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 Toy Story 3 - Platform: Wii

Toy Story 3 - Platform: Wii

Gold Stars:
Successfully complete the indicated task to get a Gold Star:

Amateur Bug Collector: Rescue three Caterpillars.
Amateur Ghost Sucker: Captured three ghosts with the Lightning Rod.
Amateur Haunter: Possessed three townspeople.
Amateur Kicker: Drop kick five townspeople.
Big Spender: Spend 30,000.
Breaking Boards: Smash 25 Crates and Barrels.
Enchanted Sheriff: Successfully complete all Enchanted Glen missions.
Gone Wanderin': Traveled a long distance on foot.
Haunted Explorer: Find all prize capsules in the Haunted House.
Having a Ball: Hit 30 things with a ball.
Jr. Monster Slayer: Destroyed 5 Gargoyles.
Jr. Pixie Torcher: Torched 5 pixies with the Dragon.
Jr. Re-animator: Create three zombie townspeople.
Jumpin' Jackrabbits!: Jumped a long distance with Bullseye.
Knock It Off: Clobbered 10 mission givers.
Long Haul: Explored in a vehicle.
Master Grower: Make 10 things bigger.
Master Monster Slayer: Destroyed 10 Gargoyles.
Master Pixie Slayer: defeated 10 pixies.
Master Re-animator: Create 10 zombie townspeople.
Master Shrinker: Make 10 things smaller.
Miner 49er: Mined 15 gold veins.
Mission Master: Successfully complete 50 missions.
On A Mission: Successfully complete 10 missions.
Parachute King: Hit 15 Paratrooper Targets.
Power Shopper: Buy 10 things from the catalog.
Prize Capsule Collector: Collect 15 prize capsules.
Prize Capsule Enthusiast: Collect 25 prize capsules.
Pro Kicker: Drop kick 10 townspeople.
Ridin' the Range: Travel a long distance on Bullseye.
Riding the Rails: Slid a long distance on the rails.
Rolly Polly: Do 40 barrel rolls in a vehicle.
Saddle the Dragon: Travel a long distance on the Dragon.
Saving Up: Earn more than 30,000 gold.
Sheriff of the Future: Successfully complete all Zurg's Spaceport missions.
Space Explorer: Find all prize capsules in the Spaceport.
Spooky Sheriff: Find all prize capsules in the Haunted House.
Strongman: Carried a heavy object for a long distance.
Swimming Lessons: Throw five townspeople into the water.
Triple Flusher: Flush an outhouse three times.
Under the Sea: Jump in the water 10 times.
Wand Waver: Give wings to 10 things.
Winner's Circle: Attempt 20 Bullseye races.
Woodland Explorer: Find all prize capsules by the rainbows.
Zurg Bot Destroyer: Destroy 10 Zurg Bots.
Zurg Bot Smasher: Destroyed three Zurg Bots.


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