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 WWF SmackDown! Just Bring It - Platform: Playstation 2

WWF SmackDown! Just Bring It - Platform: Playstation 2

By Angelo Louverdis

Max Ability Points
Go to the Create a Superstar screen and choose who you 
ever you want or make someone. Go to Ability and go 
down to Average and press X, Triangle, X, X. This 
should average your points out and give you an additional 
200 points so you can fill up the rest. Note: For already 
created superstars, you must take away all the ability points.
Unlock 3 New Match Types
Follow the route to unlock the Wrestlemania X-7 arena. 
During that route, you will be given a choice between 
3 matches. Choose whichever you want and win it. Then, 
after you finish that story, the match will become 
unlocked. The three matches are: -Last Man Standing -
Street Fight -Ultimate Submission
Unlock Movies for Theater Mode
Follow the path to the Wrestlemania X-7 arena. 
When you win the WWF Title, the following movies 
will be available in Theater Mode: -SmackDown! 
Commercial -Making Of SmackDown! Commercial 
-SmackDown!2: Know Your Role Commercial -Making 
Of SmackDown!2: Know Your Role Commercial -Credits -
Dark Summit Trailer (This was already avaliable)
Unlockable Arenas
Unlockable	How to Unlock
Insurrection Arena	To unlock the Insurrection Arena win the European Belt 
with Regal and then you will be at WWF Insurrection to defend it.
New SmackDown! Arena	Beat 17 people in Slobberknocker with The Rock.
WWF Wrestlemania X-7 Arena	Choose any male non-title holder and enter Story 
Mode. Do not form a tag team. Talk trash. Say that you want to kick the guy's butt. 
Find Vince in the Parking Lot. Win your match. Show up on the stage. Win your match. 
Win the WWF Title at Wrestlemania.

Unlockable Characters
Unlockable	How to Unlock
Fred Durst	Beat 15 people in Slobberknocker with The Undertaker
Jerry Lynn	Pick any male non-title holder and enter Story Mode. Do not form a tag 
team. Talk trash. Say you were just messing with the guy. Let the time expire in 
roaming mode then win the Battle Royal (X2). Show up on the stage. Then win the next 
2 matches.
Mick Foley	Play Story Mode until you get you're WWF Title match at WrestleMania and 
lose the match then Foley should give you a rematch for title in a Hell In A Cell, win 
Rhyno	Turn down tag title shot, talk trash, say you want to kick them around the arena, 
beat them, then stay back stage, talk to Earl Hebner and tell him you want him to 
referee your hardcore title match, then you will go and fight Rhyno, beat him to unlock 
Shane McMahon & Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley	
Continue going through Story Mode until all Smackdown! cards except 2 or 3 are unlocked. 
Then follow the path to the Wrestlemania X-7 arena again. When you win the belt this 
time, Shane & Stephanie will be unlocked.
Spike Dudley	Pick anyone w/o a belt and pick any non-champion as a partner. 
Win your first match on Raw. When asked to find a 3rd person go down the lobby stairs 
and turn right through the doors. Choose to help and beat the Dudleys in the Table Match 
after the scene.
Tajiri	Turn down the tag title shot from Vince, then talk trash on the Mic when 
you're in the ring. Tell Michael Cole that you were just messing with him. Cole will 
tell you to go see the Commissioner, turn down the Euro Title shot. You'll then face Tarij.
Fight for Light-Heavyweight title
This seems to be the hard title chase to find. 
Simply play ''Story Mode'' as a small guy (Dean 
Malenko, Christian, Spike Dudley, etc.) and do 
this: 1. Turn down the Tag title hunt. 2. Get 
through RAW (the ''messin' with'' episode) 3. 
On Smackdown!, stay backstage. 4. In 1st-person, 
go to Hebner by the vending machines. 5. Just 
say ''hi!'' :) 6. When Regal next talks to you, 
he'll give you the choice of fighting for either 
the Intercontinental or Light-Heavyweight title 
(if you're a bigger guy, he'll offer the European 
title instead of Light-Heavyweight).


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