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 Xbox hardware - Platform: XBox

Xbox hardware - Platform: XBox

XBox Hardware:
Submitted by: Aleks Sornic

You can play burnt DVD's on your Xbox! All you have to do is to 
make sure the burnt DVD has a Menu!

Reset parental controls
Go to "Settings" and highlight the "Parental Control" 

Press X, Y, L, X, at the passcode screen to reset the 
parental control setting to the default value. 

Xbox Dash: View music animations
Insert a music CD and play it on the music screen. 
When the music plays, you can see an animation in 
the jewel (that plays with the music). To make this 
full screen, press Y then press X. To return to the 
track selection, press any other button.

Note: You can make the jewel full screen when using 
the DVD remote by pressing Info. 

Xbox Dash: Hear voices
When the dash is started, leave it alone for a short 
time. The screen will eventually get dark, and you 
will begin to hear sounds. One of these is an electronic voice.

Playing burned music discs
Burn music onto a CD-RW (not a CD-R) disc, and close the 
session when you burn the CD. Place it in your X-Box and 
rip away.

Note: This also works with .MP3 files. The Xbox can 
store .MP3s and replay them later and saves a lot of 
space when compared to the .WAV files that are standard
on audio discs.

Console name
Each Xbox console has a "name" assigned to it at the 
time of manufacture. To view the name of your system, 
play Halo link it to another Xbox and choose a linked 
play party. The Xboxs will have names above their symbols 
in the pre-game stat screen. To change your name, play 
challenge mode in Dead Or Alive 3. Successfully complete 
challenge mode and you will be prompted to enter a record 
name. Enter the name that you wish to change your 
pre-assigned Xbox name to. This will now be the title 
your Xbox is referred to during linked play. Note: This 
will only work one time, so be sure that you enter the 
name you wish to permanently have for your console.

To see your Xbox name easily, start Halo, go into 
multi-player mode, choose "Split Screen", "Profile", 
and "Location". After all that is done, there will be 
a screen that reads "Waiting for more players". The 
picture of the Xbox is directly above your profile 
name, and above your picture will be a word. That word 
will be used as your name when XBox goes online. This 
works best when there is only one controller plugged 
into the Xbox, so the multi-player game will not start 
before you see your name.


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