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 Wii Fit - Platform: Wii

Wii Fit - Platform: Wii

Ultimate Balance Test:
Choose your Mii to reach the statistics screen. Notice the balance board 
character running on a treadmill in the background. Select him with the Wii-mote 
to participate in the Ultimate Balance Test.

Easy coins:
Enter the "Balance Mode Games" menu, and select "Marble Drop Game". 
Intentionally allow time to run out to fail the first challenge. You are given 
one coin for every one minute of game play (win or lose), and the time used to 
fail Marble Drop is rounded up to a one minute value. Thus, you will get one 
coin for failing. Simply press A to continue and fail again for another coin.

Advanced activities:
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding activity:

  Free Jogging: Successfully complete the Island Lap several times. 
  Free Step: Play Step Plus Aerobics several times. 
  Step Plus Aerobics: Play Step Aerobics several times. 
  Tightrope Advanced: Successfully complete Normal Tightrope. 
  Tightrope Super Advanced: Successfully complete Advanced Tightrope. 

Fit Money bonuses:
Accumulate the indicated amount of time in your Fit Piggy to unlock the 
corresponding bonus:
  Aerobics: Rhythm Boxing: 1 hour 40 minutes 
  Aerobics: Super Hula Hoop: 30 minutes 
  Balance: Balance Bubble: 1 hour 
  Balance: Penguin Slide: 1 hour 30 minutes 
  Balance: Snowboard Slalom: 2 hours 
  Balance: Tightrope Tension: 15 minutes 
  Balance: Zazen: 3 hours 
  Muscle: Arm & Leg Lift: 2 hours 40 minutes 
  Muscle: Parallel Stretch: 1 hour 50 minutes 
  Muscle: Rowing Squat, Single Leg Twist: 10 minutes 
  Muscle: Sideways Leg Lift: 1 hour 10 minutes 
  Muscle: Single Arm Stand: 3 hours 50 minutes 
  Muscle: Tricep Extension: 2 hours 30 minutes 
  Yoga: Bridge: 3 hours 40 minutes 
  Yoga: Chair: 2 hours 15 minutes 
  Yoga: Cobra: 3 hours 30 minutes 
  Yoga: Crocodile Twist: 4 hours 
  Yoga: Downward Facing Dog: 3 hours 10 minutes 
  Yoga: King of the Dance: 3 hours 20 minutes 
  Yoga: Palm Tree: 1 hour 20 minutes 
  Yoga: Shoulderstand: 4 hours 10 minutes 
  Yoga: Standing Knee: 45 minutes 
  Yoga: Sun Salutation: 10 minutes 
  Yoga: Triangle: 2 hours 50 minutes 

Muscle Workout challenges:
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding challenge:
  Jackknife challenge: Get a "Four Star" rank in the 10 Second Workout and 20 
  Second Workout. 
  Parallel Stretch challenge: Get a "Four Star" rank in the 30 Second Workout 
  and 60 Second Workout. 
  Pressup challenge: Get a "Four Star" rank in the 6 Reps and 10 Reps. 

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding stamp:
  OK: Attend 2 Body Tests. 
  Star: Attend 5 Body Tests. 
  Heart: Attend 6 Body Tests. 

Alternate Fit Piggy colors:
Accumulate the indicated amount of training time to change the color of your Fit 
  Bronze: 10 hours 
  Silver: 20 hours 
  Gold: 40 hours 

Jogging alternate courses:
There are three (and possibly more in Free Jogging) alternate courses to take in 
the Jogging mini-game, one for each length of course (Short, Long, and Island 
Lap). To access these, enter the Jogging mini-game as normal, and start jogging. 
When you see a single dog overtake your character, run past your guide so that 
the "Oh! You've passed your guide!" message appears. It will then read "Now 
follow the dog" and take you on an alternate course. The dogs appear as follows:

  Short Course: As you run towards the single house with a Mii outside. 
  Long Course : Immediately at the start. 
  Island Lap: Immediately at the start. 

Jump off mountain in Island distance running:
Go to the Island distance running. When you first start running, at the first dog
you see (should be a light colored dog), run past your trainer so the "Follow the
dog" message appears. Keep following the dog. You will go up a mountain, across 
huge wooden bridges, then you will jump off the mountain.

Weighing objects:
When you stand on your Balance Board immediately after choosing "Body Test" (the 
first time it asks, and not the time that it weighs you), hold a heavy object. The
Balance Board will know that you are holding the object and actually weigh it for 

Mario series references:
When running (Free, Long, Short, and Island Jog), look around for the following 
icons: NES Mario, NES Luigi, NES Power Star, NES Mushroom, NES Goomba, and NES 
Turtle. Note: Mario is on the right of the bridge.


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