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 Yakuza 3 - Platform: XBox 360

Yakuza 3 - Platform: XBox 360

1 million yen bonus:
Successfully complete the game on the Easy or Normal difficulty.

3 million yen bonus: 
Successfully complete the game on the Hard difficulty.

EX-Hard mode:
Successfully complete the game on the Hard difficulty to unlock the EX-Hard 

Premium Adventure mode: 
Successfully complete the game to unlock Premium Adventure mode.

Premium New Game mode:
Successfully complete the game to unlock Premium New Game mode.

Reminiscence (Kaisou) mode:
Successfully complete the game to unlock Reminiscence (Kaisou) mode.
Ukiyo's Bell 

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

  Substory 10 (Bronze): Clear 10 Substories. 
  Substory 30 (Bronze): Clear 30 Substories. 
  Substory 50 (Bronze): Clear 50 Substories. 
  Substory 80 (Bronze): Clear 80 Substories. 
  Tough Guy Hunter (Bronze): Catch all Hitmen. 
  Big Spender (Bronze): Spend 300,000 yen in one visit to a Cabaret Club. 
  Good Coordinating (Bronze): Get a Cabaret Club Girl's fashion, etc. set up 
  well in the "Groom A Cabaret Club Girl" side game. 
  Key Wanderer (Bronze): Open all coin lockers, both in Kamuro and Ryuukyuu. 
  Gourmet Master (Bronze): Order the most expensive dish at all restaurants. 
  Heat Action Master (Bronze): Finish a battle with a Heat Action 50 times. 
  Legendary Champion (Bronze): Win all tournaments at the Arena. 
  Trial Special (Bronze): Make one weapon at Ueyama's. 
  Started A Blog (Bronze): Have one Revelation. 
  The Path to Training (Bronze): Meet all masters/instructors. 
  Salon Craze (Bronze): Play two beauty-salon modes. 
  Hat Trick (Bronze): Get a Hat Trick at Darts. 
  Break Ace (Bronze): Get a Brake Ace at 9-ball billiards. 
  Karaoke King (Bronze): Sing all karaoke songs. 
  Boiled Turkey (Bronze): Get a Turkey in Bowling. 
  Exceptional Gambler (Bronze): Get 10,000 cumulative points at Chinchirorin, 
  Koikoi, and Oichokabu. 
  Great Gambler (Bronze): Get 10,000 cumulative points at Roulette, Poker, and 
  Pro Gamer (Bronze): Get the trophies at the three games in the arcade. For the 
  UFO Catcher, get 10 dolls. For Anser x Anser, win 10 rounds. For the shooting 
  game, get the High Score. 
  Immovable Shogi Player (Bronze): Win shogi without moving the "King" piece 
  even once. 
  Exposed Dragon (Bronze): Use a Naked Pair Wait (Hadakatanki) in Mahjong. 
  Nice Hitter (Bronze): Pass the Hard Course at Yoshida Batting Center. 
  Powerful Driver (Bronze): Hit a 350-yard drive in Competition Mode in Golf. 
  Tuna Lord (Bronze): Catch a tuna when Fishing. 
  Ultimate Challenger (Bronze): Play all unlockable Ultimate Fighting modes. 
  Marathon Runner (Bronze): Run 42,195km. 
  Walking Bank (Silver): Have over 10,000,000 Yen on your person. 
  All Substories (Gold): Complete all Substories (missions). 
  Mini-Game Master (Gold): Complete all Mini-Games. 
  Proof of Being the Strongest (Gold): Clear the game on the unlockable EX Hard 
  Platinum Trophy (Platinum): Get all the game's Trophies. 


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