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 War of The Monsters - Platform: Playstation 2

War of The Monsters - Platform: Playstation 2

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Play as Mecha-Sweet Tooth:
In the NTSC version of the game, use a memory card with a saved file from 
Twisted Metal: Black with Sweet Tooth completed. A message stating that 
Mecha-Sweet Tooth will appear when the game loads. Then, play as Agamo and 
select costume #4. He is slow, but still laughs. 
In the PAL version of the game, get at least 200,000 Battle Tokens. 
Volcano level:
Spend 45,000 Battle Tokens to unlock the Volcano level. 
Mini Baytown level:
Spend 65,000 Battle Tokens to unlock the Mini Baytown level. 
Capitol level:
Spend 85,000 Battle Tokens to unlock the Capitol level. 
UFO level:
Spend 105,000 Battle Tokens to unlock the UFO level. 
Dodgeball mini-game:
Spend 105,000 Battle Tokens to unlock the Dodgeball mini-game. 
Big Shot mini-game:
Spend 65,000 Battle Tokens to unlock the Big Shot mini-game. 
Crush-O-Rama mini-game:
Spend 85,000 Battle Tokens to unlock the Crush-O-Rama mini-game. 
Play as Raptros:
Spend 200,000 Battle Tokens to unlock Raptros. 
Play as Zorgulon:
Spend 200,000 Battle Tokens to unlock Zorgulon.

Making Of FMV sequence:
Complete adventure mode as Raptros or Zorgulon in the PAL version of the game.

Hint: Easy Battle Tokens:
Save the game after defeating the Terror in Space stage. Fight Cerebulon (the last Boss), 
and if you defeat him without continuing this should net over 30,000 Battle Tokens. Save 
the game after you defeat him. Note: This will only save the settings and Battle Token 
count. Once you return to the main menu, reload to fight Cerebulon again. Defeat him 
again and earn more Battle Tokens. Repeat the process to keep getting large numbers of 

Conrad Camu and Vegitto7153: 
If you are very skilled, play one player mode and select "Endurance". The more 
monsters you kill, the more Battle Tokens you will get. 
To get extra Battle Tokens, destroy buildings. Every building is worth 50 Battle 
Tokens and destroying various pickups will earn you 5 Battle Tokens. Try to destroy 
as many buildings and pickups while fighting the other monster. 
Hint: All items:
Two memory cards are required for this trick. Get enough Battle Tokens to buy the 
most expensive item. Save the game on a memory card. Start buying items until you 
run out of Battle Tokens, then save the game on the second memory card. Reload the 
game from the first memory card and you will have your full Battle Tokens. Buy 
different items, then save the game on second memory card again. It will just keep 
adding items, still keeping the previous ones there. Repeat these steps until you 
have everything. 
Hint: Atomic Island: Defeating Boss:
When the countdown for the meltdown starts, grab an explosive truck and hold onto it. 
When the Boss fight begins, wait until his first attack and throw it into his mouth. 
It should kill the first head instantly. 
Play as Robo 47. Destroy all of the reactors. Then, find a tanker truck. When the 
plant head attacks, throw the truck. It should take out the first head. When the 
second head attacks, use your long range special (Triangle + Circle) to take it out. 
Get the special red sphere and dodge the vines by jumping. Dodge the goo balls then 
use your long range special again, just when it is about to attack you.
Hint: Atomic Island: Semi-melt down:
Look by the reactor towers to find a question mark. Head butt what is under it to 
start a semi-melt down.
Hint: Atomic island: Energy fountain:
Break open the central reactor tower. There will be a glowing blue fountain on top of 
what remains of the tower. Stand on top of it. While you are there, you will have 
unlimited energy until you drain the reactor. You should be able to use four or five 
special attacks before it drains. It will also recharge faster than most of the actual 
energy power-ups.
Lord X'an DarksBlade. 
Go on the energy fountain and press Select. Wait and your monster will have glowing 
hands and will be much stronger for a short period of time.
Hint: Atomic Island: Nuclear waste flood: 
When u go into the center and look right, there should be a high wall with no electric 
fence. On top should be a sewer grating-like object. Ground pound it, and nuclear 
waste will flood into the center area, killing enemies in seconds.
Hint: Atomic Island: Skip to next level: 
Use the following trick to advance to the next level without fighting the three headed 
plant. When you are done fighting the Kineticlops, the island will have a countdown at 
the top right of the screen. When it is counting down turn on the reactor. Jump into 
the reactor's fluids to kill yourself and advance to the next level.
Hint: Baytown: Earthquake:
You can cause in earthquake by destroying a certain number of objects in the level. Keep 
taking down buildings, trees, billboards, etc. until it starts. Note: If playing in two 
player mode, there are only enough objects to be destroyed for only one monster to trigger 
the earthquake. It cannot be triggered if both monsters destroy the objects. 
You do not have to crush everything on the entire level. When you start, you should just 
have one CPU opponent. Knock down all the trees and little objects first before the CPU 
starts to crush everything. Then, get the building.
Hint: Baytown: Toxic steam:
To use this trick, you must first trigger the earthquake in Baytown. Then go to where 
the little dome shaped building with the three small pipes sending fumes in the air is 
located in the back corner opposite the cliff. Find the button here. Jump, and at the 
top of your jump, press Up + Triangle (dive-attack) to send toxic fumes from the bigger 
pipes scattered around Baytown. If you cannot see the bigger pipes, they are mostly under 
buildings where roads used to be. They can kill you if you are in front of them, like the 
reactor vent in Atomic Island, only not as 
Mike and Tyler. 
Hint: Club Caldera: Eruption:
Climb up to the volcano. While in the volcano, climb one of the pillars. Head butt the 
top of the pillar (Up + Triangle while in the air) to start an eruption.

Hint: Club Caldera: Erupting Dive-Bomb: 
Play as a flying character (Raptros or Preytor) and impale your opponent on the tall 
pillar inside the volcano usually before they make it erupt. Fly up as high as the game 
will allow and get above your opponent while he/she is still impaled. Do a Ground-Pound 
attack (Up + Circle, depending if using control type B). When you hit your opponent, 
they should go flying and get pounded by fireballs. It also may be easier to target your 
opponent.(L1 for control type B). This trick may also work on the volcano level, but you 
have to find a way to impale your opponent.
Hint: Club Caldera: Spears:
There is a big building called "The Friendly Tiki". Smash the sign, then get the spears 
from the tiki head.
Hint: Gambler's Gulch: Sword weapon:
In front of one of the buildings is a large rock with a sword in it. Destroy the rock 
and pick up the sword. Also, on the giant dojo building, there is a smaller sword. 
Jump and pound the building once, wait until it starts to collapse, then grab it. 
You can impale other monsters with the smaller sword.

Hint: Gambler's Gulch: Flamethrower:
Before wrecking the giant dojo building, notice the Chinese dragon statue which breathes 
fire. When you destroy the building, you will be able to pick it up and easily defeat 
your enemy with it. Use it on the robot, after the dinosaur monster, because the robot 
is much harder to defeat. Keep swinging it around at him. When you think he has had about 
enough, lock onto him and throw. 
Hint: Metro City: Defeating Preytor and Congar:
This is one of the hardest levels. When you start, you are put up against Preytor and 
Congar. Both of these monsters are capable of dealing combo strings of 10 and up. Use 
one of the quicker monsters such as Robo-47 or Preytor, and not Magmo or Agamo. First, 
take down Congar who is easier to hit than Preytor, who blocks all of the time. What 
seems to help is to block right next to him when he is down, so that he does not get 
many hits in. Once he is down, Preytor should not be to hard. Try to stay close to her. 
When she is low on health, she will run away and return nearly fully charged. Impaling 
greatly helps get her health down very quickly. If you use this strategy, she will go 
down in no time.

Hint: Midtown Park: Burning sky:
When playing in multi-player in Midtown Park, have one player start at the top of a 
skyscraper. The grounded player should quickly pick up a gas truck and throw it at the 
very high opponent, sending him flying backwards in flames as the building falls. Notice 
the square-shaped flames in the sky. 
Hint: Midtown Park: Falling building:
Select any character and power your special meter all the way up. Get into the alley 
near the building that falls. Grab your opponent and throw him into the building. It 
falls on both of you, but it doubles the points you receive.
Hint: Midtown Park: Endurance mode:
For Endurance mode, play the Green Kinetoclops and use the long-range special as much 
as possible, for maximum effect. Smash the collapsing buildings down. More Special 
Attack globes can be found in the rubble. Also, you can impale and throw and electric 
generator (resembles three little towers). Impale and throw the other monster, hit it 
with Square a few times, then Triangle for maximum damage. Also, if teaming up, do a 
"tag-team" where one of you picks up the other and throws you at the enemy monster. 
The larger parked planes at Century airfield can be smashed and used to throw at 
enemies, and the smaller planes can also be thrown.
Hint: Outpost 10: Defeating the Helibot: 
After beating up eight weak versions of Preytar, a giant robot will appear. It will 
throw three mines at a time. When they are thrown or appear red, run. When he is done, 
throw one of his explosives at him. He will eventually give up and try to grab you. 
Keep throwing the unbreakable boulder at him until he has no health remaining. Long 
range attacks also work well. 
Hint: Tsunopolis: Tidal Wave:
On one side of this island is a floating UFO. Jump on one of the buildings. Throw an 
item from on top of it and hit the UFO. It will shoot a green laser beam down into the 
water, causing a tidal wave that comes up to half way up the buildings. It will hit 
anyone on the ground or on the lower half of the buildings and deals moderate damage 
to all of them.
You can cause a tsunami by throwing any object at the UFO in Ultra-V's level.
Hint: Agamo: Costumes:
Keith Doran and Brian Doran. 
Costume 1: Gray
Costume 2: Green 
Costume 3: Green, Yellow and Red
Costume 4: Sweet Tooth Special 
Hint: Agamo: Avalanche combo:
Press Square(2), Triangle, Square(2), Triangle (Stuns) then Tiki Head (Triangle + Circle), 
and beat them with the Tiki Head until it explodes on impact. Note: This combo requires 
a "Special Attack" or a Red Dot. It will still work without a special, but the special 
adds about half of the damage dealt to the enemy.
Hint: Congar: Costumes:
Keith Doran, Brian Doran, and Nickster Hanrahan. 
Costume 1: Gorilla 
Costume 2: Gray 
Costume 3: Mecha Congar
Costume 4: Ice Congar 

Hint: Congar: Windmill combo:
Press Square(3), Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle, then 
use Sonic Roar (Triangle + Circle) while opponent is on ground before it gets back up. 
Note: This combo requires a "Special Attack" or a Red Dot. It will still work without 
a special, but the special adds about half of the damage dealt to the enemy.

Hint: Kineticlops: Costumes:
Keith Doran and Brian Doran. 
Costume 1: Blue 
Costume 2: Green 
Costume 3: Inverted Colors 
Costume 4: Sea monster 

Hint: Kineticlops: Kaiser combo:
Press Square(3), Square + Down, Square + Down, Triangle + Up, then use Electric Bolt 
(Triangle + Circle) while your opponent is on ground before it gets back up. Note: 
This combo requires a "Special Attack" or a Red Dot. It will still work without a 
special, but the special adds about half of the damage dealt to the enemy.
Hint: Kineticlops: See lightning in the background:
In adventure mode, play as Kineticlops. When your opponent has low health, do your 
far ranged attack. When it shows your opponent dying, you will see lightning on your 

Hint: Magmo: Costumes:
Keith Doran and Brian Doran. 
Costume 1: Dark 
Costume 2: Molten 
Costume 3: Construction 
Costume 4: Blazing 

Hint: Magmo: Meltdown combo:
Press Square(3), Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle, then use Eruption 
(Triangle + Circle) when the opponent is half way through its temporary invulnerability 
or when it iss back up. Note: This combo requires a "Special Attack" or a Red Dot. It 
will still work without a special, but the special adds about half of the damage dealt 
to the enemy.

Hint: Preytor: Costumes:
Keith Doran and Brian Doran. 
Costume 1: Mantis 
Costume 2: Ant 
Costume 3: Mecha Preytor 
Costume 4: Bee 

Hint: Preytor: Parasitism combo:
Use Parasite (Triangle + Circle), then press Square(2), Triangle, Square, Triangle, 
Square, Triangle(2). Note: This combo requires a "Special Attack" or a Red Dot. It 
will still work without a special, but the special adds about half of the damage 
dealt to the enemy.
Hint: Raptros: Costumes:
Keith Doran and Brian Doran. 
Costume 1: Red 
Costume 2: Blue
Costume 3: Green 
Costume 4: Skeleton 

Hint: Raptros: Rage combo:
Press Square(3), Triangle(3), then use Flamethrower (Triangle + Circle) while your 
opponent is on ground and/or when it is back up. Note: This combo requires a "Special 
Attack" or a Red Dot. It will still work without a special, but the special adds about 
half of the damage dealt to the enemy.
Hint: Robo 47: Costumes:
Keith Doran and Brian Doran. 
Costume 1: Gray
Costume 2: Blue
Costume 3: Red
Costume 4: Armorless and Polished 

Hint: Robo-47: Rumble combo:
Press Triangle(2), Square, Triangle(2), Square(2) then lock on (hold L1 + R1) and use 
Atomic Rocket (Triangle + Circle) while your opponent is on ground before it gets back up. 
Note: This combo requires a "Special Attack" or a Red Dot. It will still work without 
a special, but the special adds about half of the damage dealt to the enemy.
Hint: Robo-47 combo:
Press Square(3), Triangle(2), then use either Down + Triangle, Square(2), or Triangle. 
Finish it off with the Atomic Rocket (Triangle + Circle). 

Hint: Togera: Costumes:
Keith Doran and Brian Doran. 
Costume 1: Green 
Costume 2: Purple 
Costume 3: Mecha Togera
Costume 4: Demon Togera 

Hint: Togera: Thrash combo:
Press Square(3), Triangle, Square, Triangle(2), then use Acid Breath (Triangle + Circle ) 
while opponent is on ground and/or when it is back up. Note: This combo requires a 
"Special Attack" or a Red Dot. It will still work without a special, but the special 
adds about half of the damage dealt to the enemy.
Hint: Ultra-V: Costumes:
Keith Doran and Brian Doran. 
Costume 1: Red and Blue 
Costume 2: Blue 
Costume 3: Red 
Costume 4: Female Ultra-V 

Hint: Ultra-V: Unforgivable combo:
Use the Grappling Hook (Triangle + Circle), then press Square(3), Triangle, Square, 
Triangle, Square, Triangle. Note: This combo requires a "Special Attack" or a Red Dot. 
It will still work without a special, but the special adds about half of the damage 
dealt to the enemy. 
Hint: Ultra-V: Exploding grapple fist: 
To perform an "exploding grapple fist", get enough energy for Ultra V's special attack. 
Then find and pick up a gas truck. Next, target your enemy and perform Ultra V's long 
ranged special attack. If done correctly, UItra V's fist with launch as usual, but as 
it hits your opponent it will explode, causing more damage than the normal special. 
This also causes them to start on fire, then as usual, the special will bring the 
opponent back to you, allowing extra damage.
Hint: Ultra-V Grapple-Punch combo:
First, use Ultra-V's long-range special. Next, keep pressing Square five to six 
times then press Triangle. This should put the monster to nearly half damage.
Hint: Zorgulon: Costumes:
Costume 1: Alien
Costume 2: Blue Alien
Costume 3: Green Alien
Costume 4: Bigger Alien (one-eyed, different clawed) 

Hint: Zorgulon: Zap combo:
Use Alien Ambush (Triangle + Circle), then press Square(5). Note: This combo 
requires a "Special Attack" or a Red Dot. It will still work without a special, 
but the special adds about half of the damage dealt to the enemy. 
Hint: Defeating the first Boss:
In the beginning of the third level, when you are fighting the machine, notice 
that he does a pattern: three bombs, four second break, three more bombs. You 
can defeat him by climbing up the stone with the rock on it and catching his 
first bomb, then immediately throwing it back at him to knock off the second, 
then throwing the third directly back at him. After he loses about one third of 
his health, he will jump down onto the to fight face to face. Pick up the boulder 
and keep beating him with it. If the boulder gets lost or he is in front of it, 
use the Triangle + Square finisher to knock him off guard and grab the rock. You 
can do ordinary attacks to do a high amount of damage. Watch out for when he 
counterattacks. Keep doing this and eventually you will see an intermission 
sequence where his arm falls off. He tries to pick it up, but at that exact moment 
his circuits blow and he dies.
Hint: Defeating Cerebulon:
When you first fight him, he is in a full body of UFO armor and shoots an extremely 
powerful last cannon from his hands. Hide behind either of the pillars and hold R2 
to block one (it breaks, and you will receive little damage). Or, jump on the 
buildings that are along the perimeter. Get beside one of the buildings that are 
slightly higher than the rest. Cerebulon will shoot the buildings before he hits 
you. However, you will most likely receive damage. After hitting him about seven 
times with throwable objects or ranged special attacks such as Preytor's Parasite 
or Kineticlops' Electric Bolt, he will strip off his armor and become a mechanical 
brain. To destroy this, pick up either of the two pieces of spacecraft that are 
indestructable and throw it. Hit him about six or seven times. He will damage you; 
there is nothing you can do to stop his orange electric bolt attack that he does 
every ten seconds. Hit him as many times as you can with the spacecraft pieces. 
When the metal breaks off him, his real body will appear. He will do a 10-hit combo 
that takes off about half of your life -- block if he gets close to you. Do your 
best by combining good combos, special attacks, and throwing items. When he dies, 
you shall receive between 30,000 to 45,000 Battle Tokens, depending on how quickly 
you killed him. 
At the far side of the field, his UFO is electric in the back. Go up as close as 
possible to the electricity and block. The Boss will hit you and you will get 
shocked, for no damage. When he touches you, he will get shocked, causing a fair 
amount of damage. If you have at least half of your health, lock on and run into 
the lightning. You will fly back and hit him, causing massive damage.
The best monster to use is either Togera or Raptros. When you start the fight, 
he will be fully armored. Note: Destroying all the buildings is not how he is 
defeated. The first thing you should do is hide behind a pillar and guard. The 
pillars can take a lot of damage before they explode, and guarding is self-explanatory. 
Once he is done blasting his laser, he will put his shield down. Just before his 
shield goes down, start your long range special (Triangle, Square) to do more damage 
then usual. Then, use your long ranged attack while your special is going until his 
shield goes up again. Go behind another pillar and just shoot when his shield goes 
down. The first special attack should have taken his health down low enough to where 
he will die after a few rounds of shooting him with your normal attack. After his 
armor explodes, pick up a green glowing object and throw it at him until he shoots 
you with his electricity. There does not seem to be any way to block it, but it 
does little damage. Get some health if needed. Continue throwing the objects until 
his last armor explodes. Note: There are more green objects than just the one next 
to you when you start. His final form is fairly easy to kill. When you first start, 
if you have taken any energy power-ups you should have your special again. 
Immediately use it and shoot him while doing so. Keep him targeted and run away 
while shooting him until you get another special (found on top of the white house). 
Run around shooting until he is dead. If done correctly, you should be able to defeat 
him without dying. 
Hint: Other combos:
Impale your opponent inside the power plant at Atomic Island. Quickly turn on the 
lava flow. Note: This does not work well if the CPU is Preytor. 
Impale your opponent, then throw a gas truck at them. 
Throw a gas truck at your opponent, then a do special attack followed by a 
body slam. 
Impale your opponent at Tsunopolis, then activate a tidal wave. 

On Gambler's Gulch, find a Chinese-looking building and destroy it. Pick up 
the "flamethrower", whack your opponent with it, then do a special  
Play in multi-player with three player. Play as Robo-47, the second player as 
Ultra-V, and a random CPU player. Impale the CPU player, have Robo-47 do his 
"Homing Missile" special, then have the second player do the "Harpoon" special. 
Quickly grab a gas truck and throw it at the CPU player. 
Throw multiple gas trucks at the enemy. This is best done at Atomic Island or 
Century Airfield. 

Hint: Impale opponent:
Grab a pole (they resemble a flagpole cut in half) or a radio tower (usually on 
tall buildings). Throw them at your opponent. If you hit, they will not be able 
to move for a short while, thus allowing you to get in a few hits. You have to 
move quickly. After a little while, your opponent will pull it out and can throw 
it back at you, causing you to be impaled. If this happens, tap Square rapidly to 
pull it out.

Hint: Boost gliding:
If playing Preytor or Raptros, boost (press Up, Up, Triangle) off of a slightly 
elevated and smooth surface, then quickly press X. If done correctly, you will 
quickly glide, allowing you to move easily through the arena. If you pull back 
you will get some good air.
Hint: Trample attack:
If you have a good amount of energy, and both you and your opponent are both on 
the ground, lock on to him and quickly press Up(2) on the D-pad. You will begin to 
run very fast. If locked on, you will keep running towards your opponent and 
trample them. For extra damage, press Triangle just before you hit them, and you 
will ram into them. This does a good amount of damage.
Hint: Grab thrown object:
If anything is thrown at you and you are facing it, press Circle to grab it out of 
the air. If you are lucky, your monster will grab the object before it hits. This is 
useful against players who like to throw flag-poles, radio towers, electric generators, 
fuel trucks, etc. at you.

Hint: Easy credits in endurance mode:
Unlock the UFO level and go into endurance mode. On the second floor is a 100% health 
power-up. It does not regenerate too often, but if you are low on health, go to where 
the 100% health power up is located. Wait in a blocking position. Most of the time, 
the CPU opponent will spend a lot of time trying to find you, especially Preytor, 
who flops around in mid-air most of the time. Sometimes they will get up on the second 
floor, but they can easily be knocked off with a simple Triangle(3) combo or the 
close range special ability. Usually, you can just wait until the power-up regenerates, 
then go back into battle. By repeating this, you can literally have unlimited health. 
At 100 kills you usually get about 200,000 credits, which is enough to unlock a secret 

Hint: Free mode:
Start any new game, chose your player numbers. then select "Free-For-All mode". 
Choose the number of CPU opponents then select the level and play. You can die, but 
you do not quit to start again. Also, all levels are unlocked.
Hint: Multi-player mode: Easy win:
Select Congar and trick your opponent to choose Midtown Park. When you start, pick a 
radio tower and head to the building that falls toward the center of the park. Lure 
your opponent there. When he passes in the path of the building , "impale" him with 
the radio tower. As soon as he is impaled, turn toward the building and do an 
long-range attack (at the building ). 
If done correctly, the building should land on your impaled friend, killing him instantly. 
Choose single player mode, CPU players, and use Raptros. Make sure the CPU player(s) cannot 
fly. Go to the level with the tidal wave. Destroy all building. Hit the space ship and fly. 
They will not be able to escape. This works better 
if you have two players and the other player keeps the CPU players away while you destroy 
Hint: Recommended controller setup:
Use controller setup B. You can lock on to enemies with a single button, and the shoulder 
button configurations are much easier to use. This makes it much easier to keep track of 
Hint: Twisted Metal: Black reference:
Watch the introduction sequences to see vehicles from Twisted Metal: Black, including 
Crazy 8, Road Kill, Shadow, and Yellow Jacket. 

Glitch: See Magmo's fire after defeating Cerebulon:
When you are about to defeat Cerubulon and he only has a very little health, use your 
long range special to finish him off. If done correctly you can see the rest of the 
fireballs flying off.
Glitch: Invisible fire breath:
Play as Raptros or Torga and use your long range special attack. Then, tap Block (L2 or R2). 
When you come out of your block, your fire breath will be invisible. 
Glitch: Missing ball in dodgeball:
Get the ball and run to the edge of the arena. Then, look up or down (recommended). 
Throw the ball and watch it fall down.

Glitch: More damage to bosses:
If you fight either the Helibot or Cerebulon in their melee stages, you can inflict a lot 
of damage. When they cover their faces, use your close range special on them. More then 
1/7th of their health will go down.

Glitch: Lightning spawn:
Pause game play when Kineticlopes either taunts or use his long range attack. 
You can see lightning "spawn". 

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