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CheatBook 01/2012 - January 2012 (3,1 MB)

CheatBook (01/2012) - Issue January 2012

Cheatbook is a Cheat-Code Tracker with Tips, Hints for several popular PC Action and Adventure Games. 400 PC Games, 10 Walkthroughs for PC and 35 Console Cheats are represented in this new version from Strategy Games, Adventure Games to Action Games. This Database represents all genres and focuses on recent releases. Games are listed alphabetically in the left-hand window. When you highlight a game, the relevant cheat is displayed in the right-hand window, with convenient buttons that let you print the selection or save any changes you've made.If you need help with the latest and greatest games, CheatBook should be a big help.If you have installed the  CheatBook-DataBase 2001 v4.0, CheatBook-DataBase 2002, CheatBook-DataBase 2003, CheatBook-DataBase 2004, CheatBook-DataBase 2005, CheatBook-DataBase 2006, CheatBook-DataBase 2007  or the new version CheatBook DataBase 2011 you will be able to update your DataBase directly. (Win95/ 98/ NT/ XP/ Windows Vista)(Install/ Uninstall) [Freeware]

CheatBook (01/2012) - January 2012 is A Cheat-Code Tracker with Cheats, Tips, Tricks and Hints for several popular Games

CheatsBook 01/2012 - January 2012 (3,1 MB)

Cheatbook Screenshots - Cheatbook (01/2012) - Issue January 2012, Cheats, Hints, Walkthroughs and Console Cheats

Download CheatBook 01/2012 - January 2012

Download CheatBook (01/2012) - January 2012 - A Cheat Code Tracker with Hints, Tips and Tricks for several popular PC Games CheatBook Issue January 2012
CheatBook is cheat code tracker with cheats, tips and hints for several popular PC and Console Action and Adventure Games. For the most part, the CheatBook Issues focuses on newer cheat releases. If you need help with the latest and greatest games, the monthly Issue´s of CheatBook should be a big help. CheatBook Issue's 2012.
Download Cheat Book 01/2012 - Issue January 2012 Download - CheatsBook Issue January 2012

Index of  CheatBook Issue 01/2012 - January 2012

CheatBook is cheat code tracker with cheats, Tips, Tricks and hints for popular Games. 
 PC Cheat Codes
18 Wheels Of Steel - American Long Haul
18 Wheels of Steel Extreme Trucker
8-Bit Commando
APB Reloaded
Advantage Tennis
Adventure Quest
Age of Empires 3
Age of Mythology - The Titans
Airline Tycoon
Alice - Madness Returns
Alice Greenfingers 2
America's Army - Special Forces Overmatch
America's Army 3
Angry Birds
Anno 1602
Anno 2070
Arcania - Gothic 4
Ashes Cricket 2009
Assassin's Creed - Revelations
Assassin's Creed 2
Avadon - The Black Fortress
B.U.T.T.O.N.: Brutally Unfair Tactics Totally OK Now
Backyard Monsters
Baldur's Gate
Bartender - The Right Mix
Batman - Arkham Asylum
Batman - Arkham City
Battlefield 2142
Battlefield 3
Battlestar Galactica Online
Beetle Crazy Cup
Beetle Juice - Skeletons In The Closet
Bin Weevils
Bionicle Heroes
Black & White
Blocks That Matter
Blood 2 - The Chosen
Bloody Rage
Bloons Tower Defense 4
Bloons Tower Defense 4 Expansion
Boarder Zone
Boiling Point - Road To Hell
Borrowed Time
Bowja 3 - Ninja Kami
Brothers In Arms - Hell's Highway
Bubble Bobble World
Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Bunch Of Heroes
Burnout Paradise - The Ultimate Box
Caesar 4
Call Of Duty - Black Ops
Call Of Duty - Black Ops - Annihilation
Call Of Duty - Black Ops - Escalation
Call Of Duty - Black Ops - First Strike
Call Of Duty - Black Ops - Rezurrection
Call of Duty
Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare
Call of Juarez - Bound in Blood
Cargo - The Quest for Gravity
Cars 2
Casino Mogul
Cave Story Plus
Chex Quest 3
Cleopatra - Queen Of The Nile
Club Penguin
Combat - Task Force 121
Command & Conquer - Red Alert 2
Command And Conquer 3 - Kane's Wrath
Commandos 2 - Men of Courage
Contract Jack
Costume Quest
Crazy Taxi
Creatures - The Albian Years
Cricket Revolution
CrimeCraft - GangWars
Cryptic Passage For Blood
Cryptographer's Guild - The First Trials
Crysis 2 - All Codes
Curse of Monkey Island
Cute Knight
Dark Age Of Camelot
Dark Messiah Of Might And Magic
Dark Orbit
Dark Reign - The Future Of War
Dark Sector
Dead Frontier
Dead Rising 2
Dead Rising 2 - Off The Record
Demolition Inc.
Deus Ex - Human Revolution
Deus Ex - Human Revolution - The Missing Link
Devil May Cry 4
Diablo 2 - Lord of Destruction
Disney Fairies - Pixie Hollow
Drag Racer V3
Dragon Age - Origins
Dragon Fable
Duke Nukem Forever
Dungeon Siege 2
Dungeon Siege 2 - Deluxe Edition
Dungeon Siege III
Dungeons - The Dark Lord
Earth Defense Force - Insect Armageddon
Elder Scrolls - Daggerfall
Elder Scrolls 4 - Oblivion
Elder Scrolls V - Skyrim
Empire - Total War
F.E.A.R. 2 - Project Origin
F.E.A.R. 3
Fable - The Lost Chapters
Fable 3
Fable 3 - Traitor's Keep
Facebook - Assassin's Creed - Project Legacy
Fallout - New Vegas
Fallout - New Vegas - All Unique Weapons Locations
Fallout - New Vegas - Lonesome Road
Fallout - New Vegas - Old World Blues
Fallout 2
Fallout 3
Fallout 3 - Broken Steel
Fallout 3 - Itemcodeslist
Fallout Tactics - Brotherhood of Steel
Fate - The Cursed King
Fate of the World - Tipping Point
Fifa Manager 2011
FlatOut 3 - Chaos & Destruction
For the Glory
Force 21
Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends - Big Fat Awesome House
Fragile Alliance
Frozen Synapse
Fury 3
Gaia Online
Garry's Mod
Gold Miner Vegas
Gothic 3 - Forsaken Gods
Grand Theft Auto - Vice City
Grand Theft Auto 2
Grotesque Tactics
Grotesque Tactics 2 - Dungeons and Donuts
Gundemonium Recollection
Halo 2
Hamilton's Great Adventure
Hard Reset
Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Hero Core
Hitman 2
Hitogata Happa
Hoard - Dynamite Roll
Hot Rod - Garage To Glory
Hunted - The Demon's Forge
Hydro Thunder
Hydrophobia Prophecy
IBomber Defense
Icy Tower
Ignite - The Race Begins
Iron Grip - Warlord
Jamestown - Gunpowder, Treason
Jamestown - Legend of the Lost Colony
Jenny's Fish Shop
Jerry Rice And Nitus' Dog Football
Joan of Arc - Wars & Warriors
Juiced 2 - Hot Import Nights
Knights of The Temple
L.A. Noire
L.A. Noire - The Complete Edition
Left 4 Dead 2 - The Passing
Lego Pirates Of The Caribbean
Lego Racers
Level Up!
Little Fighter 2
Lost Planet 2
Luxor 4 - Quest for the Afterlife
Mafia - The City of Lost Heaven
Mafia 2
Magic - The Gathering
Magic - The Gathering - Duels Of The Planeswalkers 2012
Magic Sweets
Majesty 2 - The Fantasy Kingdom Sim
Marvel - Ultimate Alliance
Marvel Super Hero Squad Online
Mass Effect
Mass Effect 2 - The Lair Of The Shadow Broker
Math Rescue Episode 1 - Visit Volcanos And Ice Caves
Math Rescue Episode 2 - Follow The Gruzzles Into Space
Math Rescue Episode 3 - See Candy Land
Medal of Honor
Medieval 2 - Total War
Memoir 44 Online
Men of War - Vietnam
Mercenaries 2 - World In Flames
Might And Magic - Clash Of Heroes
Mining Mayhem 2 - Rise Of The Gem Master
Monday Night Combat
Moorhuhn 2
Mount & Blade
Mount & Blade - With Fire and Sword
NBA 2K12
Naruto Arena
Naruto Path Of Ninja v6
Need For Speed - Carbon
Need for Madness
Need for Speed - Most Wanted
Need for Speed - Porsche Unleashed
Need for Speed 3 - Hot Pursuit
Need for Speed 4 - High Stakes
Neighbors From Hell
Neverwinter Nights - Diamond
Neverwinter Nights 2
Nitronic Rush
No One Lives Forever
No One Lives Forever 2
Nuclear Dawn
Off-Road Velociraptor Safari
Orcs Must Die!
Outpost Kaloki
Overlord - Raising Hell
Overlord II
Pandemic 2
Payday - The Heist
PeroPero Candy
Petz - Dogz 2
Pinup Pinball
Pirates - Legend Of The Black Buccaneer
Pirates Of Black Cove
Plant Tycoon
Plants vs. Zombies
Platform Racing 2
Pokemon Crater
Pokemon Galaxy
Pokemon Indigo
Pokemon Moon RPG
Pokemon Vortex
Port Royale 2
Portal 2
Post Apocalyptic Mayhem
Powder Game
Prince of Persia 2 - Warrior Within
Pro Evolution Soccer 2010
Project IGI-2 Covert Strike
Psi-Ops - The Mindgate Conspiracy
Puzzle Agent 2
Puzzle Pirates
Puzzler World
Railworks 3 - Train Simulator 2012
Real Warfare 2 - Northern Crusades
Recettear - An Item Shop's Tale
Red Faction - Armageddon
Red Faction - Guerrilla
Red Orchestra 2 - Heroes of Stalingrad
Renegade Ops
Resident Evil 4
Resident Evil 5
Revenge of the Titans
Rise of Atlantis
Rise of Immortals
Rock of Ages
Rome Total War - Barbarian Invasion
Roswell Encounter
RuneScape 2
Runespell - Overture
Rusty Hearts
Sacred 2 - Fallen Angel
Saints Row - The Third
Saints Row 2
Sanctum (2011)
Scarface - The World is Yours
Search and Destroy
Secret Agent Episode 2 - Kill Again Island
Secret Agent Episode 3 - Dr. No Body
Secret of the Magic Crystals
Section 8 - Prejudice
Septerra Core
Serious Sam - Double D
Sideway - New York
Sinjid - Shadow of the Warrior
Smash Cars
Sniper - Art Of Victory
Snoopy vs. The Red Baron
Snowboarding Championship 2004
Snowy The Bears Adventures
Solar 2
Sonic Generations
Sonic Zone
Space Pirates And Zombies
SpellForce 2 - Dragon Storm
Spiral Knights
Splinter Cell - Conviction
Star Raiders
Star Ruler
Star Wars - Battlefront
Star Wars - Battlefront 2
Star Wars - Empire At War
Star Wars - Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords
Star Wolves 3 - Civil War
Starcraft 2 - Wings of Liberty
Stick Football
Stick RPG 2
Stick RPG Complete
Street Fighter IV
Street Racing Syndicate
Stronghold Crusader
Super Street Fighter 4 - Arcade Edition
Supreme Ruler - Cold War
Supreme Ruler 2020
Swarm Rampage
Sword Of The Stars 2 - Lords Of Winter
Swords And Soldiers
System Shock 2
TOCA - Touring Car
Tacical Ops - Assult on Terror
Tass Times in Tonetown
The Dig
The First Templar
The Godfather 2
The Last Stand - Union City
The Legend Of Zelda - The Fallen Sage
The Movies - Stunts And Effects
The Precursors
The Saboteur
The Sims 2 - FreeTime
The Sims 3
Thief - The Dark Project
Timeline (2007)
Titanic - Adventure out of Time
Toffifee - Fantasy Forest
Tonka Monster Trucks
Toontown Online
Trine 2
Tropico 4
True Crime - New York City
Two Worlds II
Under Development
Universe Sandbox
Uprising 2 - Lead and Destroy
Urban Assault
Vertex Dispenser
Virtual Villagers - The Lost Children
Virtual Villagers 3 - The Secret City
Viva Pinata
War Commander
WarCraft 3 - Reign of Chaos
Warcraft - Orcs & Humans
Warhammer 40,000 - Dawn Of War
Warhammer 40000 - Dawn Of War 2 - Chaos Rising
Who's That Flying?!
Wizard 101
Woody Two-Legs - Attack Of The Zombie Pirates
Word Rescue
Word Rescue Episode 2 - Explore GruzzleBad Caverns
Word Rescue Episode 3 - See the Spooky Haunted House
Yar's Revenge
Your Doodles Are Bugged!
Zenonia 3 - The Midgard Story
Zero Degree Fighter Combat
 PC Walkthroughs
Baldurs Gate & Tales of the Sword Coast
Battlefield 3
Diablo II - Lord of Destruction
Divinity 2 - Ego Draconis
Mystery Case Files - Madame Fate Guide
Need FOr Speed - The Run
Perfect Assassin
Port Royale 2 - Guide
The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion FAQs
 Console Cheats
Adventures of Lolo 2
Amped 3
Army Of Two - The 40th Day
Bakugan Battle Brawlers
Bases Loaded
Bio-Hazard Battle
Black Stone - Magic and Steel
Blazing Angels 2 - Secret Missions Of WWII
Bleach - Erabareshi Tamashii
Brothers In Arms - Hour Of Heroes
Burnout Paradise - The Ultimate Box
Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2011
Capcom vs. SNK 2 EO
Cars Mater-National
Colin McRae - Dirt
Crash of the Titans
Dark Summit
Duel Masters - Cobalt
Fat Princess
Fight Night Round 3
Guitar Hero - Aerosmith
Incredible Hulk - Ultimate Destruction
Metal Gear Solid Touch
Naruto - Rise Of A Ninja
Overlord 2
Power Rangers - Lightspeed Rescue
Rainbow Six Vegas 2
Return of the Ninja
Star Wars - Episode 1 Racer
Texas Hold'em
Wario Land 3
X2 Wolverine's Revenge

Download CheatBook 01/2012 - January 2012

Download CheatBook (01/2012) - January 2012 - A Cheat Code Tracker with Hints, Tips and Tricks for several popular PC Games CheatBook Issue January 2012
CheatBook is cheat code tracker with cheats, tips and hints for several popular PC and Console Action and Adventure Games. For the most part, the CheatBook Issues focuses on newer cheat releases. If you need help with the latest and greatest games, the monthly Issue´s of CheatBook should be a big help. CheatBook Issues 2012.
Download Cheat Book 01/2012 - Issue January 2012 Download - CheatsBook Issue January 2012

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