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 Wave Race 64 - Platform: Wii

Wave Race 64 - Platform: Wii

Reverse Time Trials:
Unlock the reverse courses by getting first on expert. Once this is done, 
enter time trials and a new reverse option will be available. This offers 
time trial scores completely separate from those logged in on other 
difficulties. It only allows one high score instead of three, and high lap 
scores are not saved.

Big Scores:
In trick mode in any level you perform a simple move such as a flip.Before 
the commantor will say something you pause the game and listen to what he 
saids. Then unpause the game and don't do another trick for the rest of 
the level. If your successful when you unpause the game you won't see how 
many points you get for your move,and when you cross the finish line at 
the end then you shall see how many points you get.

Costume Change:
When selecting your racer simply hold up on the control stick for a 
different costume, keep it held up and select your racer.

Now, go back to the main menu and choose Championship mode with difficulty 
Normal, and enter the Warm Up. While choosing your Jet Ski, hold down on 
the control stick or pad, and press start. You'll now be riding on the 
back of a dolphin!

Dolphin Intro:
Once you have unlocked the dolphin for warm ups, the intro will rotate 
between players riding on dolphins and players riding on jetskis!

Expert mode:
Beat Hard but get first on every course.

Glacier Coast:
Beat the game on expert.

Hard mode:
Beat Normal mode and get First place.

Reverse Courses:
Win the gold trophy on Expert Mode. You'll unlock the backwards version of 
the courses.

Twilight City:
Beat the game on hard.

Dolphin Code:
Select Stunt Mode on the main menu, and choose any Jet Ski. Now, go to the 
Dolphin Park course. During the race, you must perform each of the 
following stunts while still passing through every ring: a handstand, 
riding backwards, standing and somersaulting back, barrel roll left off a 
ramp, barrel roll right off a ramp, flip off a ramp, and a submarine 
(diving underwater from a ramp). If done correctly, a dolphin will squeak 
when you finish. 


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