WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2008 - Platform: Playstation 3 - Console Games.

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 WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2008 - Platform: Playstation 3

WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2008 - Platform: Playstation 3

Cheat codes:
At the main menu, select "Options", "Cheat Codes", then enter one of the 
following case-sensitive codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. 
Note: Some European and Australian versions of the game do not have the "Cheat 
Codes" option.

Kelly Kelly's second costume:
nter "KellyKG12R" as a case-sensitive code to unlock Kelly Kelly's 
second costume.

Triple H and HBK's DX attire:
Enter "DXCostume69K2" as a case-sensitive code to unlock Triple H and 
HBK's DX attire.

Unlock Vince McMahon easily:
Choose to play as a GM in 24/7 mode. Choose a pre-set roster, and set your 
champions. Go forward a couple of weeks into the calendar, and simulate matches 
up until that date. Renew the contracts of a few of your superstars for as long 
as is possible (make sure you include your champions). Go to the calendar, 
select a date just before the contracts expire, and choose to simulate up until 
this point. You will have made enough to renew the contracts again. Repeat the 
same procedure until you get to WrestleMania. You should get there with a couple 
of decent superstars to compete in a championship match. Put the championship on 
the line, and fight the match to unlock Vince McMahon.

Easy money:
Start a game in 24/7 mode with a superstar that is 90 or better overall in 
attributes. Go to the calendar, scroll down to WrestleMania, and select it. 
Choose to simulate all matches up to this date. You should get a lot of money. 
Save the game, and repeat this as many times as desired to get an unlimited 
amount of money.

Easy $1,000,000 contract:
When you start 24/7 mode, go on trophy dates as much as possible. This is the 
quickest and easiest way to earn popularity. Your salary is based on how popular 
you are. Get your popularity at 100 (or close to it) when your contract expires. 
The next week you will get your salary notification. Teddy Long or Coach will 
tell you that you now have a $1 million salary ($20,000 per week).

Easy popularity:
The easiest way to get popularity is to go on trophy dates. You will increase 5% 
on each date (about 30% per week).

Easy wins on Legend difficulty:
Go to the options menu, select "Gameplay Settings", set the difficulty to 
Legend, then go the "Custom A.I." settings. Scroll until you get to frequency of 
COM's usage. Set the bars all down to the lowest possible. Go to damage balance, 
and raise those bars to the highest possible; leave the game balance bars alone. 
It should now be much easier to win matches on the Legend difficulty setting.

Easy wins in 24/7 mode:
This trick requires two controllers. Use either a created wrestler or an 
original superstar. Select a match in 24/7 mode, and choose your opponent. Do 
not select your wrestler. When the match starts, grab a weapon if it is just 
normal rules, and hit your wrestler for the DQ, or you can simply get counted 
out. This results in an easy victory for the character you selected. In a 
Fatal-4-Way match, put both player one and two on any two goons. Focus on the 
single CPU wrestler to help your character get an easy win. This will work on 
any difficulty setting. Basically, switch the CPU opponent to your control and 
cause him to lose.

Easy ratings in GM mode:
Create a superstar. Duplicate him thirty times. Start GM mode. Turn off every 
superstar, and only leave on the created superstar. The other two brands will be 
left with the CAW at 20 popularity. Turn on the superstars again in the 
available draft the next week. When they become available, sign them, and you 
will win the ratings easily.
Send your superstars on trophy dates until their popularity reaches 100. Once it 
does, it usually stays there and will only come down a point or two. When all 
your superstars are at 100, you can just maintain the ones at 99, 98, etc. This 
will give you easy four star match ratings. Have as many rivalries as you can, 
and you will get five star match ratings a few weeks in.

Maximum fans in GM mode:
Use the "Easy ratings" trick along with replacing the roster with CAWS. Within 
three months, you should have 10 million fans with the other two shows at 0 

Easy money in GM mode:
Run advertisement promos each week, along with your superstars being at 100 
popularity. Once you have gotten over 10 million fans, you should make over $1 
million per show.

Easy wins in Money In The Bank event:
Take both ladders to the entrance ramp where the superstars enter. Wait for the 
other superstars to get to you. Once they get there, hit them all with a ladder. 
Run back with one ladder, and get the briefcase. Note: Superstars only walk; 
they do not run. This trick also works in a Ladder match.
Get both ladders. Set one up under the briefcase/title. Set the other one up 
diagonally. Run up the ladder that is set up diagonally while holding the Left 
and Right Analog-sticks. If done correctly, your superstar will grab the 
briefcase/title and both the ladders will fall.
Put one of the ladders up by the entrance. Some of the wrestlers will keep 
leaving the ring to get the ladder, keeping their numbers in your favor.

Easy wins in Royal Rumble event:
This trick works in any Royal Rumble and is especially useful when trying to 
complete the Royal Rumble challenge in Hall of Fame mode, and get the "That's 
one for the record books" achievement. Set the difficulty to Legend, and start 
the Royal Rumble match as the #1 entrant as The Great Khali. When the match 
begins, Strong Irish Whip the #2 entrant over any top rope. Once they are over 
the top rope and are on the apron, start striking them relentlessly. When the #3 
entrant is four seconds away from entering the Royal Rumble (check the timer on 
the left side of the screen), stop striking the #2 entrant, and grab them. If 
done correctly, the #2 entrant's meter should be halfway or more gone, making 
him easy when you grab them. Do this to entrant after entrant to win the Royal 

Drag opponents:
To drag your opponent while they are on the ground, hold R3 when near your 
opponent and press the Left Analog-stick in the direction desired.
Preset entrances 

  Legend 1: Sgt. Slaughter 
  Legend 2: Jim Neidhart 
  Superstar 1: Kurt Angle 
  Superstar 2: Chris jericho 
  Superstar 3: Booker T 
  Superstar 4: Big Show 
  Superstar 5: Lance Cade 
  Superstar 6: Trevor Murdoch 
  Superstar 7: Christian 
  Superstar 8: Joey Mercury 
  Superstar 9: Tazz 
  Superstar 10: RVD 
  Superstar 11: Sting 
  Superstar 12: Dusty Rhodes 
  Superstar 13: Boogeyman 
  Superstar 14: Paul London 
  Superstar 15: Brian Kendrick 

Preset movesets 

  Moveset 1 High Tech: Paul London 
  Moveset 2 High Show: Brian Kendrick 
  Moveset 3 Sub Tech: Charlie Haas 
  Moveset 4 Tech High: Shelton Benjamin 
  Moveset 5 Show Braw: Eugene 
  Moveset 6 Show Pow: Val Venis 
  Moveset 7 Braw High: Rob Van Dam 
  Moveset 8 Pow Show: Big Show 
  Moveset 9 Pow Hard: Test 
  Moveset 10 Braw Hard: Hardcore Holly 
  Moveset 11 Tech Sub: Tazz 
  Moveset 12 Sub Tech: Kurt Angle 
  Moveset 13 Dirt Show: Christian Cage 
  Moveset 14 Pow Hard: Rhino 
  Moveset 15 Hard Pow: Brother Ray 
  Moveset 16 Hard Braw: Brother Devon 
  Moveset 17 Braw Show: Kip James 
  Moveset 18 Pow Tech: BG James 
  Moveset 19 Sub Braw: Samoa Joe 
  Moveset 20 High Tech: AJ Styles 
  Moveset 21 High Tech: Christopher Daniels 
  Moveset 22 Braw Show: Tajiri 
  Moveset 23 Pow Tech: Brock Lesnar 
  Moveset 24 Pow Braw: Goldberg 
  Moveset 25 Pow Show: Sting 
  Moveset 26 Show High: X-Pac 
  Moveset 27 Braw Show: Jimmy Snuka 
  Moveset 28 Show Braw: Dusty Rhodes 
  Moveset 29 Pow Braw: Ultimate Warrior


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