Tony Hawk's Proving Ground - Platform: Wii - Console Games.

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 Tony Hawk's Proving Ground - Platform: Wii

Tony Hawk's Proving Ground - Platform: Wii

Various Codes:
Insert the passwords on the left exactly as shown into 
the in-game cheats menu for the desired effect. The codes 
are case sensitive.

AintFallin - Unlocks perfect rail / no bails 
BeefedUp - Unlocks full statistics 
Booyah - Unlocks super check 
CRAZYBONEMAN - Unlocks skater Boneman 
Dapper - Unlocks skater Spence 
Flyaway - Unlocks skater Eric 
FOREVERNAILED - Unlocks 100% branch completion 
GiveMeStuff - Unlocks CAS items 
INGONNABUILD - Unlocks all rig pieces 
INTERGALACTIC - Unlocks skater MCA 
LAIDBACKLOUNGE - Unlocks all lounge themes 
LetsGoSkate - Unlocks all decks 
LooksSmelly - Unlocks skater Rube 
LOTSOFTRICKS - Unlocks all available specials 
MagicMan - Unlocks skating with no board 
MoreMilk - Unlocks skater Bosco 
Movers - Unlocks skater Shayne 
Myopic - Unlocks unlimited focus 
NeedsHelp - Unlocks fifty skill points 
NotACamera - Unlocks skater Cam 
NotADude - Unlocks skater Mel 
OverTheTop - Unlocks fun items 
Piledriver - Unlocks skater El Patinador 
PutEmOnTop - Unlocks all video editor overlays 
Rabbies - Unlocks skater Mad Dog 
Shaker - Unlocks skater TV Producer 
Sketchy - Unlocks skater Eddie X 
STILLAINTFALLIN - Unlocks perfect manual 
SUPERSLASHIN - Unlocks unlimited slash grind 
SweetStuff - Unlocks all lounge bling items 
TheCoop - Unlocks skater Cooper 
TheIndoorPark - Unlocks Air and Space Museum 
THELOCALPARK - Unlocks Lansdowne 
TheMissing - Unlocks the invisible man 
ThePrezPark - Unlocks FDR Skatepark 
TinyTater - Unlocks the small skater 
Trippy - Unlocks all video editor effects 
WatchThis - Unlocks all in-game movies


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