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 Xenosaga - Episode 2 - Platform: Playstation

Xenosaga - Episode 2 - Platform: Playstation

Bonus features:
Have a saved game from Xenosaga: Episode 1 to unlock new features when starting a new game.

Completion bonus:
Successfully complete the game and create a cleared save game when prompted. 
Load the cleared saved data to begin the game at the Save Plate in the Elza. 
New dungeons and events will be unlocked. 

Clear Data Ex Game:
Beat the game first, and at the end, the game will ask you to make a clear data. 
Do so, and save over your existing/last one if you wish. Now load the clear data, 
and you will end up at the Save Plate in the Elza with Hakase/Professor blocking 
the way. There are events and extra dungeons can ONLY be unlocked by this. With 
this, your UMN will also have the map "Omega System".However, even this is like 
an epilogue because you can now trigger all these events and secret dungeons, you 
are still considered to be before the end of the game, before going to the Omega System.

Secret Dungeon #2 - Industrial Facility (Character):
Use the UMN again, and select the second option which is MOMO's Encephalon (Summer). 
Head to the right for the next area. Continue to the right to the next area. Now in 
this area, go right a bit, then NW for a little house. Destroy it and reveal yet 
another Forbidden Device. With the Sequencer C, dive into the Encephalon for the 
second secret dungeon. Defeat the boss in this area to activate an elevator that 
leads you to the end area of the secret dungeon. Within this area, you will need 
to activate G2 Campaign No.21 to do the puzzle here. Clear the puzzle and get the 
Mufufu Book along with Sequencer A.

Secret Dungeon #3 - Sky Ruins (Character):
Go to Kyouju's place in the first section of the street area on Second Miltia. Go 
down stairs and check the Forbidden Device here. Thanks to the Sequencer A, you 
can dive into the Sky Ruins which is the third secret dungeon. Defeat the bosses 
in this area to get to the item chest that contains Decoder 12. Use it to open a 
red door that's also in the Sky Ruins to get Sequencer D.

Secret Dungeon #1 - Desert (E.S):
Load the clear data and talk with Hakase/Professor that's near. Now talk to Captain 
Mathews and select the second option to get back to Second Miltia to look for Kyouju
(another word for professor in Japanese). While you are Second Miltia, go to the first 
sector of the street area. Now head up the stairs that's near the save and UMN plates. 
Take the room to the left. Enter the room and talk with Kyouju. You will get "Sequencer B" 
and now head to an UMN plate. Select the fifth option which is the Ormus Mobile Fortress. 
At the first intersection, head to the right then up to check out the Forbidden Device. 
Select the first option to dive into an Encephalon. You will be at the first secret 
dungeon where you use your E.S. Defeat the boss in this dungeon and get Sequencer C 
for the next dungeon.

VS Black Erde Kasier:
Go to the first Secret Dungeon - Desert and go all the way back to the room with an 
item chest and a Forbidden Device. To the north of this room, you can get off your 
E.S. Continue along the path. With the Sequencer D, you can dive into another secret 
location, the Space Coliseum. In here, talk with Black Hakase/Professor to trigger an 
event and eventually you will end up fighting Black Erde Kasier.

Skill Points Bonus:
If you load the Xenosaga Episode I or Xenosaga Episode I Reloaded clear data, not only 
will you get the swimsuit skills for Ziggy and KOS-MOS, your characters' starting Skill 
Points will also be based on your characters' levels when you beat the game of Xenosaga 
Episode I or Xenosaga Episode I Reloaded. The formular is character level * 30 + 600. 
Hence if your characters' levels are at Level 99 when you beat Episode I, they will 
have 99 * 30 + 600 = 3570 Skill Points to begin with. Xenosaga Freaks data will get 
you the swim suit for Hakase/Professor BTW.


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