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 World Driver Championship - Platform: Nintendo64

World Driver Championship - Platform: Nintendo64

To unlock all GT2 cars, at the Teams/Event Select/Save 
Game/Main Menu screen, press Z, Right, Z, Z, Z, B, 
C-DOWN, A, Right, START. You won't earn any experience 
points, and you still need the standard amount of Gold 
Cups to unlock the events. There will be no confirmation 
sound and the screen will advance when you press A, 
but when you go back to the Team Select screen for GT2, 
all of the cars will be available.

To access mirrored tracks, press Z to choose a track 
at the Track Select screen in Quick Race or Versus mode. 

When the editors of IGN64 criticized an early build of 
WDC that had rendered the Rage 512 (Porsche look-alike) 
in pink, Boss Game Studios insisted it was a light red. 
After being bombarded with letters of protest from 
IGN64 readers (despite having changed the car color to 
blue in the final release), Boss decided to exact some 
revenge. If you enter your name in Championship mode 
as IGN64, then all of the cars will turn hot pink! 

To alternate car colors, press Z at the Car Select 

To unlock all cars and tracks, begin a new championship 
game, and enter RACES THE BEST as your name. At the 
next screen, press Left, Right, Right, Left, Down, Up. 

Tip 1
You can take advantage of the game's nonexistent 
damage model by selectively hammering your competitors 
from behind under heavy braking. This is particularly 
useful when it involves a key championship rival, 
because you can drop him a number of places down the 
order, and significantly strengthen your points standing.

Tip 2
Pressing Z at the Car Select screen will cycle 
through a number of different paint schemes. Pressing 
Z at the Track Select screen will launch the race in 
Mirror mode (not applicable for Championship events).

Tip 3
Choose the bumper cam driving perspective with the 
rearview mirror to assist in fending off the hard-charging 
AI cars. The mirror will permit you to block more 
effectively when saddled with a slower machine.


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