WWE SmackDown! vs.RAW 2007 - Platform: Playstation 2 - Console Games.

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 WWE SmackDown! vs.RAW 2007 - Platform: Playstation 2

WWE SmackDown! vs.RAW 2007 - Platform: Playstation 2

Diva loading screens:
Win the No Mercy trophy to unlock the Diva loading screens for purchase at 
the WWE Shop.

DX tag entrance:
Win the Vengeance trophy to unlock the DX tag entrance for purchase at 
the WWE Shop.

Easy GM Of The Year trophy:
Start GM mode with two players. Enable the option that allows you to 
preset the matches automatically, then go to the schedule and confirm 
the match card. Do the same for the other show. When you are about to 
do the matches, just simulate all of them. You will then see the news. 
After that all the matches will automatically be set. Simulate all of 
them again. Note: You do not need a full roster to do it, because this 
is being done only for getting the point. Only hire about seven people 
for three months so your do not waste a lot of money. Continue doing 
this until the end of the year. At the end Vince will fire the loser and 
you will get the GM Of The Year trophy.

When selecting your brand in GM mode (SmackDown or RAW), press Square 
to chose who you will be able to pick. Set off all the good people 
(popularity 80 or higher) then choose your brand . Then, go to the 
"Roster" option on menu and put them back on and select them. The fans 
should now start pouring in.

Easy money:
Start Season mode with any wrestler. When in the locker room, press 
Circle to go to the menu with the limos scene and the "Begin Week", 
"Difficulty", "Locker Room", etc. options. Change the difficulty to 
"Legend", select "Begin Week", but do not start the match. Go all the 
way to the right to where it reads "Multiplayer". You will now see a 
screen that allows you to add the slots with empty controllers. Insert 
another controller and you will have a player controlled CPU wrestler. 
After finishing here, the match should automatically start. 
Just clothesline and pin and you will win in under ten seconds.

Submitted by: Mubashar Habib

Super power:
Type the following keys at main menu respectively,

Unlock all Arenas:
Type the following keys at main menu respectively,

Mubashar Habib
Unlockable: Legends
Bam Bam Bigelow: Get the Unforgiven Trophy 
Bret Hart: Get the Survivor Series Trophy 
Cactus Jack: Get the SummerSlam Trophy 
Dude Love: Get the SummerSlam Trophy 
Hulk Hogan: Get the WrestleMania Trophy 
Jerry "the King" Lawler: Get the No Way Out Trophy 
Mankind: Get the SummerSlam Trophy 
Mr. Perfect: Get the Backlash Trophy 
Shane McMahon: Get the Armageddon Trophy 
Stone Cold Steve Austin: Get the the Royal Rumble Trophy 
Tazz: Get the No Way Out Trophy 
The Anvil Jim Neidhart: Get the Survivor Series Trophy 
The Rock: Get the WrestleMania Trophy 
Submitted by Deek
Unlockable: No Mercy Arena
Beat the No Mercy Trophy in Season Mode.
Submitted by deek
Unlockable: Backlash Arena
You must wint the Backlash Trophy in Season Mode.
Submitted by faredell
Unlockable: The Million Dollar Championship Belt
You must beat the Legend Challenge Trophy.
Submitted by fezz
Hint - Point Farming
Instead of doing one player general mana


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