Cheatbook (01/2007) - Issue January 2007, Cheats, Walktroughs and Console Cheats


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CheatBook (01/2007) - January 2007

A Cheat-Code Tracker with Hints for several popular PC Action and Adventure Games. 108 PC Games, 18 Walktroughs for PC and 93 Console Cheats are represented in this new version from Strategy Games, Adventure Games to Action Games. This Database represents all genres and focuses on recent releases. Games are listed alphabetically in the left-hand window. When you highlight a game, the relevant cheat is displayed in the right-hand window, with convenient buttons that let you print the selection or save any changes you've made.If you need help with the latest and greatest games, CheatBook should be a big help.If you have installed the  CheatBook-DataBase 2001 v4.0 or the CheatBook-DataBase 2002 or the CheatBook-DataBase 2003 or the CheatBook-DataBase 2004 or the CheatBook-DataBase 2005 or the new version CheatBook-DataBase 2006 you will be able to update your DataBase directly.
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Screenshots Cheatbook (01/2007) - Issue January 2007, Cheats, Walktroughs and Console Cheats



Cheatbook (01/2007) - Issue January 2007, Cheats, Walktroughs and Console Cheat

Index: Cheat Book 01/2007

 PC Cheats

18 Wheels of Steel - Haulin
Advent Rising
Adventure Quest
Alien Shooter - Vengeance
Allan Border's Cricket
American History Lux
Anno 1701
Arcanum - Magick Obsura
Avatar - The Last Airbender
Bad Day L.A.
Battle Realms
Battle Realms - Winter Of The Wolf
Beach Head Desert War
Bionicle Heroes
Bookworm Adventures
Bratz - Forever Diamondz
Bratz - Rock Angelz
Bud Redhead - The Time Chase
Cabela's Alaskan Adventure
Castle of the Winds
Club Penguin
Crazy Taxi 3 - High Roller
Cricket 2005
Cricket 2007
Dangerous Dave
Dead To Rights
Dogz 6
Drag Racer V3
Dragon Fable
Elder Scrolls 4 - Oblivion
Elf Bowling
Elf Bowling 2 - Elves in Paradise
Elf Girl Sim Date 2
Emergency 4 Deluxe
Empires - Dawn of the Modern World
Eudemons Online
EverQuest II
Fifa 2007
Football Manager 2007
Fowl Words 2
Freestyle Street Soccer
Geneforge 3
Gods - Lands of Infinity
Half Life - Opposing Force
Hapland 2
Hello Kitty - Roller Rescue
Heroes of Might & Magic 5 - Hammers of Fate
Hunting Unlimited 3
King of the Road
Lego Star Wars 2 - The Original Trilogy
Line Rider
Liquidator 2
Lord Of The Rings - The Battle for Middle-Earth 2
Medieval 2 - Total War
Micro Machines V4
Monopoly Tycoon
Mystery Solitaire - Secret Island
NFL Head Coach
Need For Speed - Carbon
Need for Speed - Most Wanted
Need for Speed - Porsche Unleashed
Pac-Man World 2
Pac-Man World Rally
Prince of Persia 1
Project IGI- I'm going in
Psi-Ops - The Mindgate Conspiracy
RA Spin And Win
Rayman Raving Rabbids
Resident Evil 4
Risk Your Life
RollerCoaster Tycoon 3
Saddle Up - Time To Ride!
Sitting Ducks
Space Empires 5
Splinter Cell
Star Trek - Elite Force 2
Star Trek - Legacy
Star Wars - Knights of the Old Republic
Street Legal 2 Redline
Tetris Worlds
The Blackwell Legacy
The Fate
The Lord Of The Rings - The Battle For Middle Eart
The Ship
The Sims 2 - Open For Business
The Sims 2 University
Total Overdose
Tyrian 2000
Ultimate Spider-Man
Virtual Pool - Tournament Edition
Virtual Pool 3
War Rock
Warhammer - Mark of Chaos
Wildlife Zoo
World Series Of Poker Deluxe Casino Pak
Worldwide Soccer Manager 2007
Ys Origin


Alone in the Dark FAQ
Diablo II - Lord of Destruction
Everquest II FAQ/Guide
Full Throttle FAQ
Hitchhikers Guide
Indiana Jones and Fate of Atlantis FAQ
Loom FAQ
Monkey Island 2 - LeChucks Revenge FAQ
Need for Speed - Underground FAQ
Runaway 2 - The dream of the turtle
Sam and Max Episode 1 - Culture Shock
Sam and Max Episode 2 - Situation - Comedy
The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion Walkthrough/FAQ
The Sims - Makin' Magic
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2
Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos - Kaiba the Revenge FAQ
Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos - Yugi the Destiny FAQ


 Console Cheats
A Bugs Life
ATV Offroad Fury Pro
Adiventures of Lomax
Akumajou Dracula - Gallery Of Labyrinth
Arc the Lad - End of Darkness
Baten Kaitos Origins
Battle B-Daman 2
Battlestations - Midway
Bionicle Heroes
Bleach - Heat The Soul 3
Blue Dragon
Bust-A-Move Deluxe
Carnage Heart Portable
Castlevania - Portrait of Ruin
Charlie's Angels
Culdcept Saga
DTM Race Driver
DTM Race Driver 2
Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2
Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 4
Death Jr. 2 - Root of Evil
Destroy All Humans!
Disgaea 2 - Cursed Memories
Downhill Domination
Dragon Quest Heroes - Rocket Slime
ESPN International Track And Field
Elite Beat
Fifa 2007
Full Auto 2 - Battlelines
Gears Of War
God Of War
Gun Showdown
Hajime No Ippo All Stars
Ice Nine
Juiced - Eliminator
Jurassic Park
Justice League Heroes
Kirby Squeak Squad
Lost Kingdoms
MX 2002 Featuring Ricky Carmichael
Mad Tracks
Madden NFL 07
Mage Knight - Destiny's Soldier
Magical Starsign
Medal of Honor - European Assault
Mega Man Zero
Metal Gear Solid - Portable Ops
NFL Street 3
Naruto - Uzumaki Chronicles
Need for Speed - Most Wanted 5-1-0
OutRun 2006 - Coast 2 Coast
Piglet's BIG Game
Pimp My Ride
Rainbow Six Vegas
Rumble Roses XX
SOCOM - U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 2
Samurai Warriors 2
Scurge - Hive
Smash TV
Sneak King
Sonic Rivals
Sonic the Hedgehog
Splinter Cell Double Agent
Star Fox Command
Star Trek - Legacy
Star Trek - Tactical Assault
Super Robot Taisen XO
Tenchu - Dark Secret
The Lion King
The Sims 2 - Pets
Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam
Tony Hawk's Project 8
WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2006
WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2007
WWE SmackDown! vs.RAW 2007
World Tour Soccer 2005
Yoshi's Island DS
Zombie at my Neighbours


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