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CheatBook (03/2005) - March 2005

A Cheat-Code Tracker with Hints for several popular PC Action and Adventure Games. 61 PC Games, 4 Walktroughs for PC and 88 Console Cheats are represented in this new version from Strategy Games, Adventure Games to Action Games. This Database represents all genres and focuses on recent releases. Games are listed alphabetically in the left-hand window. When you highlight a game, the relevant cheat is displayed in the right-hand window, with convenient buttons that let you print the selection or save any changes you've made.If you need help with the latest and greatest games, CheatBook should be a big help.If you have installed the  CheatBook-DataBase 2001 v4.0 or the CheatBook-DataBase 2002 or the CheatBook-DataBase 2003 or the new version CheatBook-DataBase 2004 you will be able to update your DataBase directly.
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 PC Cheats

Age of Mythology
Age of Mythology - The Titans
Axis & Allied v.2004
Blitzkrieg - Rolling Thunder
Cricket 2002
Cricket 2004
Delta Ops - Army Special Forces
Disciples 2 - Rise of the Elves
Dungeon Keeper 2
Dx-Ball 1
Enter The Matrix
Fifa 2002
Fifa 2005
Football Manager 2005
Freedom Force vs.The Third Reich
Giza v1.0.3.18
Grand Theft Auto - Vice City
Half-Life 2
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Jagged Alliance 2
Jewel Ques Deluxe
MTX Mototrax
MinesWeeper for Windows
NBA Live 2005
NHL 2005
Need for Speed - Underground 2
Painkiller - Battle out of Heaven
Pirates of the Caribbean
Playboy - The Mansion
Prince of Persia 2 - Warrior Within
Project IGI- I'm going in
Quake 3 Arena
Road Rash
Roller Coaster Factory 2
RollerCoaster Tycoon
Rome Total War
RuneScape 2
SeaWorld Adventure Parks Tycoon 2
Sex Kitten - Sim Date 4
Spider-Man 2 - The Game
Sponge Bob Squarepants - Employee of The Month
Star Reach
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sit
Test Drive 6
The Ground Control II - Operation Exodus
The Hulk
Top Shot 2
Tzar - Burden of the Crown
U.R.B.A.N The Cyborg Project
UEFA Champions League 2004-2005
Virtual Cop 2
Warbirds 3
Windows FreeCell
Windows Minesweeper v5.1
Windows Solitaire
World War 2 Sniper - Call to Victory
Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos
Z Ball
Zuma Deluxe


Diablo II - Lord of Destruction
Disciples 2 - Gallean's return
Disciples 2 - Rise of the Elves
Lord of The Rings - Battle for Middle Earth


 Console Cheats
ATV Off Road Fury 2
Ace Combat 5 - The Unsung War
Alien vs. Predator
Bicycle Casino
CTR - Crash Team Racing
Crash Bandicoot 2 N-Tranced
David Blaine - Fearless
Dead or Alive Ultimate
Death by Degrees
Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure
Doctor Who - Resurrection of the Daleks
Doctor Who - Spearhead from Space
Doctor Who - The Aztecs
Doctor Who -Carnival of Monsters
Drakan - The Ancient Gates
Duke Nukem 64
ECW - Hardcore Revolution
Ecco The Dolphin - Defender Of The Future
Evil Dead A Fistful of Boomstick
Fur Fighters - Viggo's Revenge
Gotcha Force
Gradius 3 and 4 - Mythology of Revival
Gran Turismo 3 - A-Spec
Gran Turismo 4
Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas
Grand Theft Auto 3
Harvest Moon - Friends of Mineral Town
Harvest Moon - Save The Homeland
Jet Force Gemini
Judge Dredd vs Death
Kirby & the Amazing Mirror
Lord of the Rings Return of the King Extended Edit
Lord of the Rings the fellowship of the Ring
Mortal Combat Deadly Aliance
Mulan 2
NBA Street V3
NCAA March Madness 2005
NFL Street 2
Nano Breaker
Need for Speed Underground 2
Playboy The Mansion
Pokemon Fire Red
Pokemon Gold-Silver
Pokemon Sapphire
Puyo Pop Fever
Racing Evoluzione
Ratchet And Clank 3
Ratchet and Clank - Up Your Arsenal
Resident Evil 2
Resident Evil 4
Risk - Global Domination
Rugby League
Rumble Roses
Shadow of Rome
Shaman King - Master of Spirits
Shark Tale
Shin Megami Tensei - Nocturne
Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus
Smackdown 2
Sonic Battle
Soul Calibur
Splinter Cell - Pandora Tomorrow
Sponge Bob Squarepants - The Movie
SpongeBob SquarePants - Battle for Bikini Bottom
SpongeBob SquarePants - The Movie
Tenchu - Fatal Shadows
Test Drive 5
The Brak Show - Volume 1
The Suffering
Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2 - Bush Rescue
UEFA Champions League 2004-2005
Ultimate Fighting Championship - Throwdown
Vigilante 8 - Second Offense
WWF Smackdown 2
Way of the Samurai
White Stripes - Under Blackpool Lights
Xenosaga - Episode 2
YUUYUU Hakusho 2 - Kakutou no Syo


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