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 Wii Sports Resort - Platform: Wii

Wii Sports Resort - Platform: Wii

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding stamp:

  A Cut Above: Defeat the Speed Slice champion. 
  A For Effort: Score 10 points with each of your 10 throws to get this stamp. 
  A Secret To Everybody: Hit all the secret targets in every level. 
  Archery Bull Stampede: Hit the center of the target and get 10 points with all 
  three arrows in one stage. 
  Bag Of Tricks: Land seven or more different kinds of jumps on a single run. 
  Balloon Animal: During practice, pop all 9 balloons in ten throws or less. 
  Bonus Plumber: Score every Bonus Ball worth 2 points in a 3-Point Contest. 
  Century Shot: Shoot 100 arrows into the target. 
  Double Time: Slice the alarm clock when the two digits on the display are the 
  same, such as 8.8, 7.7, or 6.6. 
  Ducks In A Row: During Canoe pratice, return all of the ducklings to the 
  mother, then complete the next canoe speed race. 
  Ducky Come Home Stamp: In Canoeing, catch all ducklings and take them to their 
  mother in practice. 
  Frisbee Dog Good Dog: Throw the Frisbee right into the center of the target 
  area to make the dog jump up and grab it out of the air. 
  Frisbee Golf Under Par: Finish 3-, 9-, or an 18-hole course under par. 
  Golden Arm: Score 100 points with every throw and pop every balloon. 
  Hole In One: Throw the Frisbee into the target area in just one throw. 
  Last Mii Standing: Defeat the champion in a duel. 
  Lucky Skip: Get this stamp when a Frisbee bound for water hazard skips across 
  the surface of the water and lands safely on the other side. 
  Master Carver: Score 1,000 points or more on the Expert Level without hitting 
  any obstacles. 
  Met Your Match: Draw three rounds in a row to get to the final battle ring, 
  then draw again for a completely even match in Single Player mode. 
  Not The Face Stamp: In Table Tennis, hit your opponent in the face with the 
  On A Roll: To pull off a "roll-in," throw your Frisbee from outside the green, 
  hit the ground, and roll it into the goal. 
  One-Hit Wonder: Push your opponent out of the ring with only one strike in 
  Single Player mode. 
  Perfect 10: Clear Stage 10 without taking a single hit and losing a heart. 
  Perfect Target: Hit the center of the target area and score 100 points with 
  all ten of your throws. 
  Psychic Slice: Cut an object correctly before it even hits the ground in 
  Single Player mode. 
  Rim Rattler: Score three slam dunks in one basketball pick-up game. 
  Secret Strike: Throw the Secret Strike in a 100-pin game in Bowling. 
  Sharpshooter: Score 10 points with every arrow in each of the 4 rounds. 
  Showdown Not a Scratch: Clear any stage without taking a hit and losing a 
  Slicing Machine: Correctly slice at least one of each of the 18 types of 
  objects in Single Player mode. 
  Smooth Landing: Land 10 jumps in a row. 
  Speed Slice Slice and Dice: Win the contest without missing a single object by 
  slicing the wrong way or failing to slice within the time limit. 
  Straight And Narrow: Play an 18-hole round of Frisbee Golf without throwing 
  any discs out of bounds or into a water hazard. 
  Straight To The Point: Push your opponent out of the ring with a lunge in 
  Single Player mode. 
  Sure Shot: Hit the target with all 3 arrows in each of the 4 stages. 
  Sword Fighter: Defeat all of your foes to clear the first 10 stages. 
  Swordmaster: Fight through the final Showdown stage. 
  Swordplay Duel Cliff-Hanger: Reach the final battle ring by both opponents 
  still being locked in a draw after three rounds. It does not matter if you win 
  or lose. 
  The Long Way Home: Land 50 jumps and wakeboard all the way around Wuhu Island 
  in Free Cruising mode. 
  Under Par: Finish a round of golf under par. 
  Untouchable: Fight through the final Showdown stage without taking a single 
  hit and losing a heart. 
  Wakeboarding Huge Air: Score 100 points on a single jump. 

Pro class:
Get a "1,000" rating in any sport. You will see a silver seal next to your name 
when you play that sport and have the following bonuses unlocked:

  Air Sports: Unknown 
  Archery: Unknown 
  Basketball: Unknown 
  Bowling: Diamond ball 
  Canoeing: Unknown 
  Cycling: Unknown 
  Frisbee: Three extra hard holes 
  Golf: Three extra hard holes 
  Power Cruising: Unknown 
  Swordplay: New samurai armor 
  Table Tennis: Unknown 
  Wakeboarding: Two bonus courses 

Superstar class:
Get a "2,000" rating in any sport.

Never lose skill points:
Pause the game when you are about to lose a match. Either restart or quit before 
the game displays the score. If done correctly, you will not lose skill points.

Replay Skydiving introduction in Air Sports:
Use the following code to replay the skydiving demo that was featured when the 
game was first started. At the character selection screen, highlight the pointer 
over the "OK" option. Hold 2 and press A. Release 2 at the next screen, 
featuring your Mii getting ready to jump. If done correctly, your score and 
level will not appear.

No guide circle in Archery:
While an Archery game loads, hold 2.

Play at night in Basketball:
While confirming your character at the selection screen, hold 2 and press A. 
Release 2 at the warning message screen.

Secret Strike in 100-pin game in Bowling:
You must throw the ball on top of the right or left rail. To do this, move to 
the rail, but set your direction and position options before getting too close 
to the rail. The dotted line must be almost parallel to the rail, but slightly 
turned towards the rail. If you are too close to set the angle, move away then 
move back in after making your adjustment. If done correctly, after a perfect 
throw, the ball will roll on top of the rail and hit the red button at the end. 
You will hear a click followed by the sound of an explosion if that happens. All 
100 pins will then fall down. After completing the match, you will also get the 
Secret Strike stamp.

Scare crowd in Bowling:
When the Wii-mote is all the way behind you when throwing the ball, release B. 
If done correctly, the ball will be thrown backwards and the Miis will jump.

Secret Strike:
Submitted by: LozLol

On 100-pin bowling,throw the ball down the gutter guard.Make it stay on.If it does, 
then it should hit the red button,causing a chain reaction and KO'ing the pins.Now, 
you have the stamp,'Secret Strike'.


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