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 WWF Attitude - Platform: Dreamcast

WWF Attitude - Platform: Dreamcast

New Modes & Hidden Wrestlers 
Win European Title    - Get Sable, Marc Mero, Trainer, Squeaky 
				Mode, New CAW Stuff 
Win IC Title     	    - Get Jacqueline, Chyna, Big Head Mode, 
				3 Attribute Points 
Win Heavyweight Title - Get Head, Beep Mode, Ego Mode. 
Win King of the Ring  - Get Kurrgan & Taka Michinoku 
Win Summerslam 	    - Get Sgt. Slaughter & Shawn Michaels 
Win Royal Rumble      - Get Jerry Lawler & Paul Bearer 

Taunt Opponent 
Hold Kick + Tie-Up and press Up, Left, Down or Right to taunt 
your opponent. 

Tag Team Moves 
When your opponent is stunned in a 2-on-1 or Tag Team Match, have 
both partners press Tie-Up at the same time to perform a double 
team move: 

Double Suplex 
In front of opponent. 

Double Powerbomb 
1 Player in front, other behind. 

Double Wishbone Legsplitter 
Both players at opponent's feet. 

Doomsday Device 
Opponent on one player's shoulder, other player on 
top turnbuckle. 

Signature & Finishing Moves 
You can perform the signature moves when your opponent's 
health meter is yellow, perform the finishing moves when 
your opponent's health meter is red. 

Al Snow
Underhook Headbutts (trademark): Left, Tie-up (In Tie-Up) 
Snow Plow (finisher): Right, Up, Punch (In Tie-Up) 

Bad Ass Billy Gunn 
Ass Kisser (trademark): Down, Up, Kick (Opponent In Corner) 
Fame Asser (finisher): Right, Left, Down, Punch (Standing) 

Big Boss Man 
Sidewalk Slam (trademark): Left, Up, Kick (Tie-Up) 
Boss Man Slam (finisher): Kick (Opponent Running) 

Powerbomb (trademark): Up, Down, Kick (Tie-Up) 
Fallaway Slam (finisher): Left, Down, Tie-up (Tie-Up) 

Falling Reverse DDT (trademark): Left, Right, Kick (Tie-Up) 
The Impaler (finisher): Left, Down, Tie-up (Tie-Up) 

Low Blow (trademark): Left, Kick (Tie Up From Behind) 
Pedigree (finisher): Left, Down, Kick (Standing) 

D'Lo Brown 
Sky High (trademark): Up, Down, Kick (Standing) 
Sky High: Punch (Opponent Running) 
Lo Down (finisher): Block + Tie-up (On Turnbuckle, Opponent On Ground) 

Dr. Death 
Dr. Bomb (trademark): Up, Down, Up, Tie-up (Standing) 
Oklahoma Stampede (finisher): Up, Down, Kick (Standing) 

Double Underhook Suplex (trademark): Left, Down, Tie-up (Standing) 
New Jersey Naptime (finisher): Left, Right, Punch (Tie-Up) 

Dragon Suplex (trademark): Left, Down, Punch (Tie-Up From Behind) 
Downward Spiral (finisher): Up, Down, Kick (Standing) 

Spine Buster (trademark): Up, Down, Tie-up (Standing) 
Dominator (finisher): Left, Right, Down, Tie-up (Standing) 

Floatover Vertical Suplex (trademark): Left, Tie-up (Standing) 
Implant DDT (finisher): Up, Down, Kick (Standing) 

HO! Train (trademark): Left, Down, Kick (Opponent In Corner) 
Pimp Drop (finisher): Left, Right, Down, Punch (Standing) 

Shattered Dreams (trademark): Left, Right, Punch (Opponent In Corner) 
Curtain Call (finisher): Left, Up, Tie-up (Tie-Up From Behind) 

Reverse Brainbuster (trademark): Up, Down, Tie-up (Tie-Up From Behind) 
Hanging Powerslam (finisher): Up, Down, Tie-up (Tie-Up) 

Knee To Face (trademark): Left, Down, Kick (Standing) 
Pedigree (finisher): Up, Down, Down, Tie-up (Standing) 

Figure Four Leglock (trademark): Left, Right, Up, Kick (Opponent Down, By Feet) 
Kamikaze Headbutt (finisher): Punch + Tie-up (On Turnbuckle, Opponent Down) 

Jeff Jarrett 
Front Russian Legsweep (trademark): Left, Punch (Standing) 
Figure Four Leglock (finisher): Left, Right, Down, Kick (By Opponent's Feet) 

Jerry Lawler 
Big Head Punch (trademark): Left, Right, Kick (Standing) 
Piledriver (finisher): Left, Up, Punch (Standing) 

Choke Slam (trademark): Left, Right, Punch (Tie-Up) 
Tombstone Piledriver (finisher): Up, Up, Down, Tie-up (Standing) 

Ken Shamrock 
High Angle Suplex (trademark): Left, Up, Tie-up (Standing) 
Ankle Lock (finisher): Right, Down, Left, Kick or Left, Down, Right, 
Kick (Opponent Down, By Feet) 

One Handed Chokeslam (trademark): Left, Right, Up, Punch (Standing) 
Kurrgan Shuffle (finisher): Up, Down, Punch (Standing) 

Double Arm DDT (trademark): Left, Right, Down, Punch (Standing) 
Mandible Claw (finisher): Left, Right, Down, Tie-up (Standing) 

Mark Henry 
Gorilla Press Slam (trademark): Up, Down, Up, Punch (Standing) 
Death From Above (finisher): Left, Right, Up, Tie-up (Opponent Down, 
Next To Body) 

Marc Mero 
Merosault (trademark): Kick + Block (On Turnbuckle, Opponent Down) 
TKO (finisher): Left, Right, Left, Tie-up (Standing) 

Running Butt Bump (trademark): Kick (Running At Opponent In Corner) 
Mosh Pit (finisher): Kick + Punch (On Turnbuckle, Opponent Standing) 

Owen Hart 
Enziguri (trademark): Up, Down, Kick (Standing) 
Sharpshooter (finisher): Left, Up, Left, Kick (Opponent Down, By Legs) 

Paul Bearer 
Bearhug (trademark): Left, Right, Punch (Standing) 
Buffet Buster (finisher): Tie-up + Block (On Turnbuckle, Opponent Down) 

Road Dogg 
Crazy Legs Kneedrop (trademark): Left, Right, Tie-up (Opponent Down, 
Next To Body) 
Stretch Armstrong (finisher): Left, Right, Kick (Tie-Up From Behind) 

The Rock 
People's Elbow (trademark): Up, Down, Kick (Opponent Down, By Head) 
Rock Bottom (finisher): Left, Right, Down, Tie-up (Standing) 

Sablecanrana (trademark): Up, Down, Kick (Opponent In Corner) 
Sablebomb (finisher): Up, Down, Kick (Tie-Up) 

Sgt. Slaughter 
Piledriver (trademark): Up, Down, Punch (Tie-Up) 
Cobra Clutch (finisher): Left, Tie-up (Tie-Up From Behind) 

Shawn Michaels 
Hurricanrana (trademark): Up, Down, Tie-up (Standing) 
Sweet Chin Music (finisher): Left, Right, Kick (Standing) 

Steve Blackman
Four Kick Combo (trademark): Up, Up, Tie-up (Opponent In Corner) 
Pump Kick (finisher): Left, Down, Tie-up (Standing) 

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin 
Vertical Body Press (trademark): Tie-up (Running) 
Stone Cold Stunner (finisher): Up, Down, Up, Tie-up (Standing) 

Taka Michinoku 
Swinging DDT (trademark): Up, Down, Kick (Opponent In Corner) 
Michinoku Driver (finisher): Left, Right, Down, Punch (Standing) 

Running Butt Bump (trademark): Kick (Running At Opponent In Corner) 
Stage Dive (finisher): Kick + Punch (On Turnbuckle, Opponent Down) 

Too Sexy
Front Russian Legsweep (trademark): Left, Punch (Tie-Up From Behind) 
Tennesee Jam (finisher): Block + Tie-up (On Turnbuckle, Opponent Standing) 

Chokeslam (trademark): Up, Down, Punch (Tie-Up) 
Tombstone Piledriver (finisher): Up, Down, Up, Tie-up (Standing) 

Val Venis 
Fishermans Suplex (trademark): Left, Down, Tie-up (Standing) 
Money Shot: Kick + Punch (On Turnbuckle, Opponent Down) 

Bronco Buster (trademark): Up, Down, Punch (Opponent In Corner) 
X-Factor (finisher): Up, Down, Tie-up (Standing)


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