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 X-Men - Platform: Sega

X-Men - Platform: Sega

Level select:
Submitted by: Fawad Malik

Hold Down + A + C and power on the Genesis. With those buttons held, hold 
Start when the "Press Start" text appears on the opening screen. Continue 
to hold the buttons until the difficulty selection screen appears. Select
any difficulty level and character, and walk to the right when the game play 
starts. Eight panels representing the eight game levels will appear on the wall. 
Crouch in front of a panel and press C to jump to the corresponding level. 
Note: This code will not work if a controller is plugged into port two.

Full life:
Submitted by: Fawad Malik

Enable the "Level select" code. Select two-player mode. Hold Down +A + C. 
Remove the controller from port one and plug it into port two. Press Start. 
Select characters, a starting level, and begin game play. Press Start(2)
for full life.

Submitted by: kumayl hassan

CODE KEY IN . . . EFFECT . . .
1 A3YA-AA32 Protection from most enemy hits
2 BDBA-CA34 Protection from falling off screen (no
  health lost)
3 ACJT-CAGA Protection from spikes
4 AB1A-CAGJ + AB1T-CAHE Gambit's lethal burst uses no
  mutant power
5 DKWA-CA4C + DVWA-CA6L Nightcrawler's teleport uses
  no mutant power
6 ALKT-CA4L Wolverine's claws use no mutant power
7 ABET-CAAE + ABDT-CAG8 Wolverine's spin slash uses no
  extra mutant power
8 ABMT-CAE2 + ABNA-CAFA Cyclops' eye-beam uses no
  mutant power--except when you duck or jump
9 ABPA-CAC6 + ABMA-CAC4 Cyclops' optic blast uses no
  mutant power
10 ACKT-CAFT Mutant power does not regenerate
11 TCKT-CAFT Mutant power regenerates faster
12 ACKT-CEFT Mutant power regenerates much faster
13 ACKT-CJFT Mutant power regenerates to full very
14 BC7A-CA5W Lets you use Iceman multiple times
15 BC9T-CA80 Lets you use Archangel multiple times
16 BC8T-CA42 Lets you use Rogue multiple times
17 BC7T-CA2T Lets you use Storm multiple times
18 P0KT-DAYW Wolverine heals himself faster
19 ALKA-CA86 Switch X-Men an infinite number of times
20 AP6T-EAF2 Start part way through Savage Land
21 AV6T-EAF2 Start in Shi'ar Empire
22 AZ6T-EAF2 Start on Excalibur's Lighthouse stage
23 A36T-EAF2 Start inside Excalibur's Lighthouse
24 A76T-EAF2 Start in Ahab's Future World
25 BB6T-EAF2 Start in Mojo's Crunch
26 BK6T-EAF2 Start in Asteroid M
27 B5BA-CA7T No mutant power lost when Wolverine falls
   off screen


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