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 Viva Pinata - Platform: XBox 360

Viva Pinata - Platform: XBox 360

Easy money:
Go to the village in the menu, select "Costalots", and buy Chili Seeds. They 
cost 22 coins each. Purchase as many as you can afford, then go back to your 
garden. They should automatically plant themselves if you selected it. If not, 
go around and put them in. Once done select the watering can. Water all of 
them until the leaf turns blue. Do not over water them or they will die. 
This works better if you have the golden watering can or the glass can. 
Attend them until they detach from the stalk. Select them all by using the 
"Sell" button. Sell them all. They will sell for 100 coins each, giving you 
a profit of 78 coins. Do this as many times as desired for unlimited money. 
Note. If you put red fertilizer on them, they will grow and you can sell 
them for 400 coins, but this is very time consuming. 

Attracting Pinatas:
If you want to attract a certain Pinata, go to your Pinata Encyclopedia inside 
your journal for hints. 

Change Pinata's color and species:
If you want to change the color of your Pinata, use the Knups of plants. If you 
use the right plant Knups on a Pinata, it will change the color. For example, a 
Blue Bell to a Shellybean will change the color to blue. You can also make other 
species of Pinatas. For example, give your Sparromint a Buttercup Knup and it 
will change  into a Candarie.

Arocknids are level 5, have a base value of 1,500 coins, and have a Web attack. 
To get an Arocknid to appear you must be a level 6 or higher gardener and have 
either four Tafflies or Raisants. It must eat two of either of those to settle 
into your garden. For an Arocknid to romance it must eat two Buzzlegums that 
are already in your garden. Keep them away from Reddhotts to prevent them from 
burning your Arocknids. Feed an Arocknid a Bluebell Flower to turn it blue. 
Feed it a Water Lily Flower to turn it pink. Feed it a Jack 'o Lantern to turn 
it orange. Note: Arocknids can climb trees.

Badgesicles are level 5, have a base value of 1,500 coins, and have a License 
Plate attack. It will need two or more nocturnal residents in the garden. A total 
of four nocturnal residents are required for a Badgesicle to visit. Before it 
can be a resident it must eat one Newtgat and two Pumpkins. It must eat one 
Squazzil and two Tulip Seeds to romance, and there must be a Badgesicle house 
in the garden. Feed a Badgesicle an apple to change its color to red. Feed it a 
bluebell Seed to change its color to blue. Feeding it a Jar Of Honey and a Water 
Lily Flower to change its color to fuchsia. 
Note: The rumor from Leafos that claims that a Badgesicle swimming in water will 
turn into a Sweetooth is false.

Four Headed Sryupent:
Have two Syrupents romance. When the egg is delivered wait for it to do a big 
jump before hatching, then hit it with your shovel. If you hit it at the correct 
moment you should now have a Two Headed Syrupent. To get the Four Headed Sryupent,
have the Two Headed Syrupent romance. Do the same thing with the egg as before 
with the shovel. 

This trick requires a Quackberry (the duck pinata) and a Gooseberry Bush (or just 
a plain Gooseberry). Feed the Quackberry a Gooseberry Fruit. The Quackberry that 
ate the Gooseberry will turn into a JuicyGoose (the goose pinata). 

Red Fertilizer:
Use the Red Fertilizer on a growing chili plant to increase its value and size.

Watering Can:
There is a watering can, in the game that you only need to water plants once with. 
You can get it from the beggar when he opens his shop. You must be either level 
20 or higher for him to have it in his shop.


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