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 Wheelman - Platform: Playstation 3

Wheelman - Platform: Playstation 3

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

  Leap of faith (Bronze): Perform an Airjack Successfully. 
  Finish Him! (Bronze): Perform a Finishing Move on an enemy vehicle. 
  Riding on Rims (Bronze): Shoot out the tire of an enemy vehicle. 
  Ready, Aim, Fire! (Bronze): Kill an enemy vehicle using the Aimed Shot. 
  Spin Spin Shooter (Bronze): Kill an enemy vehicle using the Cyclone. 
  Speedy and Angry (Bronze): Achieve any rank on one Street Showdown side 
  Taxi (Bronze): Achieve any rank on one Taxi side mission. 
  Making a Mess (Bronze): Achieve any rank on one Rampage side mission. 
  Road Warrior (Bronze): Achieve any rank on one Contracts side mission. 
  Delivery Boy (Bronze): Achieve any rank on one Hot Potato side mission. 
  Made to Order (Bronze): Achieve any rank on one Made to Order side mission. 
  Run, Milo, Run (Bronze): Achieve any rank on one Fugitive side mission. 
  Jump in My Car (Bronze): Perform a cinematic stunt jump. 
  Art Critic (Bronze): Destroy one cat statue. 
  Is It A Bird? (Bronze): Use the Airjack fifty times. 
  Sharpshooter (Bronze): Destroy three vehicles during a single Cyclone or Aimed 
  Shot move. 
  Mission Improbable (Bronze): Complete a Fugitive side mission on a motorcycle. 
  Mission from God (Bronze): Survive a five star police response for 5 minutes. 
  Accidental Tourist (Bronze): Visit every district in Barcelona. 
  Barcelona Drift (Silver): Achieve any rank on all Street Showdown side 
  The Knowledge (Silver): Achieve any rank on all Taxi side missions. 
  Anti Social Behaviour Order (Silver): Achieve any rank on all Rampage side 
  Road Rash (Silver): Achieve any rank on all Contracts side missions. 
  Man In Brown (Silver): Achieve any rank on all Hot Potato side missions. 
  Gone In 59 Seconds (Silver): Achieve any rank on all Made to Order side 
  Can't Catch Me! (Silver): Achieve any rank on all Fugitive side missions. 
  Diesel Powered! (Silver): Complete all side missions with an "A" rank or 
  Dukes of Barcelona (Silver): Perform twenty five cinematic stunt jumps. 
  Cat Hater (Silver): Destroy fifty cat statues. 
  I Live For this Stuff! (Gold): Complete all side missions with an "S" rank. 
  White Men Can Jump (Gold): Perform all fifty cinematic stunt jumps. 
  Wreaking Havok! (Gold): Destroy one hundred cat statues. 
  Wheelman (Platinum): Get every Trophy possible. 


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