Wonderbook: Walking With Dinosaurs - Platform: Playstation 4 - Console Games.

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 Wonderbook: Walking With Dinosaurs - Platform: Playstation 4

Wonderbook: Walking With Dinosaurs - Platform: Playstation 4

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

Collectosaurus (Platinum): Collect all the trophies.
Walked With Dinosaurs (Gold): Finish the game.
Palaeontologist (Silver): Earn 25 gold medals.
Movie Stars Met (Silver): Learn about the Walking with Dinosaurs
movie characters.
New King on the Block (Silver): Finish chapter 5.
Fortress Intact (Silver): Complete chapter 4.
Swamps Conquered (Silver): Complete chapter 3.
Titans Marched (Silver): Complete chapter 2.
Exodus Exercised (Silver): Complete chapter 1.
Gold Medallist (Gold): Win gold medals for every game.
All the Right Moves (Silver): Attract 10 mates.
Eat My Dust (Silver): Win 10 chase games perfectly.
Battle Expert (Silver): Win 10 dinosaur fights flawlessly.
Warmonger (Silver): Win 25 dinosaur fights.
Quiz Master (Silver): Get full marks in all the quizzes.
Dino Expert (Silver): Find all the fact cards in the game.
Fact Finder (Bronze): Find all the cards in chapter 1.
Thorough (Bronze): Find a full series of fact cards.
Full Deck (Bronze): Find all the cards in chapter 3.
Botanist (Bronze): Identify a plant.
X-Ray Expert (Bronze): Complete all X-ray pages.
Card Collector (Bronze): Find all the cards in chapter 2.
Dino Hunter (Bronze): Find all the cards in chapter 4.
Complete Set (Bronze): Find all the cards in chapter 5.
Look to the Skies (Bronze): Learn about meteors.
Leader of the Pack (Bronze): Escape the Tarbosaurus.
Kingly Pursuits (Bronze): Escape the Tyrannosaurus Rex.
Twelve Horns (Bronze): Find all four Triceratops.
Table Manners (Bronze): Feed Kula the wrong food.
Scouting for Attention (Bronze): Win a mate for Fern.
Lost in a Sandstorm (Bronze): Find Rose, the baby Tarchia.
Enemy of my Enemy (Bronze): Win the fight as the Ceratosaurus.
Tail End (Bronze): Fend off the Allosaurus.
Finding Kula (Bronze): Find Kula the Stegosaurus.
Wash Your Hands! (Bronze): Investigate dinosaur droppings.
Weigh to Go! (Bronze): Weigh an Argentinosaurus.
Small Beginnings (Bronze): Hatch a dinosaur egg.
Inquisitve (Bronze): Look at a dinosaur fact card.
Dino Spotter (Bronze): Spot your first Pachyrhinosaurus .
First Medal (Bronze): Earn your first medal.
Fact Hunter (Bronze): Discover a fact card.
Love is in the Air (Bronze): Attract a flying mate.
Patchi's Triumph (Bronze): Win Patchi's fight with the Gorgosaurus.
X-Ray Specs (Bronze): Scan a dinosaur bone.
Ace Student (Bronze): Get full marks in the quiz.
Unrivalled (Bronze): Win a dinosaur fight.
Yummy (Bronze): Successfully feed a dinosaur.
Breaking Ground (Bronze): Use the hammer to smash up some rock. 


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