards or down the staircase.

Airport level: Go inside baggage claim
Jump into the hole with the conveyer belt and you will go inside.

Airport level: Extra points
Use the following steps for an easy way to get over a million
points in a trick. Skate down to the baggage claim area. From
there, go to the left side and grind up the far left escalator
rail. Let yourself grind up and slide back down. Once you slide
back down, jump to the next rail and so on. If done properly, the
rails form a continuous loop as long as you can stay balanced.
Special grinds help a lot.

At the start of the level there are the two little walkways. When
you jump from one walkway bar to another while grinding you will
get huge points. Do this four or five times before the walkway
ends and you may get 50,000 easy points. If you manual to the next
walkway and continue the same thing you can get at least 150,000

Grind the circular baggage return with or without the "Perfect
balance" code enabled to get extra points.

Airport level: Secret tape
Turn up on the screen once, go across the quarterpipe and ride the
rail. Immediately jump up on the white rail in the air and ride it
until you get the secret tape. Once you obtain it, do a 50/50
grind to get down.

Enable the "Moon physics" cheat and go to the place where the last
pick-pocket is located. Run him down, go up the quarterpipe and
ollie up onto the highest rail. Do any type of grind to get the
411VM tape.

Airport level: Get the tickets to your skater pal
As soon as you start, go to the left and grind the information
desk where you would get tickets. Then, go to the skater pal and
run into him.

Airport level: Chopper
At the start of the level, go right. Jump forward and go through
the tunnel. You will hear a photo sound and the "X-Ray" gap
message will appear. Follow the black line (band). You will see a
chopper in front of you. Jump forward to the chopper's blade. The
"Adios Chopper!" gap message will appear, and the chopper will
start to take off.

Airport level: Hidden message
Look at the scrolling text ticker above the baggage claim. The
message "Noel owes me 5000 bucks" will be scrolling on the ticker.

Airport level: No toilets
Find the bathroom and go in front of the doors. Hold C-stick Up to
see that there are no toilets.

Canada level: Hidden path
When you are going up to the broken railroad tracks (where you
would find the secret tape) instead of turning right; go left. You
will follow the track and then some electrical wires and end up at
the beginning.

Canada level: Hidden message
Skate to the woods in between the broken bridge and the plank
leading to the halfpipe. Immediately before the start of the plank
(looking at it), look to the left at the snow. There are letters
in yellow that say "Neversoft rules!" in the snow. You have to
look carefully, because it blends in with the snow.

Canada level: Totem pole gap
On the far right from the start of the level is a totem pole.
Grind its arms until you get to his head to make it fall off to
find a gap.

Canada level: Urinating man
Go towards the halfpipe that is raise-able. The man is located at
the quarterpipe next to it. He is standing on the left side.

If you run into the urinating man, he will fall off the edge and
go into the lake screaming. You will not see him again until you
quit or retry the level.

To knock off this man, skate on the pipe on front of him. Do a lip
trick in front of him he will fall off and scream.

Some of the things he says includes: "Ohhhhhh come on", "Oh this
is gotta be a record", "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh look it freezes before it
gets to the lake", "C'mon, c'mon", and "It's gettin' cold over
here". If you go to free skate mode and wait for ten minutes, he
will say "Oh man I should've packed some stuff. Oh, oh wait it's
done!" and he will walk past you and say "Oh, hey dude", then take
out some beer and drink it.

Canada level: Bury the Bully
After rolling in on the starting ramp, turn around and off the
ramp. There will be a man standing under a snow-covered tree; he
is the bully. Hit the tree and the snow will fall off and you will
have buried the bully.

Canada level: Bury The Bully comment
After you Bury The Bully, stand next to him. You will notice that
two people are throwing snowballs at him while he is buried.
Eventually the bully will say "Hey, that snowball was yellow!".

Cruise Ship level: Cake
If you find the cake somewhere on the Cruise Ship, hit it and
watch a different cake appear from the bottom. There are three
cakes in total.

Cruise Ship level: Extra points
Enable the "Perfect rail" and "Super stats" cheats. Go to the pool
and get lots of speed. Start grinding the outside of the pool.
Since there are a lot of women around that area, they will keep
giving you prop thus enhancing your score. Since you have a lot of
speed you will go over the gap where the water slide is located
and also increase your score. You can do this as long as desired.

Catch air off the quarterpipe where you started and grind the high
wire. Keep grinding over the red top of the boat until you get to
the lights on the edge. You will go around, come up an incline,
and slide back down. Keep grinding. Enable the "Perfect balance"
cheat to make this easier. It is possible to get up to 20 million

At the beginning of the level, go to the right side of the
helicopter landing and jump off to where you land on the wall with
the blue stripe on top. Keep going and you will start to go down a
blue curving ramp that will take you to the bottom deck. When you
get to the edge of the rail on the ramp, do a manual to the right,
where you will head for the green house. Start grinding throughout
the green house non-stop by turning around on the curving rails.
If you can bust special grinds while doing all of this, than you
will break the high sick score of 500,000 points. If you cannot do
the special grinds well, then keep repeating this until you bust
the sick score.

Cruise Ship level: Alternate announcements
Break all the glass in the greenhouse as any character.

Cruise Ship level: Wall ride
Go to the area where you can ride on the safety nets. You must
unlock the propeller in the museum first. Ride up the red ramp
slowly. You need to be near the place where you grind on the net.
Turn around from looking at the grinding for the net spot and go
up the red side of the ship. You will fall off after a few

Cruise Ship level: Pool tap
There is a pool at the start of the level. Move forward on the
right side of the pool and you will see a white pipe with a tap on
it. Grind the pipe (the tap) and the water will start to drain,
and the pool will become empty. It will now be very good for
grabs, grinds or lip tricks.

Cruise Ship level: Release propeller
When you are in the museum, you will see a huge propeller held by
two wires which are tied on the ground beside the windows. Go
through the wires. When you go through both of them, the propeller
will get loose.

Cruise Ship level: Raise ferry boat
Go to the right side of the ship and skate to where the life boats
are hanging off. There will be a man standing off to the side next
to a power box saying things such as "How am I gonna raise this
boat?" and "I don't think I can fix this." Go toward the power
box. Ollie up in the air and grind on the power box. You should
see the short intermission showing that the ferry boat has been
raised. You can now grind the ferry boat.

Hint :Cruise Ship level: Underwater in pool
When you first start the level, you will see two rails and a
waterside . First carefully ride down the slide. If done
correctly, the "Ride a bit o'slide" message will appear, followed
by "Ride half the slide". If done correctly, when you get to the
bottom of the slide, you will not fall in but instead sink to the
bottom of the pool where you can continue riding and practice your

Cruise Ship level: Super death
Enter the room where you can do the Complete Bob and launch off of
the side of the quarterpipes. If you land the correct way, you
will sit down next to a pole on top of a small ramp and start
bleeding profusely from the back of your neck.

Cruise Ship level: Real captain
Enable the "Moon Physics" cheat and smash every piece of glass in
the greenhouse. You may have to drop from the pool deck through
the greenhouse. Once the last piece has smashed, you will hear a
fight followed by someone screaming as if he was thrown off
something very high. This is the fake captain going over the ship.
Then a new voice will say that he is the real captain and the man
that you were listening to was a fake. This new captain will say
the same things as the fake, but in a different style. If you do
not hear a new voice, smash every piece of glass you see,
including the shops and the museum.

Cruise Ship level: S.O.S message
Once you have unlocked the real cruise ship captain, skate around.
You will eventually hear a bing-bong to say the microphone is on,
then a Morse code message that reads "S.O.S" twice.

Cruise Ship level: Neversoft girls jump
Play the game in free skate mode. Scattered around the level are
women wearing tight black shirts with the Neversoft logo. Do a
trick that will impress them, such as a handplant. They will jump
up and down in joy. Note: If you turn down the music volume and
turn up the sound effects, you will be able to hear them talk to

Foundry level: Secret tape
To get to the secret tape quicker, enable the "Moon physics"
cheat. Ride and ollie over Funbox under the molten bucket. Once
there, you should be up the secret floor. Ollie off the fly-off
ramp and quickly grind the metal bar with the 411VM tape on it.

Foundry level: Extra points
Find the yellow grind poles near the water. You should not turn or
you will be going the wrong way. Jump to the other yellow grind
pole and go with it around to another two sets of grind poles.
Grind, then when you get near the halfpipe, jump to the one
closest to it then grind the halfpipe. If done correctly you
should be able to go around in circles for lots of points.

Foundry level: Man getting treated
To see a man getting treated, go to the far end of the foundry to
the windows. Then, go to the last but one window on the left. You
will see a doctor talking to a man who is sitting an exam table.

Foundry level: Worker knocks you of your board
Go to the worker that is closest to you. Approach him slowly so
that he jumps out the way. Repeat this step again. Do it once more
and he will knock you off your board. Note: This only works on
some workers in the foundry.

Foundry level: Neversoft juice
Enter the foundry level and go to the top end of the building
where the molten bucket is located. Go to the window on the right
and you should see a man getting a drink from a Neversoft juice
drink machine.

Foundry level: Tony Hawk Pro Skater discs
In the center of the level, go to were the machine is making
something. Look under it when it is up to see that it is making
Tony Hawk Pro Skater discs.

Los Angeles level: Earthquake
To cause an earthquake in the Los Angeles level, and complete two
of the required objectives (cause an earthquake and block the car
chase), grind the four tremor rails (North, South, West, and
East). All of these rails are on the far sides of the levels and
look metallic brown. One is near where you start, another is in
front of the movie theater, and the other two are near the bridge
and the park (where the purple half-pipe and the pink balls are
located). After you cause the earthquake, get up on the bridge by
catching air off the "halfpipe" near the liquor shop and landing
on it. Grind on the green car to make it stop the car chase.

Los Angeles level: Hidden halfpipe
Go back in the right corner of the level, behind the car wash
where the photographer takes your picture. Look for the round
corner. You will see two grates on the ground. Grind on the round
corner starting at one end all the way to the other. Note: If you
have to jump, then you are grinding the wrong location -- you will
grind all the way around the corner. After you grind this, if done
correctly, you will hear the sound of the grates falling. You will
have unlocked two new half pipes. There is one that is directly in
front of you and another where the gates are on top of that
building where you get onto to get on the bridge. Also, for some
skaters this will get easy access to another stat point.

Los Angeles level: Extra points
When you start, go down the hill and turn right. Go to the
elevator lobby. Go through the glass, then stop. To your left you
will see a box on the wall. Do a wall ride on it, then stop. The
elevator door will open to the right. Go into it, and go to the
highest point in the level. You will see a big rail. Grind it all
the way down to get lots of points.

Los Angeles level: Elevator grind
Find the Nokia sign. Go inside the elevator lobby and turn left to
a button. Ollie at the button and you will hear a sound. Turn to
your right and go into the elevator. Wait until it stops, then go
outside and turn to your right. There will be a rail in the
corner. Grind down it and try to keep your balance. Note: You must
grind it all the way down.

Los Angeles level: Drunk
You can find a drunk man standing in front of the liquor store. He
is funny to watch and listen to.

Rio level: Change park layout
When first starting the level, go to the right side of the park.
There is a platform immediately after the humps. It is supported
by some wooden stands. One of the stands looks very shaky. Skate
into that and you will knock the platform down.

Rio level: Hidden area
There is a wooden fence going around parts of the level. On one
side of this fence is a section with boards nailed across it. Ride
into these boards to reveal a secret area with a pool and some

Rio level: Gold medal
Enable the "Moon physics" and "Perfect rail balance" cheats. Ollie
up onto the middle telephone wire and grind by 50-50, then turn it
into a Nosegrind and last there until you get a large amount of
points. Then, Ollie off and do it again in the other runs.

Rio level: Extra points
Without enabling the "Moon physics" cheat, at the start of the
level, stop, turn back, and you can easily jump forward from the
ramp on the highest telephone line. If done correctly, the "High
Wire Act" gap message will appear. Grind it to score a lot of
points and do a lot of special tricks (grinds). Note: You must be
on the middle and highest wire because it never ends. Note: You
can enable the "Perfect Rail" cheat.

Rio level: Hold up traffic
On the Rio Ruckus competition, if you pull a special manual in the
middle of the road you will hold up traffic.

Roswell level: Cannon
At the beginning, turn left then go straight. Go through the
little tunnel that leads to the halfpipe when you are inside that
room you need to get on top of the halfpipe. You will see a
spaceship guarded by lasers in front of you. You cannot go through
the lasers. To your right are ammunition boxes and a car, also
guarded by lasers. To your left is a tank guarded by lasers. Skate
over to it. Notice that where ever you go in that room, the cannon
on the tank follows you. You can even jump up and down and the
cannon will follow your movements.

Roswell level: OZN
Go in the first tunnel. In front, you will see a flying sorcerer
(an OZN). Next, go in the second tunnel and you will see an alien
in a laboratory with a biohazard sign on the doors.

Skater Island level: Pirate ship
Find two flags that are side by side. Grind the one with the skull
and crossbones. One of the garage doors will open, allowing you to
skate on a pirate ship.

Skater Island level: Parrot and captain speeches
Once the pirate ship is unlocked, go to the ramp. Go up it and
turn right. Get air from the first quarter-pipe (the lower one)
then head towards the middle of the quarter-pipe at the front by
aiming slightly to the left of it. Perform a lip trick on the
higher ledge and you will see and hear a parrot and the captain
talking. Each time you do it, the speeches will be different. The
Parrot says something like "I'm the best, you suck. I'm the best,
you suck" and the captain talks about life at sea.

Skater Island level: Ship fight
Once the Pirate ship is unlocked, you will see two quarter-pipes
that have cannons mounted on the top. Lip trick them and the
cannons will fire at the ship.

To make the pirate ship fire cannons, grind from the side of the
ship near the half pipe to the other side. Note :You must complete
the gap on the entrance for this to work.

Skater Island level: Get on crow's nest
To get on the crow's nest on the pirate ship, jump through the
sail in the very front (you will hear a ripping sound).You will
then fall in the water and end up on the crows nest.

Skater Island level: Enter caged area
There is a metal fence cage on the opposite side of the park from
where you start. Enable the "Moon Physics" cheat to make this
easier. Go to the very last bowl next to the half pipe near the
Coke machines. When you get in the bowl, point your skater to the
corner. Ollie out of the bowl. If you done correctly, you should
have landed on the rafter-like beam sticking out of the wall.
Follow it around to the left and you should easily get into the
metal cage.

Skater Island level: See Cruise ship
Head onto the pirate ship and go to the other side to see the
Cruise ship.

Suburbia level: Thin man and videotape
When helping the thin man, you may notice that his keys are not
easy to find. That us because there are no keys. Instead, he can
use the ax that is in the construction yard. Go to where the men
are building a house. There are some boards set up to be cut. The
one closest to the road has an ax in it. Grind this board to pick
up the ax, then return to the thin man. After you have done this,
you will be able to get the videotape.

Hint Suburbia level: Spooky room
Give the thin man his ax and go into the corridor he opened. Jump
right on the quarter-pipe ahead to get into the graveyard section.
Look to the left to find a long quarter-pipe, and there will be a
higher section. Jump on the higher section to get enough speed to
go up the section opposite. When traveling up the opposite section
it is not necessary to jump. Stop when you get onto the top floor
and look left. You will notice a man trapped behind some glass
with a floating coffin and candlestick. If you carry on and grind
the rail ahead you can get the Secret Tape using this method.

Suburbia level: Hidden tape
Enable the "Moon physics" cheat and go to the haunted house. Get
as close as possible to the steps outside the door that opens and
closes. Ollie up on to the porch thing. You will see a metal bar
with the tape on it. Ollie onto the bar and grind on it. You
should now have the secret 411VM tape. This method saves a lot of

Suburbia level: Haunted house halfpipes
Once through to the back, use the ramp you land on to get air off
the ramp ahead to get onto a halfpipe above the house. Use the
same technique used in Canada. Look further to see where you can
get onto the roof. You can jump over the edge to return instead of
going down and through the normal exit.

Suburbia level: Zombie hands
After opening the haunted house, go through to the back and skate
towards the gravestones. Jump behind them and zombie hands will

Suburbia level: Demoness' home
Go through the evil door as Demoness. You will hear the scream,
but it now says "Welcome home" and the thin man has hearts all
around him.

Suburbia level: Scary face
Find the ax and give it to the thin man. Then, go in the house,
get into the open space with the walls of quarter pipes and you
will see a quarter pipe with a slanted wall on it. Ride up that
quarter pipe while holding Up. You will be in a room with a man
scared because of a floating casket. Go past him and out the
window to where the hidden tape is located. Once you land on the
ground, look into the house door there will be a scary face. If
your timing is good and you manage to jump into the door, you will

Suburbia level: Hot foot
Go to the house with the wooden fence in front (the one that has
two little planks of wood that you can grind to get up and over).
There is a chef with a grill there. Ollie so that you touch the
smoke coming up. It will ignite and the grill will be on fire for
the rest of the run. The chef will start to fan the flames. You
can do this repeatedly to get 50 points from it. It is actually a
gap called "Hot Foot".

Suburbia level: Squirrel Stew
From the start of the level, head over the ramps then over the
fence where the two men are near the BBQ. Turn to face the
quarterpipe at the back of the house on the left and ride towards
the ramp leading to the roof. Once at the top, turn around and you
will see two wires. The lower wire is the one you need. If you are
lucky, a small black blob can be seen on the wire. When you grind
over it you will squish a squirrel and get a "Squirrel Stew"
message appearing with whatever tricks you have done.

Suburbia level: Gassy man
Go to the area where the two men are building the house. If you
stand close to the one in the red shirt, he will fart, You have to
stand there for a minute or two to hear him.

Suburbia level: The thin man's half-pipe
There is a half pipe on top of the mansion in Suburbia. The
easiest way to get there is to go through the door you helped the
thin man create. Jump over the wall as you normally would to get
the "I Got A Bad Feeling About This!" gap. As soon as you make it
over, go straight at the house, You have to be very close to the
wall you just jumped. Jump to the right and onto the house. You
will get a gap called "Look Out Behind You!" Turn around so that
you are facing the house again, then press Up to make the next
jump. It may be easier if you hold Analog-stick Up rather than try
and jump, because you may end up going over the mansion. The half-
pipe is there.

Suburbia level: Plane drop
Go to the quarterpipe with the table on it. Launch off the pipe to
the plane that passes by.. If you get on the tail, you will drop
from above the picnic table for a 20,000 point gap called "Plane

Suburbia level: Utopia sign
As soon as you start, look to the left for a sign with an arrow on
the top. It reads "UTOPIA" and the arrow is pointing to the right.
If you go in that direction you will see an airplane taking off.
It only takes off when you get relatively close to the motor
homes. If you skate into the sign, the letters "U," "O," and "A,"
fall off. The word now spells "t pi", which is another way of
saying trailer park.

Tokyo level: Ride the buildings
Enable the "Moon physics" cheat. Facing the way you do on a normal
start, on the far end of the left side wall is a sign you can
break through. Grind the train rail to get through the sign
easier. In the sign is a hidden half-pipe. Go up and do your best
trick, jumping in the direction opposite of the side you broke
through. When the "Slow motion" cheat is also enabled, this will
give you the biggest tricks in the game.

Tokyo level: Secret area
Enable the "Moon physics" and "Perfect balance" cheats. To the
right of where you start, is a huge circular object, somewhat far
up the right wall in the center of the stage (above where it says
"Gateway Plaza"). Go to the back of the stage (to the left) and
grind on the rail/wire with orange lanterns. When grinding, hold
Grind (or you will fall of at one of the turns) and jump up to
where the top of the circular object is located. Knock out one of
the wires holding it up and it will crash into the ground and
leave a hole for you to go through. The secret area is in the

Go to where the spectators are sitting and grind the top of it to
get on to the wire connected to the commentator's booth. Grind to
the building with the half circle sign (next to the building with
the large circular sign). Grind to the building with the circular
sign to find a small halfpipe. Jump into the big sign to enter the
hidden area.

Tokyo level: Secret halfpipe
Go to the side with the capsule sign. Across from it is a sign.
Behind it is a secret halfpipe.

Lower meter when park building:
In order to decrease the "space used bar" in the park editor,
create a gap. Then, once its set, click on the area where you put
the gap to end at then repeatedly press R or L. You will see the
grid move and hear the building sound. The grid will stop moving
after three presses, but the sound continues, Keep pressing the
button until the sound stops, and do the same for the place where
you put the gap to start. You will now have more room to build

First, make a gap between objects on opposite sides (make sure one
is touching the edge of the park). Then, expand the gap outwards
to outside the park. This will make the meter go down. For every
four clicks, it will decrease. You can delete the object
afterwards and repeat the trick as many times as needed.

When you make a gap and the grid appears on both sides, hold Z + L
and the "Empty/Full" bar on the right side of the screen will
decrease slowly, halfway. This can only be done once per park.

Pedestrian actions
There are three types of pedestrians. The first type will fall
down instantly when run into (for example, the welder in the
foundry by TC's rail). The second type will try to jump out the
way. If you try to hit them enough, they will knock you down (for
example, :the teens by the trailer park n Suburbia). The third
type will take you down instantly (for example, the girls on the
Cruise Ship). As the Demoness, go to almost any level (except the
Cruise Ship) with pedestrians. Try to hit the second type of
pedestrian, then turn so that she is facing them. After they jump
out of the way, the pedestrian will shrink.

When playing as Darth Maul the second type of pedestrian will
choke themselves while walking on air. With Private Carrera, they
will dance and say strange things. When playing as Wolverine, they
will get into a boxing stance. When playing as Officer Dick, they
will hide in terror.

Extra time
When you have a time limit and your time is almost up , start
grinding on a rail (or something else). When the timer reaches at
0:00, you will still be grinding until you stop. Try doing this
with the "Perfect rail balance" code enabled. You will keep going
and gain more points.

Extra points
While in a normal manual or nose manual (no specials), tap R (as
if doing a revert) to do a pivot (manual) or nose pivot (nose
manual). This is great for adding up the points (if you have good
balance) when going for the sick score.

Enable the "Perfect balance" cheat and find something very long to
grind on, such as a pool. Start grinding and do so even when the
time in career mode runs out. Do grind combos when going straight
forward. Leave your skater grinding for about ten minutes to get
High, Pro, and Sick Score goals.

Bam Margera: Jackass costume
To see Bam Margera in the same clothes he wears on MTV's Jackass,
go onto "Change Appearance". Set his shirt as Short Sleeve Shirt
Open 1. Get the color to black with small gray bits. Set
Sunglasses 1 on him. Leave the other things on him, but set the
Trouser color the same as the shirt.

Ollie The Bum: Whiskey bottle
While playing as Ollie The Bum, turn switch and do his special
(Panhandling). While switch, instead of holding his sign he will
hold out his whiskey bottle.

Rodney Mullen: Hand-360 Flip
Give your character the "Handstand to 360 Hand Flip" special. When
performing this move in a run, enter the controls and then ollie
straight away. If performed correctly, your skater will reach
down, grab the board, then flip it like in Rodney Mullen's video.

Eric Koston: FMV sequence
In Eric Koston's FMV sequence, when he is putting away his laptop
computer in the restaurant from playing Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2,
you can see Rick McCrank picking his nose.

Geoff Rowley: FMV sequence
In Geoff Rowley's FMV sequence, look in the background for the
entire time. At one point, a guy in the background will stick his
arm up his shirt.

Rodney Mullen: FMV sequence
When Rodney Mullen is doing the truckstand, the girls in the seats
in the background are aliens.

Rodney Mullen: Castper without using assigned spot
When you use Rodney Mullen, he is already assigned the Anti-
Casper, which is Right, Left, X. If you quickly press Right, Left,
Right, Left, X he will do a Casper instead of an Anti-Casper.

Glitch: Extra points
In the third competition, Ollie off the launcher and quickly do a
Varial Kickflip followed by any other flip trick. After it
displays "Varial Kickflip", quickly pause game play and restart
the competition. If done correctly, you should notice that the
second flip trick you did the first time will be there. Then,
Ollie off the launcher again and do any flip trick or combo of
flip tricks. The points from the previous time's second trick will
be added up to your current points. This is a good way to quickly
raise your special meter and to get some quick points.

Note: this does not have to be done at the very beginning of the
level, but at any time during play, and can be used with any
trick. It is recommended that you maximize the special meter and
perform a special trick, (such as the 900), and just before the
special move sound effect occurs, pause game play and select
"Retry" on the menu. When you restart the level, the special move
sound effect should play, and you should get points for the move
you performed in the previous run.

Enable the "Perfect balance" cheats. Go to a bowl or the wires in
Rio or the fountain in Los Angeles. Start grinding, but do not
hold A (Ollie on to the grind, release A in mid-air and hold Y).
Release Y and allow the game to idle, unpaused. When you return,
you will have a lot of points. If you want more points, jump off
the grind and do tricks.

Go to the park editor and create a park with a lot of grinds.
Grind and do specials and tricks until you cannot hold your
balance. Then, jump and press Start while in the air. Select
"Retry", and at the same time you resume the game, jump, do a
manual, and go directly to a grind. You will have the points you
had in the last session and your balance will be restored. Repeat
this as many times as desired for lots of points.
Information in this section was contributed by Yesid Isaza.

Glitch: Canada: Bully still gets hit
Make sure you have not buried the bully yet. Go near the person
who is getting snowballs thrown at him. Knock into him. Then, bury
the bully. Quickly go behind the house on the side, where the snow
hill is located. Find his "older brother" and knock into him once
or twice. Skate to the snow pile where he gets snow for his
ammunition and sit there. If you watch him, he will either be
invisible or backwards. If he is backwards, he will throw snow in
the other direction, but they still hit the bully.

Do the same thing you are supposed to do in the previous glitch;
knock into the person that is getting hit by the snow, bury the
bully, then go to the side of the house that has the man walking
towards the bully that was not there before. Run into the person
who was not there before and he will walk at a very fast speed to
the bully.

Glitch: Cruise Ship: Boats and parasails fly off
Either unlock first person mode or enable the "Master code" and
start the level. Switch to first person mode and on the cruise
ship, jump off any side into the water. The board will begin to
fall out from under you. When you hit the water, you will get a
quick glance up and see all the boats and parasails around you
begin to fly off the top of the water.

Glitch: Los Angeles: Flying cars
Before you cause the earthquake, grind up the rail to the brown
building in front of you. Next, grind on the rail to your left,
and before you grind the whole thing, ollie onto the freeway. This
will require a few attempts. As soon as you get on the freeway, go
toward the car wash. When you reach a certain point, you will see
some cars driving on air, and then a split second after that, the
freeway will pop up directly under them.

Glitch: Rio: Go through buildings
On the side of the level where the "collapsible bridge" is
located, there should be a gate across the street that you can
jump over after enabling the "Super Stats" cheat. You will enter a
hidden area where you can go through buildings. However, one false
move will send you back into Rio. Some parts of glitched area are
walls that you cannot see. You will just bang into them and go in
the opposite direction.

Glitch: Rio: More skating room
When in the first competition level, go to the cement piece with
the rail on it that is near the house behind the fence. Jump
towards the house and if you are close enough you will land in the
grass and can skate a little. You can also, while in the grass,
ride around the house while staying very close to it and get more
room to skate in.

Glitch: Rio: Invisible pool
Enable the "Mode select" code. Go to Rio Ruckus and start going
down, then turn left. Enable the "Moon Physics" cheat and jump
towards the gate. You should fly over and be skating in "nowhere".

Glitch: Skater Island: Extra points
Start by going straight and ollie over the "Mermaid Gap" and do a
Varial Kickflip, or Varial Heelflip, and then another flip trick.
After the first flip trick (the Varial Kickflip or Heelflip),
quickly restart the level. If done correctly, the second flip
trick will appear at the bottom of the screen as if you just did

Enable the "Master code" and the "Moon Physics" cheat. Go off the
back of the first bowl. You may get stuck in the ceiling. This
gives you more time to do your trick.

Glitch: Tokyo: Fly around level
While skating in Tokyo in multi-player mode, enable the "Perfect
balance on rails" and "Super stats" cheats. Skate to get enough
speed to grind around the circular holograms of the Gamecubes. If
you get enough speed, you will begin to spin so fast you will go
off the hologram and fly around the level. Note: If you stop by
ollieing you may end up in a purple area must restart the game.

Glitch: Get inside trailer
Enable the "Master code" cheat and turn on the first person mode.
Create a park with a small trailer in it. Slowly approach the
trailer until you can see the inside of it.

Glitch: Demoness' Fire
When playing two player horse, have one character as the Demoness
and the other character as anyone. Go to any level, and when the
character that is not the Demoness is doing his or her move, you
can sometimes see the fire where the Demoness' hands would be,
even though she is not there. It will resemble two floating

Submitted by: PRASHANT

Enter the options menu, then choose the "Cheats" selection. Enter "ssa"as a code to 
unlock all skater childrens and famly member. If you entered the code correctly, you will 
hear the sound of money being collected.


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