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 Truxton - Platform: Sega

Truxton - Platform: Sega

Submitted by: kumayl hassan

1 AEFA-AAEG Start with 1 ship--first time
2 AEGT-AAG2 Start with 1 ship--after continue
3 AJFA-AAEG Start with 2 ships--first time
4 AJGT-AAG2 Start with 2 ships--after continue
5 ATFA-AAEG Start with 4 ships--first time
6 ATGT-AAG2 Start with 4 ships--after continue
7 AYFA-AAEG Start with 5 ships--first time
8 AYGT-AAG2 Start with 5 ships--after continue
9 A2FA-AAEG Start with 6 ships--first time
10 A2GT-AAG2 Start with 6 ships--after continue
11 BAFA-AAEG Start with 8 ships--first time
12 BAGT-AAG2 Start with 8 ships--after continue
13 BJFA-AAEG Start with 10 ships--first time
14 BJGT-AAG2 Start with 10 ships--after continue
15 DEFA-AAEG Start with 25 ships--first time
16 DEGT-AAG2 Start with 25 ships--after continue
17 GJFA-AAEG Start with 50 ships--first time
18 GJGT-AAG2 Start with 50 ships--after continue
19 KNFA-AAEG Start with 75 ships--first time
20 KNGT-AAG2 Start with 75 ships--after continue
21 NTFA-AAEG Start with 100 ships--first time
22 NTGT-AAG2 Start with 100 ships--after continue
23 ATLT-AA6T Infinite ships
24 AAFA-AAFY Start with no bombs
25 AEFA-AAFY Start with 1 bomb
26 AJFA-AAFY Start with 2 bombs
27 ATFA-AAFY Start with 4 bombs
28 AYFA-AAFY Start with 5 bombs
29 A2FA-AAFY Start with 6 bombs
30 BAFA-AAFY Start with 8 bombs
31 BJFA-AAFY Start with 10 bombs
32 DEFA-AAFY Start with 25 bombs
33 GJFA-AAFY Start with 50 bombs
34 KNFA-AAFY Start with 75 bombs
35 NTFA-AAFY Start with 100 bombs
36 ATTA-AA8L Infinite bombs
37 LA7T-BJVW 2 power boosters on pick-up
38 LA7T-BNVW 3 power boosters on pick-up
39 LA7T-BTVW 4 power boosters on pick-up
40 LA7T-BYVW 5 power boosters on pick-up
41 B2RA-AA30 Start at power 2
42 B2RA-AA30 + BARA-AA4N Start at power 3
43 BATA-AABW Start with Truxton(tm) beam instead of
   power shots
44 CATA-AABW Start with thunder laser instead
   of power shots
45 ATGA-AA9G Infinite continues in all difficulty

Submitted by: Mohammad Fawad Malik
Level select:

Press Up, Down(4), Right(8), Left(16)

at the title screen. The sound of an explosion will confirm correct

code entry. Press Start to select a starting level.

Extra lives:

There are green, red, and blue circular buildings on several

of the oval asteroids. Shoot such a building with a weapon of

the same color to reveal an extra life.

Super Truxton bombs:

Fire a Truxton bomb and pause game play to keep the explosion

on screen. Remain paused for at least twenty seconds to resume

game play. The enemy target should be destroyed


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