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 WWE Day Of Reckoning 2 - Platform: Gamecube

WWE Day Of Reckoning 2 - Platform: Gamecube

Summerslam arena
Reach the Summerslam PPV event in Story mode to unlock the Summerslam arena 
in Exhibition mode.

Survivor Series arena
Reach the Survivor Series PPV event in Story mode to unlock the Survivor 
Series arena in Exhibition mode.

Unforgiven arena
Reach the Unforgiven PPV event in Story mode to unlock the Unforgiven arena 
in Exhibition mode.

Vengeance arena
Reach the Vengeance PPV event in Story mode to unlock the Vengeance arena in 
Exhibition mode.

Wrestle as Bret Hart
Win twenty singles matches in Exhibition mode against the computer to unlock 
Bret Hart.

Wrestle as Hulk Hogan
Successfully complete Story mode to unlock Hulk Hogan.

Wrestle as Mankind
Win ten singles matches in Exhibition mode against the computer to unlock 

Wrestle as Stone Cold Steve Austin
Win five singles matches in Exhibition mode against the computer to unlock 
Stone Cold Steve Austin. Alternately, defeat Shawn Michaels with Kane on Raw.

Wrestle as The Rock
Successfully complete Show #20 in Story mode to unlock The Rock.

WrestleMania arena
Reach the WrestleMania PPV event in Story mode to unlock the WrestleMania 
arena in Exhibition mode.

Armageddon arena
Reach the Armageddon PPV event in Story mode to unlock the Armageddon arena 
in Exhibition mode.

Backlash arena
Reach the Backlash PPV event in Story mode to unlock the Backlash arena in 
Exhibition mode.

Bad english for Triple HHH
In Story mode on the second to last event (confrontation), Triple HHH will 
go to the ring. Instead of saying "If I were you" he will say "If were you" 
followed by the rest of the sentence.

Defeating Kurt Angle
Build up submissions early to defeat Kurt Angle in his "Win By Submission 
Only" match. He is very difficult and will counter around 50% of your attacks.

Easy win in Handicap Table match
Your first opponent should be easy to defeat, as the match is using tag 
team rules for handicap matching; you can use this to your advantage. Knock 
Orlando Jordan on the ground quickly, then run out of the ring, grab the 
table, then set it in the nearest turnbuckle away from Heidenrich. When OJ 
gets up (or you pick him up), whip him to the table. He should just crash 
into it, but not break it. Either slam him through it, or use a move like 
the Spear or Gore to put him through it.

Easy win in Steel Cage Fatal 4-Way match
Make your wrestler use the Stone Cold Stunner (found in the Stone Cold Steve 
Austin moves template that can be bought from the "WWE Shopzone" selection at 
main menu under "Moves"), or use other lightning quick KO possible finisher. 
Make your wrestler the lightest possible superstar (150 pounds) and best 
suited for high flying moves. Use those high flying moves to your advantage. 
Your speed should be at least a 10, and if you raised your strength to a 10, 
you may be able to do heavy damage. Your speed is most important. You will 
need a speed of 10 to claim victory in the Fatal 4 Way Cage match. Using 
strength will only deal out damage, and you will need low weight, high 
speed, and tap A very fast in order to get out quickly. A controller with 
an auto-fire feature will improve your chances of winning this match. 
Note: If time expires you will be forced to replay the match; try to win 
it within the 30 mininute time limit.

Extra ability points
Successfully complete Story mode to get 1,700 ability points for created 

Gain energy
Put your opponent into a submission hold, then use the C-stick and select 

Maximum attributes
Create a new wrestler and set his or her attributes and arsenal points to 
the levels desired. Start Story mode with the new wrestler and win the first 
match with as high as a score as possible. Add the points won to the 
attribute(s) desired, then save the game and exit. Go to the Create-A-Wrestler 
screen and make a copy of your Story mode wrestler. Your points, including 
the additional points won from the first match will be retained. Go to the 
Story mode screen and select "New" to overwrite the old Story mode. Select 
the copy that was just made of the created wrestler to start off with the 
points that were just added from your previous Story mode. Repeat this 
process as much as desired to max out your created wrestler's attributes.

Missing logo for Christian
Play any match with or against Christian. Notice that there is no logo on 
his tights.

No Mercy arena
Reach the No Mercy PPV event in Story mode to unlock the No Mercy arena in 
Exhibition mode.

No Way Out arena
Reach the No Way Out PPV event in Story mode to unlock the No Way Out arena 
in Exhibition mode.

Royal Rumble arena
Reach the Royal Rumble PPV event in Story mode to unlock the Royal Rumble 
arena in Exhibition mode.

Steal opponent's finisher
When you have filled your special meter, hold A to perform a heavy grapple 
on your opponent, then press L + R + A + B to execute your opponent's 
finishing move.


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