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 Toy Story 2 - Platform: Nintendo64

Toy Story 2 - Platform: Nintendo64


Green laser locations
Green lasers will allow enemies to be killed with a single shot. 
They can be found at the following locations. 

Andy's House: When you go to the garage, find a way to get up to 
the van. When you get to the top, you will see a green laser. 

Andy's Neighborhood: Find your way to the location with a broken 
car. The green laser should be right in front of you. 

Alleys and Gullies: Turn to the right when you see the first 
airplane box. 

Battery locations
Start game play on the Bombs Away level and move all the way to 
the left to find a battery. Then, move all the way to the right 
to find another batter. 

Getting on the trees
Begin game play on the Andy's Neighborhood level. Climb on the 
swing, then reach the other swing. Move to the tire with a rope. 
Climb up the rope, then jump on top of the tree. Note: There is 
a kite Boss at the very top of the tree. When you first get on 
the tree, HAM will appear. Find 50 coins bring them to HAM to 
receive a Pizza Planet token. 

Find the green army men
Begin game play on the Andy's Neighborhood level. After starting, 
you should see a tractor that will chase you. Do not leave the 
yard. Turn around and you will see a green army man. Go up the 
steps and approach him. He will offer a Pizza Planet token to 
you if you can find all five of his army men. The other army men 
can be found easier if you see flames. 

Run on the top of the roof
Find all the army men, then climb the house to reach the roof. 

Lose lives slower
Start out on any level when your lives are full, and collect 
more lives. You will not lose lives as fast after getting hit. 

Defeating the Wind Up Robot
Shoot him with a charged laser while he is winding up. 

Finding Mr. Potato Head's eye
To retrieve Mr. Potato Head's eye (and receive the disc launcher), 
keep climbing up the construction site. You will eventually find 
the eye. 

Level select
Press Up, Up, Up, Up, Down, Down, Up, Up, Down, Down, Down at 
the options screen.


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