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CheatBook 10/2009 - October 2009 (2,5 MB)

CheatBook (10/2009) - Issue October 2009

Cheatbook is a Cheat-Code Tracker with Tips, Hints for several popular PC Action and Adventure Games. 318 PC Games, 49 Walkthroughs for PC and 53 Console Cheats are represented in this new version from Strategy Games, Adventure Games to Action Games. This Database represents all genres and focuses on recent releases. Games are listed alphabetically in the left-hand window. When you highlight a game, the relevant cheat is displayed in the right-hand window, with convenient buttons that let you print the selection or save any changes you've made.If you need help with the latest and greatest games, CheatBook should be a big help.If you have installed the  CheatBook-DataBase 2001 v4.0, CheatBook-DataBase 2002, CheatBook-DataBase 2003, CheatBook-DataBase 2004, CheatBook-DataBase 2005, CheatBook-DataBase 2006, CheatBook -DataBase 2007 or the new version CheatBook DataBase 2008 you will be able to update your DataBase directly. (Win95/ 98/ NT/ XP/ Windows Vista)(Install/ Uninstall) [Freeware]

CheatBook (10/2009) - October 2009 is A Cheat-Code Tracker with Cheats, Tips, Tricks and Hints for several popular Games

CheatsBook 10/2009 - October 2009 (2,5 MB)

Cheatbook Screenshots - Cheatbook (10/2009) - Issue October 2009, Cheats, Hints, Walkthroughs and Console Cheats

Index of  CheatBook Issue 10/2009 - October 2009

CheatBook is cheat code tracker with cheats, Tips, Tricks and hints for popular Games. 
 PC Cheat Codes
101 - The Airborn Invasion of Normandy
1503 A.D. - The New World
18 Wheels Of Steel - American Long Haul
18 Wheels of Steel - Haulin
18 Wheels of Steel - Pedal to the Metal
2025 - Battle for Fatherland
2029 Online
3D Movie Maker
3D Pinball - Space Cadet
A Bark in the Dark
A Reckless Disregard For Gravity
Ace of Spades
Adventure Chronicles - The Search for Lost Treasure
Adventure Quest
Adventure Quest 2
Adventure Quest Worlds
Age Of Empires 3 - Asian Dynasties
Age of Mythology
Age of War
Aion - Tower of Eternity
Anno 1503
Ashes Cricket 2009
Avatar - The Game
Backyard Football 2004
Batman - Arkham Asylum
Batman - Vengeance
Battle Realms - Winter Of The Wolf
Battlezone 2 - Combat Commander
Black & White
Black & White 2
Block Drop - Flash Game
Bookworm Adventures Volume 2
Cake Pirate
Call Of Duty - World At War
Call of Duty 2
Call of Juarez - Bound in Blood
Captain Claw
Champions Online
Championship Manager 2007
Championship Manager 2008
Charger Escape
Chomper 3D
Civiballs 2
Clive Barker's Jericho
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
Club Penguin
Code of Honor 3 - Desperate Measures
Combat Arms
Command & Conquer - Generals
Command & Conquer - Generals - Zero Hour
Command & Conquer - Renegade
Conflict - Global Storm
Conflict Desert Storm
Conflict Zone
Cool 21
Cradle of Rome
Crash Bandicoot 3 - Warped
Cricket 2007
Cricket Revolution
Cyber Mouse Party 2
Darkest of Days
Dead Tree Defender
Deadliest Catch - Alaskan Storm
Demonic Defense 4
DiRT 2
Diablo 2
Diablo 2 - Lord of Destruction
Dino Run
Doom 3
Drag Racer V3
Dragon Cave
Dragon Fable
Dragon's Lair 3D
Dungeon Hero
Edge of Twilight
Elder Scrolls 3 - Morrowind
Elder Scrolls 4 - Oblivion
Emperor of the Fading Suns
Empire Strikes Back, The
Endless War 3
Enter The Matrix
Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters
Europa Universalis - Crown of the North
Europa Universalis 3
Evil Genius
Exmortis 3
F.E.A.R. 2 - Reborn
Fable - The Lost Chapters
Fabulous Finds
Fallen Empire - Legions
Fallout 3
Fallout 3 - Mothership Zeta
Farm Frenzy 2
Feeding Frenzy 2
Feudalism 2
Fifa Manager 2009
Final Fantasy 7
Flw Professional Bass Tournament 2000
Football Manager 2009
Free Realms
Freedom Fighters
Gemini Lost
Ghajini - The Game
Ghost Recon
Ginormo Sword
Google Earth - Flight Simulator
Gothic 2
Gothic 3 - Forsaken Gods
Grand Chase
Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas [Part 2]
Grand Theft Auto - Vice City
Grand Theft Auto 3
Grand Theft Auto 3 [hints]
Grand Theft Auto 4
Guitar Hero World Tour
Habbo Hotel
Halo 2
Hammer Heads Deluxe
Hearts of Iron 3
Heli Attack 3
Heroes of Might & Magic 1
Heroes of Newerth
Hidden & Dangerous
Hitman - Codename 47
Hitman - Contracts
Hitman 2
Hunter Hunted
Hunting Unlimited 2010
I. M. Meen
Interactive Buddy
Jurassic Park - Operation Genesis
Knight Rider 2
League of Legends
Lego - Mars Mission
Lego Island 2
Lego Racers 2
Lego Rock Raiders
Little Big Adventure 1
Lord Of The Rings - The Battle for Middle-Earth 2
Luna Online
M.I.B. - Men in Black
Madballs in Babo - Invasion
Madden NFL 2005
Madden NFL 2007
Madness Interactive - Halo Slayer
Maple Story
Mario Forever 4.4
Mass Effect
Max Dirt Bike 2
Max Payne
Max Payne 2 - The Fall of Max Payne
Medal of Honor - Pacific Assault
Mercenary Wars
Metal Gear Solid
Mortal Kombat 4
Moshi Monsters
My Kingdom for the Princess
NBA Live 2001
NFL Rush Zone
Naruto Arena
Need For Speed - Carbon
Need For Speed - ProStreet
Need for Madness
Need for Speed - Most Wanted
Need for Speed - Underground 2
Need for Speed 2
Neuro Hunter
Neverwinter Nights 2 - Mask Of The Betrayer
Ninja Blade
Overlord II
Pandemic - American Swine
Phantasy Star Online - Blue Burst
Pirates of the Caribbean
Platform Racing 2
Pokemon Emerald
Pokemon Indigo
Pokemon Moon RPG
Populous - The Beginning
Port Royale
Powder Game
Prince of Persia - The Two Thrones
Prince of Persia 2 - Warrior Within
Project IGI- I'm going in
Race On
Raft Wars
Rage 3
Rainbow Six - Rogue Spear
Raptor - Call of the Shadows
Real War - Rogue States
Realms of Chaos
Red Faction - Guerrilla
Relentless - Twinsen's Adventure
Resident Evil 4
Resident Evil 5
Restaurant City
Riddle of the Sphinx
Righteous Kill 2
Risk Your Life 2 - Incomplete Union
Riven - The Sequel to Myst
Road Rash
Road Rash 3D
Road To Bagdad
Road Wage
Road Warrior
Road Wars
Road to India
Robin Hood - Defender of the Crown
Robin Hood - The Legend of Sherwood
Robin Reno
Robocop 1
Robocop 2D
Robocop 3
Robot Arena
Robot Arena 2 - Design And Destroy
Robot Rage
Rogue Warrior
Roller Coaster Kingdom
RollerCoaster Tycoon
Rome Total War
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow Of Chernobyl
Saints Row 2
Samurai Warriors 2
Scary Maze
Section 8
Settlers 3
Sherwood Dungeon
Shin Sangoku Musou 5
Silent Hunter 3
Sonny 2
Star Wars - Battlefront
Star Wars - The Clone Wars - Republic Heroes
Star Wars - The Force Unleashed - Ultimate Sith Edition
Stick Arena Ballistick
Stick Cricket
Stick RPG Complete
Stickman Madness 3
Storm The House 3
Street Legal 2 Redline
Super Smash Flash
Swords and Sandals 2 - Emperor's Reign
TG Motocross
Team Fortress 2
Territory War Online
Texas Cheat 'Em
The Classroom 3
The Fifth Disciple
The Last Stand 2
The Road To El Dorado - Gold And Glory
The Sims 2
The Sims 2 - Double Deluxe
The Sims 2 - Mansion and Garden Stuff
The Sims 3
The Sims 3 - World Adventures
Touhou Hisouten - Scarlet Weather Rhapsody
Tropico 3
Urban Brawl - Action Doom 2
Virtua Tennis 2009
Virtual Families
Virtual Villagers 3 - The Secret City
WWE Raw - Total Edition
WarCraft 3 - Reign of Chaos
Warhammer 40,000 - Dawn Of War - Dark Crusade
Warhammer 40,000 - Dawn Of War - Winter Assault
Warhammer 40,000 - Dawn Of War 2
Windows Pinball XP
Wizard 101
Wonderland Adventures
World Domination 2
Worms World Party
X-Men Origins - Wolverine
X3 - Terran Conflict
Zombie Apocalypse
Zuma's Revenge!
 PC Walkthroughs
Abuba the Alien
Air Craft Escape
Alice is Dead
Allied Escape
Andy - The Cave of Treasure
Bear in Cage
Being One - Part Three - Dark Matter
Bird's Egg
Bomb Escape 3
Clown Face Escape 3
Dead Frontier: Outbreak
Dream Escape Strategy
Erzuroom Escape 3: Room Z
Escape Velocity Nova
Escape from Blender Art Gallery
Exodus from the Earth
Find the Escape Men - 2 - In the Telephone Box
Find the Numbers Challenge 26
Hospital Escape
Ice Room Escape
Inspector Wombat
Kidnapped by Aliens 2
Life Ark 5
Make it Good
Monkey Climbs
Mr. Jones Graveyard Shift
Office Escape (Rogue Poker)
Omelette Room Escape
Poptropica - Spy Island
Princess Isabella and the Witch's Curse
Rescue Your Girlfriend
Rings Of Zilfin
Robot City
Shower Escape
Steak Room Escape
Stick Arena - Ballistick
The Life Ark 2
The Life Ark 3
The Life Ark 4
U-boat Escape
Village Escape Part 3
Volcano Escape
Ying Yang Escape 3
 Console Cheats
Advance Wars - Dark Conflict
AirBoardin USA
Animaniacs - Lights, Camera, Action!
Area 51
Armored Core - For Answer
Assassin's Creed
Asterix At The Olympic Games
Automobili Lamborghini
Bankshot Billiards 2
Battlestar Galactica
Bionicle - The Game
Bleach - Shattered Blade
Blitz - The League 2
Brothers In Arms DS
CART Fury Championship Racing
Call Of Duty 3
Chao Adventure
Chew Man Fu
Code Lyoko - Quest For Infinity
Conflict Global Storm
Contra III - The Alien Wars
Crash Tag Team Racing
Def Jam Fight For NY
Donald Duck - Goin' Quackers
Elemental Gimmick Gear
Frogger 2 - Swampy's Revenge
God of War 2
Justice League Heroes
Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time
Lego Indiana Jones - The Original Adventures
Pokemon Sapphire
Resident Evil 4
Road Trip - Shifting Gears
Saints Row 2
Scorpion King, The - Sword of Osiris
Skate cheats
Star Wars Battlefront 2
Super Mario 64 DS
Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix
Tekken 4
Total Overdose - A Gunslinger's Tale in Mexico
Twisted Metal 2
UEFA Champions League 2004-2005
Wakeboarding Unleashed
Wii Sports
Worms 4 - Mayhem
Yoshi's Story
Yu-Gi-Oh! Dawn Of Destiny

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Download CheatBook (10/2009) - October 2009 - A Cheat Code Tracker with Hints, Tips and Tricks for several popular PC Games CheatBook Issue October 2009
CheatBook is cheat code tracker with cheats, tips and hints for several popular PC and Console Action and Adventure Games. For the most part, the CheatBook Issues focuses on newer cheat releases. If you need help with the latest and greatest games, the monthly Issue´s of CheatBook should be a big help. CheatBook Issue's 2009.
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